Side Story 1.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I will definitely save you.
The Holy Kingdom of Avia. It’s a country where the main temple of the Church, a religion that believes in the Goddess Ilie is located. Here, a sect now called the Irandian sect has been in power for several hundred years. The Irandian sect, which split off from the original sect called the Hara sect, promotes racism and persecution of other species.
They have developed through the enslavement of races and species other than their own, which they consider to be lower races.

To them, other humans are inferior, too… Yes, even otherworldlers are no exception. Because otherworldlers bring with them knowledge not found in this world, they are treated well outside the sphere of influence of the Church, and many countries protect them, but not the Imperial State. In the course of its long history, this country has created the world’s only technique for summoning heroes. Otherworldlers summoned by this method appear in this world with some kind of unusual ability, without exception.

The Imperial State thought about it. ‘Since we can summon them, there is no need for us to bow down to receive the knowledge of their worlds. We also have the arts of subjugation. If we subjugate them, we can obtain both the power of the heroes and the technology of different worlds.’ That is to say, they can obtain both technology and military power.

But there was a problem. Otherworldlers who are summoned through the Hero Summoning have superior powers. Otherworldlers who appear by chance may have powers, but not all of them. So, what is the difference? The answer to this question has been revealed over many years of research. It was the power of the Goddess. The Goddess must abide by the rules of the world, and must give power to the otherworlders who are called by the technique of Hero Summoning.

Of course, the Goddess gets exhausted when she has to bestow too much power. The Goddess needs a lot of power to protect the world. It was a technique that would take away that power she needs, a technique that would normally only be resorted to when the world was facing imminent danger. However, the Imperial State does not care. Even if the Goddess is weakened, as long as there are otherworldlers bestowed with the Goddess’ power, they can cope with the coming of the age of turmoil known as the Dark Ages. Of course, other countries do not have such a capability, but they do not care what happens to countries that join forces with subhumans. They don’t care if they perish without having to do anything themselves.

There is already no faith in the upper echelons of this country. They are thought of only as a money-grubbers who would contribute to the Churches cause of their own accord as long as someone whispered sweet nothing to them.
The power of the Goddess is declining day by day. The damage caused by monsters is beginning to increase in many countries, and the Dark Age is nearing. However, the Imperial State has enough otherworldlers to call it a Hero Army. They believe that there was no reason why they couldn’t weather through these dark times. In fact, the damage caused by demonic beasts and monsters has been relatively well controlled in the Imperial State and its allied countries.

This should be enough to defeat their bitter enemy, Arland. The combined forces of the Empire, the Imperial State, and the swarms of monsters. Like this, they will be able to destroy that country. That country is the one that the Empire and the Imperial State want at all costs. Although the monsters will cause a lot of damage, many mines are necessary for the prosperity of the Empire, and many of the subhuman races that live there are rare and highly valuable as slaves. Slaves of rare races fetch high prices in the two countries. I would say that both the inhabitants and the land they live on are of high value. But this country is strong, they have been able to hold their own against the Empire for more than 500 years. And the more the Imperial State and Empire continue to persecute them, the more subhumans they gather and the more powerful they become.

Furthermore, as a result of the Empire forcibly expanding its territory against the wishes of the Imperial State, the Empire has its hands full maintaining the territory it had expanded and is unable to move as it wishes.
This is not the way to destroy Arland. However, the Imperial State can’t go into a war with Arland on its own, so it continues to summon Heroes to increase its strength.
And today, the 1,000th summon will finally take place.

1,000th… scholars say that with this summoning, the Goddess would lose her power and go dormant. And the last Hero would be given abilities that the Goddess had kept hidden until the end.
There were high expectations for the Last Order, as many of the recent Heroes had abilities that were not suited for combat or were weaker than others before them.

“It’s about time. It’s getting harder and harder to prepare the human sacrifices. And the stupid residents are starting to make a fuss.”

“You said it. They should know their place and keep silent.”


To summon a Hero requires an enormous amount of magic power, and it is not easy to procure it. It requires that much magical power. As a substitute for that, they prepared 50 sacrifices.
By gathering 50 maidens and using their lives and all their magic power, they can make up for the lack of magic power. This is classified as a ritual, but it made up for the magic power needed to summon the Heroes.
The girls screamed, and the magic circle lit up. The summoning magic seemed to have been activated this time as well.
The Last Order was being summoned. They were waiting for them to be summoned, holding the collars of servitude. After being summoned, they restrain the Heroes at the moment they are summoned, so not to give them time to access the situation.
They often do not know how to fight. They are upset because they were summoned suddenly from a peaceful world, so they are confused at the time of summoning. Therefore, they force a collar on them right at that moment.

“They are about to appear. Be on your guard, for they will come out with monstrous power.”


When the girls stopped screaming, a man appeared. He was in the iai*** posture that every Japanese on Earth knew, but some people around knew it because there were Japanese summoned to this country before.
He was probably still in his teens. He had short black hair and black eyes. They seemed to be able to guess where he came from.
However, he was carrying a Japanese sword because he was in the middle of iai. The priests who tried to seize him were horrified. They did not know what kind of power he had.
A priest approached him with a smile. The other priests rushed to hide the dead bodies of the girls with magic. It was not unusual to see Heroes with weapons. So they were used to dealing with them.
There was no problem. He will be obedient once he drinks the medicine in the nearby room. They thought so and tried to entertain him with smiles. They did not know that the one who was summoned knew everything.

(*** Iaido – a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware and capable of quickly drawing the sword and responding to sudden attacks.)

“We welcome you, Hero. Please hear our plea. We would like to discuss all of this in a separate room, this way.”

“… I wonder where… she is.”


They approached. No otherworldlers attacked them out of the blue before. They were all shaken up, and some even in panic. If they approach with smiles on their face, they will be less wary.

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