Chapter 43.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Heroic Disease. And the Power to Regain
The magic overflowed. The feeling of omnipotence that I have felt for a while when I was born. I can use all available magic at my will. My power is so different from what I had just a moment ago. Moreover, unlike when I was an infant, I now have a sufficient amount of magic power. This will allow me to use all the armaments in the treasury as I wish. Well, I have no intention of using them or anything.

“… So, what are you going to do with it? Do you want to use your magic power for evil?”

I turned around and saw Alicia looking at me grimly. I’m not sure if I would do anything bad even if I was omnipotent. I just thought it would help my research.

“Now I can do my research without being disturbed by you, Alicia. Even my Mother can no longer stop me. I already have an idea about how her Happiness works. Naturally, I can come up with a countermeasure. Now no one can stand in my way anymore.”

I know I sound like a villain, but I’m just saying that no one can interfere with my experiments and research by tickling and pinching my cheeks anymore. And Alicia, who understood it completely, had sweat all over her face. I guess she could understand what that meant.
And now, that I regained my full strength, I cannot be stopped. Alicia, who knew me when I was a baby, must have understood that. I learned to fly before I could crawl, and so I was flying around… Well, after about five minutes, I used up all my strength, and there were rumors in the castle that the princess fell on the floor, though.
But now I won’t repeat that mistake. With the magic power I have now, I am capable of flying back to my country. Now, let’s start the experiments… I have been caught.

“So I can’t stop you without giving you a serious re-education now, Princess. I must also consider inviting Madame over.”

“Heh. I’m not afraid of Madame anymore. With this, I’m going to make Arland more developed.”

Now what shall we build? Shall I build excavators and other things to develop towns and roads? Or shall we convert the forts along the border into impregnable fortresses? Things I couldn’t do because I couldn’t use magic as I wanted… well, I could make an excavator before, too. What I can do has doubled all at once, though.

“I appreciate that you are a patriot, Princess, but please be obedient. Besides, it’s time to go back to the castle, isn’t it?”

“I’m not going back to the castle… I’m afraid of Mother.”

I will definitely be punished. I will not return to the castle.
If I do, it must be officially documented that there will be no punishment. I will not return without my Father’s signature. I do not believe in words. I will not return unless the King of the country clearly states that there will be no punishment and provides proof. And of course, no re-education of Madame.
I wrote this in my letter the other day. In reply, I received a letter from Father saying that he will do his best to handle the situation and that I should come back. In other words, I am on my own. Well, the documents are not ready yet, so I guess he is struggling to get it done.

“I don’t intend to allow you to do whatever you want any more than before. Besides, Her Majesty has ordered me to bring you home, even if I have to tie you up.”

“… I don’t want to hear anymore.”


Father… you are my only hope.

“How did you do it? I have no idea what you did to strengthen the magic circuits.”

Hm? He was tilting his head puzzled like this before, too. Explanation is difficult. But when I said that I examined the material of the magic circuits and recreated pseudo ones and spread them all over my body, he tilted his head even further. How do you want me to explain?

“It would be easier to call it an ancient technology, then. Is it possible to use it on other people? If it is possible, no matter how little magic power one has, as long as they have magic power, they could become a magician, no?”

“It is an advanced technology that requires a person to have magic power other than their own to be channeled throughout their body. Although I managed to do it all on my own, I cannot recommend others doing the same.”

I also needed to control my magic power to the point that I got drenched in sweat. Moreover, even if I failed, if it is me, it would do minimum damage to my body because it was my own magic power, but he seemed disappointed when I told him that I don’t know what would happen if the magic power were to be rejected. In fact, it is very possible to turn someone into a magician through extensive research. But I wouldn’t do that, because they would be artificial created and would end up being used only as weapons. I am not such a mad scientist. So I won’t talk about its possibility. Well, the only way to create artificial magicians is to incorporate the factors possessed by magicians into their genes, but that is an impossible task without proper equipment, so it will probably be several hundred years before we reach that point in this world… provided that civilization does not die out again.
In fact, there were androids and magic androids in ancient times.

“I see… alright.”

I think Old Master Ignace knows the danger. He doesn’t seem to be thinking of forcing people to do his bidding. Perhaps if we could help people who can’t use magic well or can’t use emission-based magic into normal magicians? But I think it would be difficult. It would be more effective to mix magician genes into fertilized eggs… Well, if you mass-produce magicians by such a method, you will probably end up in the same situation as the ancient magical civilization.
Mass production of magicians as tools is not a good idea. They are bound to get out of control and run amok.
And so the medical checkup was over. I am now able to use magic even more, and Alicia was in tears because she could no longer stop me. She had a look on her face that said, “If you are not even worried about your life, I shouldn’t have made you take the physical exam.”

“This will lift my ban on Flying. I want to fly in the sky.”

“You can’t. You have to properly confirm that yourself when we get back to the castle.”

Guh~ it can’t be helped, so let’s endure for a while. I can’t push my luck too hard and risk angering Mother. When we do go back to the castle, I should make a quick beautifying magic tool.
School is not fun, but going to the library is rather fulfilling, and I think the study abroad program was largely a success. I would like to continue to devote myself to living a respectable life.

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