Chapter 39.2

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Launch Experiment with Coote
“Mhm, it went quite well. I could consider putting it into practical use, but what can we do with it…”

I could change it from a rocket to a Vernier thruster… or put it on a golem… or even make a manned robotic thing for my romance… it’s a dream come true, isn’t it? I was in a research mode, coming up with several prototype candidates.

The parachute itself will descend to my position by manipulating the wind with a magic tool. This was also a good job on my part. I realized once again how wonderful it is to be able to reproduce things this world, especially without the use of solid or liquid fuel. At this rate, it will be possible to reproduce things that are currently in the realm of the imagination. Could I make a cell phone or something like that? … I would be tired of annoying phone calls from my Father and Brother, so even if I could make one, it would be the last thing I would want to do. I sketched out the magic tools that came to mind from the results of this project. I’m going to start on detailed blueprints, but the finished form will basically stay in my head. Well, they aren’t exactly the same as a sketch, but rather a sketch as an idea, so this is fine.

By the time I finished the sketch, Mr. Coote had successfully landed on the ground. The parachute itself worked good, but I made it bigger for safety, which turned out to be a hassle. Coote was struggling under the parachute. I should improve the parachute so that it can be folded in a specified way and automatically stowed in the backpack.

“That was a wonderful experiment, my little sister.”

“As expected of Big brother. You understand its wonderfulness.”

“Let me fly next time as well.”

“I have not really considered the safety yet. Well, at least I will be able to catch you with my magic if I’m around.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

My Big brother laughed, “Hah, hah, hah”. Now then? Is the argument over? I looked around and everyone was looking at me in some way. The teacher was also looking at me with his mouth open. What an improper person, don’t you think it’s shameful for a teacher to act like that?

Suddenly there was an alert on my radar again. I followed my intuition and slid sideways. Then an arm cut through the air where my head was. Apparently, Alicia tried to grab my head in an eagle grip. However, after having my head grabbed again and again, I acquired amazing perceptive abilities and performed the feat of evasion… yes, I got caught.

“… I’m sure Madame Smith will be waiting for you when we return to our country. I am sure she will be waiting for you with a smile on her face. I will send out a request for re-education next time. I am sure she will give you a stricter education than the last time when she finds out what is going on with you, Young lady.”

“You coward.”

“Indeed. Alicia, I cannot allow you to do that under my authority. Look how pitiful she looks.”

Ahem. My Big brother is my ally, and nothing will happen if I plead with my father with tears in my eyes. The chances to win are in my favor.

“No, I’m sure Madam will be on my side. That’s almost a done deal. The Young lady needs to be re-educated once again.”


Hmm… I have to think about that thing, made feasible only by becoming a Sorceress… Either way, I won’t be able to do it before I get re-educated by Madame Smith in time… I’m stuck. It can’t be helped, I have time for a while, so I will have to make some kind of… invention that even my Mother would approve of, and then I could ask for her forgiveness before then. If I make a magic tool that is good for beauty, will she forgive me? Let’s make something and send it to her.

“If I had achievements…”

“Now then, don’t be saying something the foolish nobles at the castle would.”


“Those are the fellas that have been stripped of their titles, so… don’t try to emulate them.”

Is that so… I certainly was making dead eyes, but it was like that, huh. I certainly shouldn’t imitate them… However!! I feel the same way they do!! Backed against the wall!! Something… I need something… anything. In order to avoid Madame Smith’s torturous re-education, in order to keep the peace, I have no choice but to avoid re-education in spectacular fashion.

If this happens, I will have to build a “workshop” somewhere. Right now, at the very least… well, I have everything I need to make magic tools, but let’s make a higher grade of crafting tools, build my own workshop, and make many magic tools. If I send around magic tools that are easy to work with, the Prime Minister will be on my side… As a result, my Father may be overloaded with work, but that’s not a problem because he will be just getting the blame for the work he usually slacks off on.

“However, now you’ve been convinced about my little sister’s matter, haven’t you? My little sister is a researcher by nature. Naturally, her magic and magic tools are to be kept secret, and this is a Royal order from the Kingdom of Arland and His Majesty the King. My little sister is a talented person who will join the Magic Research Institute that will be built in the kingdom in the future. If you try to take something from her by doing something unreasonable, it will naturally become an international problem. Besides, Sorcerers are guaranteed by international law to keep their magic secret. If you try to force her in any way, your license as Magicians will be revoked.”

“Ngh… however, Sorcerers are responsible for the development of magic…”

“That is something to be disclosed only to the extent the creator, the Sorcerer, allows it. You must never force them to do so.”

My Father wasn’t kidding about the Magic Institute, was he? He had said something like that before, but I thought that Mother would never allow it. This comment by Big brother has pushed my Father’s favorability gauge to the limit. I should give him a hug when I return home. But I didn’t hear any Royal order. As long as Big brother is publicly stating it, there must be one, though. If he says later that he doesn’t have one, that would be a serious matter. Whether he is the eldest son of a Count or the Crown Prince, he is not allowed to talk about the King’s Royal decree without permission. Naturally, after-the-fact consent is also not allowed.

Well, it’s fine to show them some magic and magic tools. On the other hand, if you want to steal them, that relies on the extent of your skill. Magic is one thing, but magic tools are mixed with special techniques, so I won’t let you analyze them.
But if you want something, why not make it yourself… I made my own magic tools and magic from scratch, so improving my magic and magic tools in some way shouldn’t be impossible. This teacher is a difficult person in many ways.

At the same time, at the Royal Castle of Arland.

“Noooooooooooooh. I don’t know what it is, but my time has come————!!”

At the top of the tower in the castle, the King was doing a mysterious yell.

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