Side Story 1.2

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I will definitely save you.
The Priest collapsed, unable to comprehend. He collapsed, clutching his abdomen… trying to stop his overflowing organs.
The boy swung his sword as if it was nothing, letting the blood fly off, and sheathed it back.

“The Goddess told me what you were planning to do with me. I have a child to look for, and I have no interest in being a party to your vile purposes. The Dark Age is coming. I have to find Ai before then…… the Goddess has a message for you. This Dark Age will not go your way. If you are not careful, it will be on a scale that will destroy the world.”

The boy spat out and walked out as if the Priests had nothing to do with him.
However, the Priests had something to do with him. The Priests were more excited than afraid. Even though the boy knew everything, he had killed a man without raising an eyebrow. They knew how talented he was.
They want him. A talented asset had arrived. Two hundred Church Knights were waiting outside to capture him. They were an insurance policy in case the Heroes try to escape, but the newly summoned otherworlders cannot master their own powers in such a short time, so they are easily detained. Thus, they gloated within the barrier set up by the Sorcerers that it would be easy to restrain them as long as they didn’t stall for time.
But they didn’t know. They didn’t know that the boy has not treated them as human beings from the very beginning. He knows what sacrifices they used to summon him, and he was not bothered by killing all the people around him.

“Hmph, I knew it. Anyone who wants to die, come at me. I have something I have to do… this time I’m going to save her. I can’t save the Ai if I can’t get rid of you guys!!”

The slaughter began. The Church Knights were not from another world, but the members here were those who prided themselves on being as good as the regular army of Arland. He cut them down without difficulty. And not a single drop of blood landed on the boy’s body. Their faint smiles gradually turned into anger, and after an hour, they turned pale. The boy had slain 150 Church Knights without spilling a single drop of blood of his. The remaining Church Knights also kept distance from the boy with their swords brandished.

“I should be thankful to the Goddess, my sword has no chips.”

The boy seemed to be more concerned about his own sword than that of the Church Knights he had cut down, but since the sword had no chips, he could shake off the blood with a light swing. The boy wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to wipe it with the clothes of the cut opponent, but it seems that his concerns were unfounded.

“Y, you, what are you!! You don’t even run out of breath against such a large number of people… you monster!! We’ll take care of you here. Start being obedient already!!”

A man who appeared to be the Captain of the Church Knights barked at the boy. However, his complexion was pale. It’s no wonder. The boy scratched his head and said, “If you’re scared, just run away,” as if listening to the curses was too annoying.
But they can’t run away either. If they run away, they will be labeled as traitors by the country.
The boy who boasted such strength was clearly different from the Heroes of the past. Even magic couldn’t cut through him, and no matter how many times he was surrounded, he can cut through them. And he has just been summoned. If he could capture a man that strong, he would take credit for it.

“Can you get lost already? I told you that I have business to take care of. I don’t have time for this.”

“H, hmph. This is the only time you can say that!! Do it!!”

The Captain gave order, and the Sorcerers behind him started chanting. The boy scratched his head without interfering. The Captain was annoyed by the obvious disrespect, but he laughed that it will soon be over.
And then the spell was completed. It was a binding technique that could block even the movement of dragons. It was also their trump card. It shot towards the boy like a rope, but he returned his sword to its sheath and assumed a stance—the quick-draw stance.
And then, just as he had shown at first… with a single flash, the restricting technique, which could block the movement of even a dragon, was easily cut off. The boy pounced on the stunned Church Knights. He ran through them in a fluid motion, wiped his sword with a rag he took from a Knight he had cut down, and sheathed it.
After the boy ran through, he looked the fallen Church Knights. Without exception, their upper and lower bodies were cut in half.
The Priests came out of the Temple to see if it was over, but when they saw the carnage outside, they finally understood what they had summoned, and seemed to have lost the support of their backs. A puddle had formed on the ground.


“Hii!! Hiii.”

“I told you to get lost.”

The boy walked away, ignoring the cowardly Priests. His back-view told that he would cut through anyone who got in his way. The Priests couldn’t say anything… they held back the other Priests who were trying to call for reinforcements. The boy would not relent even if they begged for mercy, so the moment they called for reinforcements, they would be the first to be targeted. Without even a shout, they waited for the boy to disappear.

“I wonder where she is… I can’t wait to see her, but she most likely doesn’t even remember me, does she? That’s troublesome. I wish the Goddess would have given me the power to find people, but she didn’t have it anymore.”

The boy left the Imperial Capital after that, cutting down anyone who got in his way. He would warn them first, and he would not cut down anyone who was unarmed or unrelated to him.
On the way, he saw many people wearing collars in towns and raised his eyebrows, but even the boy couldn’t do what he couldn’t do. Even if he took off the collars, he would not be able to feed them, and if they followed him, they would be a liability. The boy abandoned them because he had a purpose. If his purpose was finished, he would have definitely helped them.

“Ai… you are here in this world. I wish you could live happily, but I know you have gotten yourself in trouble again… Moreover, there’s the Dark Age. I won’t let you die this time.”

The boy walked away. He walked away to be reunited with his childhood friend, who once died.

“Ai’s place is… in a country with advanced technology. That’s where she’ll definitely be.”

Ai was his childhood friend who was once called a genius and the Changer of Times on Earth. If the Goddess was right, she must have inherited that knowledge in this world. She is to be found in a country where technology… and things that look exactly like Earth’s are running amok.
The boy started walking. To find the girl…

“Ah!! Crap, I forgot to ask the Goddess to put some money in my pouch… Is she really trying to let me stop the Dark Age like this? I can’t travel without money… I remember there should be a Guild, right? I’ll travel while earning money from them.”

There was no money in his pouch, which was among several items given to him as a parting gift. It would be a while before the boy could find his childhood friend.

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