Chapter 44

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Returning home (1)
A little after modifying my magic circuits and being able to control magic power at will, the summer came. And with that, the summer vacation. I was clinging to a pillar.

“Princess!! Please release your hands.”

“I refuse.”

I waited and waited, but I did not receive a letter from Father that forgave me from scolding. That was a sign that I would be caught as soon as I return home. I clung to the pillar with all my might. I must not go home. If I return home, Madame Smith and my Mother will team up to catch me and start re-educating me in a brainwashing-like manner. I am prepared to fight them tooth and nail. I am able to control magic and use Flying at will. So even if I am caught in a Dragon Cage, I should be able to escape, but the first thing is not to leave the room.
But today Alicia was different. I heard a clunk, and when I looked at my feet, I saw that they were covered with a magic spell to seal magic. The Physical Reinforcement that had been placed on me was lifted, and I was pulled off the pillar at once. Moreover, the magic I was holding onto also disappeared at once.

“You insolent fellow!!”

“This is a gift from Her Majesty. You know what that means, don’t you?”

Alicia threw me into the Dragon Cage without allowing me to ask any questions as I paled and trembled. I heard that Coote was going to take a nap on top of the Dragon Cage. I hope he doesn’t fall out.
Moreover, this time, they seemed to know that I would be resisting and both my Big brother and I were picked up in the Dragon Cage. My Big brother has an official duty as soon as he returns to home, so he was in another Dragon Cage.

“You can’t escape now. Please be obedient.”


I pull on the restraints attached to the legs, but couldn’t get them off. Well, they were made of metal, so it would be impossible to break them with bare hands. However, it would be extremely impolite to restrain me in order to send me back home. I will not return home in restraints.
I release all the magic power in my body at once and shattered the shackles. Hmph! You used a cheap item, didn’t you? I’m not soft enough to get caught with a toy like this.
In just a moment, I cast Flying and tried to head for the window at once.

“Good night, Young lady.”

“You cowa… rd.”

She stabbed me with something on my neck and I went straight to sleep.

I woke up in my old room… the door was always different. However, looking around my body, I could see countless restraints… They might have been ribbons for appearances’ sake, but I guess they were all magic tools for sealing magic. There was no one so poor as a magician who cannot use magic. Basically, magicians are brainy people. I am one of them, and I cannot run 500 meters. Therefore, they must have thought shallowly that I could not do anything if my magic was blocked.
But, even I have grown up. While you can’t see a shadow of growth in my physical abilities, my magic power is still growing. I can blow away this level of restraints with a release of magic power.
In fact, all the restraints were scattered around the room as garbage. It seems that they have not been able to mass-produce my exclusive anti-magic magic tools, so they tried to deal with them in numbers. I had to get back to the academy before they found me, so I hurried to get ready and headed for the door.



The moment I opened the door, I bumped into my Mother and got caught by her. I should have taken off from the window without worrying about my appearance… I felt my knees getting weaker and stuck to my Mother’s waist. I couldn’t escape anyway. No, I could imagine what would happen if I ran away. I lost my chance to escape because of my rich imagination.

“Looks like you were acting quite freely at the study abroad program. Alicia complained a lot to me.”


I don’t know what’s going on, but I guess there’s no way out. Looking around the corridor, I saw several soldiers standing around. The soldiers of Arland are an opponent that even I cannot let my guard down around. The soldiers are all capable of kicking war Knights from other countries about. Moreover, the soldiers standing there were quite skilled… they were people who could become Knights anytime if they have the credit.

“I’m going back to the academy.”

“Oh my, isn’t this where you live? I thought you were going to keep on not responding to me, but you are just being a complete rebel, aren’t you?”

I struggled, but my Mother mercilessly held me by the elbow. I’m sure from other people’s point of view, she was just holding me, but my elbow wasn’t able to move.
Is this the place where I will die… will I get executed here? But I can’t even see Madame… is she waiting for me to come to her in hell first? Re-education in death…Teth… I am not going to be able to fulfill my promise. Please forgive my incompetence.

“My Queen, I have stopped the matter. I thought the Princess would try to escape if she didn’t know the truth.”

Alicia appeared behind me. Is it okay to use stealth in the castle? But I won’t let myself simply be killed off, I will take Alicia with me. I used my right hand, which wasn’t held onto, to thrust with divine speed and caught the swaying tail. She was too careless in getting too close. I am not the only one who is not good at dealing with Madame. Alicia is not good at it either. I won’t allow myself to re-educate me alone. I will take you with me.


She was not able to anticipate my counterattack, and Alicia, unable to bear the pain of having her tail grabbed, tried to pull it out of my hand, but I had no intention of letting go either, so I pulled as hard as I could.

“I will not allow myself to be re-educated by Madame Smith alone Alicia, let’s go to hell together.”

“Wha!! Just how much are you against it!! I’m telling you it’s a misunderstanding!! There will be no re-education, so let go of me, please!!”

Alicia was trying to trick me with her nonsense, but it’s not going to happen. I will not accept it unless you provide it to me in a formal document. Speaking of which, my Mother didn’t say anything. I looked up and see my Mother’s face… and removed my hand. She’s too scary.

“Calm down. We will re-educate you next time around. You have a lot to tell us, don’t you? Let’s talk about everything, okay?”


I couldn’t bear the serious stare, so I let go of my consciousness. Because I was scared silly. I couldn’t stand a direct gaze that I don’t doubt had the power of the Demon King from up close.

I woke up about 10 minutes later. I was currently holed up in my Treasury. When I woke up, I was in the office shared by my Father and Mother, but the air was too heavy, so I took advantage of the moment and summoned the door. I dashed through it, into my territory. No one is allowed in the Treasury without my permission.

