Chapter 42.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Happy Days
I was crying. I was scared. I was so scared. There was a person looking at the inside of the treasury with bloodshot eyes from outside the barrier, you know? And it was pitch black outside.
When I woke up from fainting, a mysterious clothing ignition phenomenon occurred, and my underwear and other clothes disappeared, so I changed into other clothes I had in the treasury. I didn’t do anything wrong, you know? It was just that the clothes I was wearing happened to catch on fire. And it burned without causing any damage to me.

“Please don’t destroy all the evidence just because you leaked yourself.”

“I didn’t leak anything, it was just a coincidence!! Yes, it was a coincidence that my clothes caught on fire!! And I would never leak myself, I never leaked myself, and there is no proof that I did. I would prefer if you didn’t speculate like that.”

Geez, why is she talking about speculations at all? I wish she would wait until she has a proof before she talks about such things.

“… And so, my Princess. Why were you, who was supposed to be resting, playing in the treasury? Didn’t I tell you to abandon the Magic furnace?”

Oh, she has a very nice smile. I was seen… just from the entrance, though, so the Magic furnace shouldn’t be seen… shall I deceive her? Because it’s very troublesome to make those. It is also troublesome to synthesize several magic spheres and make them according to the standard, and I am proud to say that it is not possible for ordinary scholars to make so many like that. In other words, it’s a waste. If I can put it to practical use, I can put my great invention into action!! It’s not even a skeleton yet, but as long as I have a Magic furnace, I can activate it… Well, technically I can move it if I use myself as the power source, too. But to move everything, I need a Magic furnace.

“I was just making some magic tools, I wasn’t doing anything with any Magic furnace of any kind, whatsoever.”

Perfect. Alicia knows I make magic tools, so this should be a good enough cover-up.

“Then let me inspect the place♪ and I will remove all the hazardous materials.”

“No way!!”

If I let her, most of the stuff will be removed. That place is a treasure trove of hazardous materials. I will not allow her to remove my work like someone’s mother. I mean, no one can enter my treasury. There are many magic tools inside that have some magic power left in them and could run out of control the moment they are activated. I can’t allow a philistine who doesn’t understand the beauty of magic tools to enter such a place.

“I’m going in, okay? Here~ There!! Quickly break already!!”

She might be attacking the barrier with all of her might, but that barrier is very strong, isn’t it? I don’t know where they get their magic power from, but even my magic can’t break it. Alicia, whose maximum firepower is lower than mine, won’t be able to break it… I mean, can she break it?


“Ahem!! It’s useless.”

“Then I will ask you to let me in. Here~ tickle~tick. I won’t stop if you don’t let me in quickly.”

Alicia started to tickle me. I want her to quit. I don’t show it on my face too much, so I don’t laugh when I get tickled, but I twitch and squirm.

“You are so amusing, Princess. When you twitch without any expression, it is so… charming.”

“Co… Coote… help me…”


Alicia separated from me with a look of surprise when Coote growled at her. She seemed to have realized that she was a bit too much. Is Alicia perhaps gay? My hair stood on my ends. I don’t think I am one myself? No matter how much I love Alicia, my love is like, or familial love. I can’t do that.

“Cough. You still have a cold Princess, please go to sleep.”

“I’m not sleepy.”

I’m not sleepy. I have been sleeping too much. I have no choice but to stay up until morning with a research fever. Cold? I’m fine now. I can do some experiments and production now. I have to consume my overflowing ideas and passionate genius in my research.
I can do anything with my happiness at full throttle. I can make a Magic furnace now. Let’s take this opportunity to make it all at once.

“But… that doesn’t mean you can’t at least obediently stay in your bed, no?”

That day, Alicia put me in the bed, which I didn’t want to do, and kept me under her watchful eye. I fell asleep about an hour after getting into bed, probably because I was a child.
The next day I went to school. It seemed that she wanted to keep me in my room for another day, but she had a doctor check to see if I was fully recovered. Well, if I am here, I don’t need a doctor. There’s no need to keep calling one.
I don’t like school. I get more and more stares every day, and I don’t feel like I belong here. But I study hard. That means, I won’t be able to work as an adventurer for a while, though. Alicia and my Big brother know my proficiency in magic, so they said I should stay in the library and learn more magic.
It is true that I am one-sidedly biased towards magic, so it can’t be helped. Besides, I can forget a lot of things when I study magic, and I liked magic from the very beginning, so there was no reason for me to oppose.
It’s not that I’m struggling to make ends meet to begin with. So for the time being, I think it would be better to learn magic and increase the number of cards in my hand.

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