Chapter 60.3

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Chaos in Ostland (6)
“Rejected. I will crush them with my own hands.”

“Give up. You know Alice’s stubbornness better than us, Alicia. She won’t listen to anyone now. And I don’t want to quit here, either.”

“Big brother, I will supply you with magic power, so you can use as much magic as possible.”

Fortunately, I still have potions. If I supply two potions worth of magic power to the bracelet I gave to my Big brother, he won’t have to worry about his magic power. I supplied magic power to the limit, drank potions, and supplied again, accumulating a lot of magic power, but it seems that he also got a supply of magic power from the Magicians when he left Arland, and now he had about four times as much magic power as me.

Well, he can’t use emission-type magic unless it goes through the bracelet, and it consumes more magic power per spell. The only fire magic he can use with that bracelet is at most intermediate level. He can produce magic that rivals advanced level if he uses a lot of magic power, but then he won’t have enough magic power for the rest of the battle, regardless of how much magic power he has in storage right now. Magic has standards, and using higher-level magic is more powerful and cost-effective than pouring more magic power into lower-level ones.

“Mhm, thanks to this, my way of fighting has changed a lot. I couldn’t shoot magic before, and I didn’t have much magic power either.”

A Magician who can’t use emission-type magic can only do things like strengthening his body or wrapping his weapons with fire.


Alicia fell silent. Persuasion is impossible. Neither my brother nor I want to stop.

“I would be also troubled if the barrier got cancelled.”

His Majesty appeared here. He had no guards for some reason.

“They are annoying with too many questions, so I left them behind.”

It seems they were snubbed. Poor knights… They usually follow him everywhere.

“Either way, it’s impossible to maintain the barrier. I’ll probably collapse in a few hours. Thus, we have to reduce their numbers.”

“Indeed… Well, it’s good I left them behind. They might have tried to keep the barrier up by force, even if they had to lock us up.”

“I’ll take my little sister home if you try to lock her up, okay?”

My brother is emitting a tremendous black aura. Neither of us will obey.

“Well, the castle walls have been temporarily repaired, and adventurers in the Royal Capital are also joining the counterattack. It might be a good idea to go on a counterattack from here. Besides, if we keep relying on Miss Alicetia, we’ll have a lot of trouble later.”

“I don’t think they will make any strange demands. After all, I ran away from home on my own.”

“Even so, as a nation, we have to make some kind of demand. You are a valuable part of the country, Alice. If we don’t make any demands here, we’ll end up angering the rest. Well, I don’t think they will make any huge demands either.”

Hmm, valuable? Well, I know of people who are trying to make me a sheltered girl behind the scenes. Them getting angry… I don’t think that will be too scary, because I only know their smiling faces.


“I hope so. I am glad we didn’t have to rely on the Empire. They would invade us under the guise of reinforcements.”

Well, if it’s the Empire, they’ll probably take advantage of the situation. Well, they probably won’t move this time because of their crushing defeat at the hands of our Father.

My brother and I. And Mr. Grantz will be riding in the Spider… Originally, we were going to put Alicia in it, but Mr. Grantz got on it saying “I’m a better choice because I made it!! And I will be able to understand points of improvements for later!!” It’s a three-seater with a driver and two gunners shooting machine guns.

Alicia and Big brother will be in the front line and I will be in the back line shooting magic. That was the plan, but…

“It’s going to be tough fighting against three sides with castle walls behind us. I’ll stop the front.”

“I reject leaving Alice alone because I don’t know what she’ll do. Stay behind your Big brother, Alice.”

“I’m not going to fight the monsters head on. I’m going to make them fight each other instead… by force.”

“That sword… I’ve seen it before.”

Well, it’s the cursed sword, Gladius. But now the chains wrapped around the blade were untied. This is its released state. Normally, Gladius… the sword seals itself. Its terrifying mental control can turn its user into a wreck. Even I am blackened to the wrist.

“This is a cursed sword, the original use of this sword is to bewilder the mind. With this, I can make monsters recognize each other as enemies. It should surpass the domination of the leader, so we can ignore the vanguard. I think it’s okay for the Ostland side to attack from the castle walls. They will be beaten into a pulp if not highly skilled by going outside the castle walls.”

“… It’s frustrating, but our army is already in a state of annihilation… There’s nothing we can do. We’ll support you as much as we can.”

“Then I’ll take the right. There are only low-level monsters over there, so this guy should be enough to handle them. If I mess with high-level monsters and get this thing broken, I won’t be able to stand it!! I’m going to take this back to Arland, it’s still unfinished.”

Mr. Grantz, who couldn’t stand using unfinished things, was already determined to take the Spider back and remodel it.

“We’ll take the left. We will leave the right to Ostland. Please don’t attack that thing, even by mistake. There’s nothing scarier than an angry Mr. Grantz. He’ll return fire and attack the castle walls.”

Big brother pointed to Spider. The King looks at Mr. Grantz who was rubbing his cheek against Spider and his smile stiffened.

“Uh… mhm. I will notify the entire army. Good luck.”

“Alice. Don’t die no matter what. We can’t die here. In the future, we must protect Arland. Fight seriously so you don’t die. No more suicide attacks like usual. You’re still best at being a rear guard. You don’t have to go out front unnecessarily.”

“… I understand.”

That was originally my last resort when the distance was closed, but if there is a front line, I don’t have to go out in front. Well, at first I’ll go out to confuse the group of monsters.

And then, the barrier broke. The world changed, with blue skies and white clouds. However, we left to challenge the land, where numerous monsters were crawling like worms.

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