“Nuooooooooh, cooome ooout—!!”

“I will get angry if you don’t come out, you know?”


Without mercy, my parents attacked the door. But the door’s barrier did not budge. I was able to detect a strange magic within my detection range during the process, but it was probably just Mother trying to interfere with the door using Happiness. However, such vague magic would not work on the gate.
I was watching from behind a wooden box in the Treasury. It was a close call. I wonder what would have happened to me if I had been a little late in entering the Treasury…

“Alicia, how do we get in?”

“I don’t know either. I’m afraid you will never get in unless the Princess approves.”

“What about a bath? She likes to bathe, will she come out if we wait long enough?”

“She seems to have a bath inside. If we leave her alone, she won’t come out for a long time.”

Hmph. This is my Treasury. I have everything I need to keep living. I’m going to lock myself in until Mother and the rest pardons me.
They attacked the door for a while, but after about 10 minutes they realized they couldn’t break it down and gave up. But Father was a little grumpy. Perhaps he didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t break the door, which I was trying to hide behind. I mean, he was staring at the door rather than at me.

“I will spare you the punishment, so please come out.”

“Well, then, write down the papers and submit them with both Father’s and Mother’s signatures. Otherwise, I will be absolutely furious.”

I did not come out from behind the crate. I was already in tears, too. I will stay angry, as long as they keep attacking my door that hard. I am scared. I want to run away somewhere.

“I already sent you one, no? I won’t be angry this time, so come on out.”

? I didn’t receive any papers like that… was it Alicia?

“Alicia… did you hide them from me?”

I went out shakily to the door and found Alicia holding the papers. Perhaps she was hiding them from me. It is an unforgivable mortal sin. If I had it, I wouldn’t have been holed up.
I was also a little shaken as I reached out my hand to receive it, but as soon as I received it, Alicia bumped into the barrier and tried to enter the door.
She probably thought she could enter if she was in contact with me. But there is no such loophole in the gate.

“What are you doing?”

“The Princess is making a Magic furnace. Please do something about it!!”

Oh, you wanted a Magic furnace? Or perhaps you wanted to retrieve the Magic furnace from me. But you made a mistake in dealing with the unknown door. Surely, if I touch her, I can enter with her? It’s normal to think that? If that was a normal barrier, it would be true.
I also checked the papers, placed them inside the Treasury, and exit through the door. Then I immediately order the door to close and the it closed on its own and disappeard. All is good.

“Now then, how about you tell us everything?”

My Father and Mother both sat on the couch, and I sat on the other side. They had probably heard the whole story, but they wanted to hear it from me.
I told them everything I could. I told them that I was a reincarnated person, that I had knowledge of my previous life, but I did not know who I was or what I had done in my previous life. I told them about the Teth, the door, the magic tools I have hidden away… well, this was just to say that I’m also making weapons. I also told them that I had given Big brother a sword.
It took me about an hour to tell them everything, but they seemed to understand to certain extent.

“So, you are still our daughter, are you?”

“The only parents I have are you, my Father and Mother. I don’t know my parents in my previous life. I mean, I don’t remember them, and I think I’m almost a different person now.”

I have no memory of them, which means that since I have lived here, I have grown up with different experiences. Unless I follow the same life, I would be a different person now than I was in my previous life.
To be honest, I’m not that interested in my parents from my previous life. I don’t really want to remember other events either. I just sometimes wonder what happened to me.

“Then there is no problem there. Alicetia is our daughter. She was just born a little differently. I don’t mind that much.”


Fortunately, neither Father nor Mother rejected me. It’s a great joy. Because there was even a possibility that they would abandon me in the worst case scenario.
I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After that, we had a discussion about the future. What I want to do, what I was going to do. We talked about it to some extent.
The results of my research were written in my own language, which was a mixture of the language of this world and nearly 10 different languages from my previous world, so not only my parents but also people from other worlds wouldn’t be able to read it.
So, I told them what kind of things I made, while glazing over out the details.

“They’re all the great inventions of the century, if they ever made it to the world.”

“But just handling them sounds too difficult…”

They were all dangerous inventions, so the curious Father’s eyes were shining, but the Mother’s head ached.

“I think we need to raise the war potential of our country as soon as possible. Not only because of the damage the monsters in our territory cause, but also because I think the Empire and the Imperial State will make a serious move relatively soon.”

My fear are the Heroes of the Imperial State. They will definitely mobilize them. There may be several… no, dozens of magic users that outclass both me and Mother.
The magicians of our country are weak. The rest of the country is abnormally strong, so we can take on both countries without difficulty for now, but we don’t know what will happen in the future.
The only way to deal with them is to possess technology that they don’t have. Fortunately, that is my area of expertise. If we can give Arland’s soldiers better equipment than they have now and increase their ability to resist, we will be able to minimize the damage.

“The two countries are certainly acting in a suspicious way. And the movement of monsters is strange, too. Recently, there has been a strange increase in damage. I agree with your opinion, Alicetia, but is it really that easy to create new technology?”

“The world I was originally from had a high level of technology. I can reproduce it using magic. So, to be precise, my inventions are surprisingly few.”

Well, they are simply copies. The time it would take to make a finished product would be totally different if I didn’t know how the final product looked and worked.

“Then we’ll go hunting tomorrow. If we want to go through with your ideas, show us what you’ve achieved so far. If you don’t have any results, I won’t be able to accept them either.”

“Okay. I will do my best. If I don’t have to hide anything anymore, I will use my secret weapon.”

With that, monsters will be no match for us.

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