Chapter 41.2

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Cold and Late-Night Experiments
I wouldn’t know even if I thought about it, so let’s put that aside. Alicia left the room after she made sure I took my medicine. I guess she didn’t trust me there because I sometimes pretend to have taken it. It’s true that I have a bad habit of pretending to take medicine that is too bitter, but this time the medicine was tasteless, so I could take it normally.
I slept for a while under the effects of the medicine, but when I came to, it was midnight… I think it was midnight. There was something to eat that has cooled down considerably, water, and fruit by my bedside. There was a letter as well, “Please eat if you can. If you need anything, just call out to me.” it said. I certainly haven’t eaten anything, but I have no appetite.
But I am not sleepy… I must have slept too much. My body was only a little tired, but I was not dizzy anymore. I got back into bed, but I didn’t feel sleepy even after 20 minutes or so. So I got up and drank some water.

“Phew. I slept too much, can’t sleep.”

“My Lord, it would be better to go back to sleep.”

Coote was sleeping under the bed. He must have been worried about me. He wasn’t sleeping as if stretching out like he usually does. He only raised his head and looked at me.

Geez, I’m not sleepy, you know? I hate common cold. But isn’t this boring time an opportunity? Alicia is also not around because of my cold. And I haven’t been experimenting lately… hmm.

“Quick Draw.”

I took out my lab coat and put it on over my négligée. Now what shall I do? I have been going to the library rather a lot, so I have learned some new formulas and so on… Let’s experiment with activating the Magic furnace. I have already built a new control formula, but I haven’t experimented recently to see how much output I can operate with it in. Last time, it ran out of control when I put in more than 5% output, but we are aiming for 10% today!!

“Lord… again…?”

“It’s a good way to pass the time. Coote, would you like to watch? Hear my wish. I ask you, door of the treasury that disappeared into the void, reveal your treasure to me for a moment.”

I summoned the door to the treasury and entered. It is impossible to close the door if there is a living creature inside, but the entrance itself seems to be tightly warded off, so it is not easy to break in. This time, I decided that only Coote and I could enter, so one person and one animal went inside.
There were crates of various sizes inside, and the largest one was more than several meters high. What was in the crate was a sealed object. The crate itself was a magic tool, and inside it were other magic tools sealed tightly with holy shrouds. It was a double seal, so to speak.
And in the center of the treasury was my work space. There were shelves and desks with various tools and blueprints of many magic tools, and in the center of the space was the Magic furnace.
The furnace had a crystal-like object spinning around inside a rectangular glass-like object. Magic power is extracted from the crystal-like object and then amplified. The glass part was also not regular glass, but because there was no name for the material it was made from, its name was unknown to me. A small magic circle floated around the crystal-shaped magic sphere in the center, controlling the output of the sphere.
There are two main difficulties with the Magic furnace: controlling the extraction of magic power from the magic sphere and controlling the amplification of magic power. It is not that difficult to extract magic power, but it is difficult to extract a stable and fixed amount. If there is too much, it will run out of control when amplified, and if there is too little, it cannot even be amplified.

“Formula is stable… Magic furnace activated, output at 7%… stable.”

The new formula easily beat the previous record, even though the Magic furnace was currently activated without amplification.

“Output climbing… 7.5%… stable. 7.6%, stable.”

After increasing output by 0.1%, the results were good. Can this get us to 70% of the targeted output?


“Output at 10%… stable. Output…!!”

“My Lord, I have a bad feeling about this.”

Hm… the magic sphere in the center has started to spin at super high speed. The amount of extraction was rising… at this rate, it will run out of control… or rather, it is already in a runaway state. The control formula has also been obliterated, and magic power was leaking out of the Magic furnace.


Nearby holy shrouds flied in and wrapped the Magic furnace around in a circle. At first, the Magic furnace was showing its fangs, with the holy shrouds blowing away, but since the holy shrouds were mass-produced, the Magic furnace eventually succumbed to the constant assault of the flying holy shrouds and stopped.

“Mhm. The output was doubled, but 10% is still not enough. It has to be at least 30%, or it’s not worth talking about. However, this was a fortuitous test.”

“My Lord… I don’t want you to keep doing something so dangerous. This thing is too dangerous.”

Mr. Coote seemed to be slightly frightened by the magic power of the Magic furnace. It is true that the furnace was temporarily releasing a lot of magic power.

“It’s not a problem. This is a noble experiment. And even if it goes out of control, it won’t affect the outside world if it happens here. Besides, the practical application of the Magic furnace has been a dream of mankind since ancient times. If I am the first to put it to practical use, my Mother will approve of my research habit.”

I can’t wait to build it… if I had more time… anyway, it’s time to build the formula from scratch. Right now I’m using one used for magic, but it’s not specifically for the Magic furnace, so it won’t be possible to go any further. If I create a formula that reflects the results of this project, I could increase the output a little more. Besides, I am still very busy with amplification side of things, too. And on top of it, the research for the Magic furnace costs a lot of money, so I would like to start using my money freely right about now.

“My Lord… rather than that, is that okay?”


A g-g-g-g-ghost with its hands strapped to the barrier at the entrance was looking at me with bloodshot eyes!!…… Ah~
I lost consciousness.

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