Chapter 42.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Happy Days
“I hate it. Why does everyone only look at me?”

“I guess they don’t approve of you, Young lady. They must have never heard of someone your age being able to use magic to this extent, so I’m sure they will settle down in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. You don’t need to worry about the malice of the mob.”

Well, this will disappear when I grow up. I am still a small child, that’s why they look at me like this. When I grow up to be a beautiful woman with a nice body and full of sex appeal like my Mother, there will be no problem by then!!
Well, my future is guaranteed. My Father is rather handsome with a large build, and my Mother is a beautiful woman… In other words, I inherited their blood, so I should become a wonderful person like my Mother in the future… I’m only tiny for now.

“That’s what they mean by, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched’.”

“Why does that saying exist in this world?”

It’s the heroes!! Why are you passing down useless sayings to the rest of the world!!…
Let’s calm down. If I, the future winner, get upset, it’s like admitting the saying is true. If I don’t take a firm stand here and let them think they are going to win, they are going to bully me later.
That day, as soon as school day was over, I holed myself up in the library. I was already acquainted with the librarian and the security knights in the library… or rather, they were taken aback. I go to the library every day, after all.

“N~ The ancient magic depends on the control ability of the magician, but is more powerful… On the other hand, the modern magic seems to pursue control over power. I wonder if this is because there are fewer magic users than there were in ancient times, so they have made it easier to control in order to aid in the training of magic users.”

All ancient grimoires are already difficult to control, but when you improve them, now you have more chanting to do, too… it’s difficult. Well, there are some spells that cannot be used without chanting, so it’s better to know this kind of information.
I finished reading before the sunset. I heard that when it gets dark, the security in this world deteriorates at once, and the area where I am located is not very safe. I guess it is the same in every world, that criminals stay in the dark.
Today, I went home holding hands with Alicia. Alicia seemed happy and held my hand after making a good excuse for herself, saying that it’s, so I won’t get separated from her.
When we were returning home, my Big brother was caught by the guards at the gate of the dormitory, but Alicia and I both ignored him and returned to our rooms. I don’t understand why he’s being held like that. He is my older sibling, so he should just apply for a normal visit, but he’s getting caught because he’s trying to force his way in. Well, there is a high possibility that he doesn’t know that, but I won’t tell him because it would be too much trouble if he came here every single day.

“Urgh~ Mr. Coote, put this on.”


“My Lord, is that safe? It clearly reeks of danger.”

I experimented with the activation of the magic tool I made together with Coote, and Alicia found us and got mad at us. Before I knew it, Mr. Coote was in our circle. He sometimes puts me on his back and plays with Alicia. Well, Alicia takes it seriously, but Coote seems to be playing with her.
Recently, Coote comes into the bed and sleeps with me. Since I started using the magic brush on him, Coote’s shedding has not been so much of a problem, and we have been also taking baths together. Moreover, the bathroom was successfully remodeled behind Alicia’s back.
The bathroom was now equipped with a shower and Jacuzzi magic tools, and although Alicia was against it at first, it was just too good.
I heard that there was a large public bath here as well, but I have never been in it. I mean, people I don’t know use it, after all.

“Princess, a letter has arrived.”

Today, I received another letter from Arland. As expected, letters by air are very fast, aren’t they? I often correspond with my Father and Mother by letter. We mainly talk about school, the magic I have learned, samples of magic tools, and many other things.
Naturally, I write and send the replies myself, but the ratio of letters I get is about 5 parts from my Father, 3 parts from my Mother, and 2 parts from others.
Speaking of my Father, he once sent me a letter saying that if I did not stop him, he would use his power to collect multiple Sonic birds to keep sending me letters on a daily basis. When I replied that he was too persistent, he settled down to about 3 per week, but is that still too many? Well, it’s normal for him.
After I sent the letter, I went to the dining room to get a meal and ate with my few friends from the academy. But these girls were also daughters of noble families, so they don’t talk to each other during the meal. I wonder if we can get to know each other a little better after doing this for a while?

“I’m not sleepy.”

“Please go to sleep already.”

Lately, I have been getting sleepier and sleepier at night. I must be growing up. I am no longer the child who falls asleep as soon as I get into bed.
But the stubborn Alicia would stay by my bed until I fell asleep, reading books, singing songs, and trying to lull me to sleep.

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