Chapter 61.2

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Chaos in Ostland (7)
Then we continued annihilating the monsters at a considerable speed. I defeated most of the monsters, and Big brother culled the ones that were too tough for me. Alicia cleared the way for me so that I didn’t get disturbed. Perhaps the leader got angry at the damage, and this time he sent in monsters classified as intermediate to advanced rank, but they were handled by Big brother and couldn’t reach me.

While drinking potions, I burned down the monsters over and over again with the Pseudo ”Alterna” Dragon Flare, and gradually the monsters’ coordination began to crumble, and finally some of them started to run away.

And then, new monsters appeared far ahead of us.

“More enemies? This is too much for us.”

“Those are not enemies. That’s my pet.”

“Oh, you mean the mutt. Come to think of it, we did leave him behind.”

Mr. Coote finally joined us after breaking through the horde of monsters.

“My Lord, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I was hindered a little on the way. Well, thanks to that, I got new followers.”

Behind Coote were wolf-type monsters that looked like seasoned veterans. They were all one-horned and looked like each of them could be a leader of their own pack.

He probably defeated monsters that got in his way and picked out the ones that had potential.

“That’s all the tops of the pack. What about the others?”

“… They were delicious.”

The poor weak monsters were apparently eaten. There were about 100 of them, but they were all at least B-rank monsters. Depending on how you use them, they have enough power to take down a city like Ostland’s Royal capital. This made our path to victory clear.

“Order, exterminate the monsters. All of them, indiscriminately.”


Coote barked, and his new followers started attacking the surrounding monsters. The powerful monsters that could lead their own packs overwhelmed the monsters with their fangs, their claws, and their special abilities.

Coote probably only saw victory in his eyes. He himself didn’t fight. He was probably checking if they were worthy of joining his pack. So he devoted himself to guarding me by my side. But thanks to Alicia and Big brother, no monsters came near me to begin with, so he basically just sat by my side. He would probably move if a monster came, though. He was a reliable guard, after all.

“Damn, there’s no end to this. Alice. Can’t you use that spirit magic equipment for offense?”

“I can, but if I use it again, I’ll definitely fall asleep. Ten seconds is my limit.”

“… How many monsters can you exterminate with that?”

“I can definitely burn thousands. Offense is the specialty of the Spirit of Fire.”

The Spirit of Fire loves to burn and setting things on fire. If it’s the fire attribute spirit magic equipment, it can burn everything at once.

But I’m already beyond my limit, and I don’t want to tell Big brother and the others, but there’s a possibility that it could hurt my soul.


The spirit magic equipment is a reckless to begin with. I’m forcibly bringing myself closer to the spirits, so the backlash is also big. If I use it now, I won’t have any more moves left in me.

“Then use it. Let’s retreat for now. We can’t hold out any longer. Let’s take down a few more leaders here.”

“Understood. Deploying spirit magic equipment.”

I can somehow transform my own soul. Of course, I can’t do it without borrowing the power of the spirits, but even the second time, I can’t get used to the pain of transformation.

This is like breaking myself every time. There is a risk of failure, but I can gain a higher level of strength. I was surrounded by overflowing flames and deployed the spirit magic equipment in an instant.

My appearance was that of a red-eyed, red-haired shrine maiden… Why a shrine maiden‼ There’s no such thing in this world… Maybe in Japan… No, why did this happen‼

—The appearance is dependent on your knowledge, Alice~

I don’t understand why the fire spirit magic equipment would turn me into a shrine maiden. What kind of person was I in my previous life? It feels like something is wrong, but oh well, 9 seconds left.

I danced. A pillar of fire rose on the ground overflowing with monsters.

I danced even more. The pillars of fire multiplied. The monsters disappeared without even screaming. They were burned to ashes without leaving anything behind.

“Flame of Reason.”

And then a wave of flames hit the crowd of monsters. The monsters had no time to escape and were swallowed by the wave of flames, leaving only glassy ground and a lot of ash where it passed. The pillars of fire moved as if they had a will of their own, exterminating the monsters. It’s like the world was filled with fire.

And then 10 seconds. The Spirit of Fire jumped out of me.

—I can’t do this anymore~ You will break

Apparently, the spirit sensed my change and jumped out.


“I’ll sleep for a while. I might be weird for a little more than a month, but don’t worry about it. I should be back to normal after a month. Good night…”

5% damage to my soul. Since the soul also has a self-healing ability to recover from wounds, it should heal in about a month. It’s the result of being drawn closer to the nature of spirits.

The Spirit of Fire is easily responsive to anger. I used more power than necessary because of my anger. I can understand why the Spirit of Darkness said that they would never use spirit magic equipment with me when I came up with this idea.

It also amplifies my anger and sadness. Of course, it also amplifies happiness, but negative emotions are stronger than others.

I probably can’t control the darkness spirit magic equipment. Darkness also governs destruction. I’m slightly regretful that it is too dangerous.

But still, I was able to fulfill my duty and I won’t die. Just need to rest a little. Just rest for a while and I will be back to normal… or… so… I… thought…

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