Chapter 43.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Heroic Disease. And the Power to Regain
Today is the day of the diagnosis of Master Ignace, who has finally returned. It seems that Master Ignace is an acquaintance of my Father’s… there are unexpectedly many acquaintances of my Father’s, aren’t there? He used to be an adventurer, so he has acquaintances in many countries. Well, I guess he used to be like a hero of the royal road. So he asked Master Ignace, a Mage with the world’s best medical skills, to check my health.
I have already confirmed that I am healthy. But Alicia doesn’t understand how far I am confirming it. I can test various things from my own blood. I don’t know why I can do it, but when I told her, she tilted her head in puzzlement. It is certainly true that medical science in this world is not advanced at all. So I guess it can’t be helped. I guess she trusts the world-famous Master Ignace’s diagnosis more than I, a child.

“Mhm. There seems to be no illness of any kind but… the qualities of the magic power…”

As I thought, there seems to be nothing wrong. The old master seems to have a unique magic specialized in medicine, and he used it to examine me, the patient. But is there anything else? He is not very articulate.

“Is there anything else?”

Alicia raised her voice. Well, my health must be that important. I will let you off the hook for shouting so loudly in my ear.

“No… it’s not a matter of immediate concern, but I’m surprised she is still alive. I believe Miss Alicetia has what the so-called Heroic Disease. Normally, she would not have lived to this age, but if she has lived this long, there is nothing to worry about.”

Heroic Disease, it seems, is literally a disease that Heroes get. It is said that if a person is born with a lot of magic power and cannot withstand that magic power, they will die immediately after birth. However, if you are born with a strong body that can withstand the magic power, or if you survive due to some other reason, when you grow up you will have a magic power that cannot be compared to other people. In my case, I ran out of magic power when I was born, and after that, I was able to make it through by consuming a lot of magic power as I grew. This works for Heroic Disease patients, apparently.
Even if there is a lot of magic power, if it is consumed before it builds up to the point where it harms the body, there is no problem, and Alicia seemed to have calmed down after hearing this. It is true that if you run out of magic power, you won’t be able to use magic for a few days to a week.

“There is nothing wrong with my Princess, then?”

“Indeed. If she has grown this much, she should not be in danger of dying. However, you should not try to seal her magic power. If you try to seal it, she will be eaten away from the inside-out, and if not careful, it will harm her body greatly.”

In other words, from a magic point of view, it would be a bad idea to seal my magic power.

“The other burden I’m worried about is the lack of growth of her magic power circuits. Normally, the circuits become stronger as the body grows, but Miss Alicetia can use magic even before they had a chance to become stronger. Therefore, it must have brought a lot of burden on her body. All we can do is wait for time to pass.”

Magic power circuits… Oh no, I had just skipped over that. It was indeed the basics of the basics. Alicia was also glaring at me. It’s my fault. This is… hmm.

“The point is, as long as I can work out the magic power circuits, I can use magic like before, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. The magic power circuits can’t withstand the output now, and that’s what’s disrupting the control of magic. But that can only be fixed with the passage of time… what are you doing?”


I immediately activated Search Eye and looked at my body. But the magic power circuits were, in a sense, illusionary organs, so you couldn’t tell just by looking. However, among the spells I learned up until now, there was a reproduction of a Magic Eye.

“Reflected in the eyes is the fantasy world. Show me the world connected to the another world, Pseudo-alternative Magic Eye.”

The Magic Power Eye. A Magic Eye that allowed me to see the flow of magic power. When I use this in conjunction with Search Eye, my body became transparent, and I could see the flow of magic power within.
It was indeed weak… or rather, thin. Moreover, the magic power was leaking. Perhaps my magic power was more than the strength of the magic circuits. So every time I used magic, the magic power leaked out, and the flow was probably going haywire. In other words, I should increase the strength of this.

“Material analysis… bypass construction… construction successful. Reinforcing of magic circuits…”

“W-what are you doing!!”

Alicia was about to touch me, but I put out my hand to stop her. Master Ignace was also getting up from his chair. He must have been watching what I was doing. But I am so concentrated at the moment that I didn’t have time to deal with him.
The magic circuits were rough, and I looked like a stick figure when I looked at it with the pseudo-magic eye, but I bypassed through several layers, like the veins, and I was strengthening each circuit one by one. This was also considered a remodeling of the body. If this is successful, I will be able to use magic as freely as I did in the past. I will be able to exercise magic as if I were breathing as I did in the beginning.

“Magic circuit reinforcement complete… confirming passage of magic power. Reconstruction of the magic power circuits is completed.”

When the flow of magic power was passed through the bypassed layers and all the circuits, an enormous amount of magic power overflowed out of me. This must be the previously weak and thin flow of magic power that was now escaping through my body as a muddy stream due to the circuitry that increased all at once. And my “Transform” was also blown away.

“…… What did you do?”

“Extended and strengthened my magic circuits. With this, I regained my chantless magic.”

I cast Telekinesis on a nearby cup without chanting. Then the cup flew into my hand without wobbling.
I couldn’t do this kind of detailed work before, but now that the flow of magic power was moving normally, I could immediately produce the necessary magic power. I can use all the magic as I wish.

“No way… you interfered with the magic circuits… I have never heard of such a thing… and magic without chanting?”

“Welcome back… my magic. I am now a full-fledged Magician again.”

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