Chapter 39.1

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Launch Experiment with Coote
During the argument between my Big brother and the teacher, I discovered Coote walking around. I thought Coote was mingling with the other students’ familiars, but he was walking alone… just him, looking up. I wonder what he was looking at. Flicking his tail… flicking and flicking………


“I~ caught~ you!!”

I was so fast that the eyes of Alicia, who stood behind me, widened, and before Coote himself could react, I came around from behind him and hugged him.
He is so fluffy. But what was he looking at? I looked up and saw… a bird?
When I invoked Far-sightedness and Analyze to look at the object, it was a bird called a Gourmet Bird and it was a monster. That bird doesn’t attack people unless you touch it, but it is called a Gourmet Bird, so it must taste delicious. According to Coote, his old relatives boasted about the taste that would melt your tongue, and he really wanted to eat it. As I listened to Coote’s struggles, I had a flash of inspiration. This would be a good opportunity to have Coote participate in the experiment.

“You want it that much?”

“Woof! Woofwoof.”

“Then, I will help you catch it.”

I think Coote paled a little when he saw my face, but questioning me now is useless. I think he was backing up a little, if not a little heartily.
I carry most of my things in my Treasury because I’m not strong enough to carry what I take out, but I made use of Physical Enhancement and Boost to boost my physical capabilities and activated Quick Draw. What I took out were two tubes and a backpack. I attached it to the bewildered Mr. Coote. He looked like a wolf with a backpack on its back with two metal tubes on each side.

“Well, let’s fly?”

“… Whimper.”

Here, my alert radar reacted, and I saw the enemy behind me. The other students were watching the argument between the teacher and Big brother, and they were arguing and not looking at me, but Alicia seemed to have set her sights on me. She was approaching me with a terrible look on her face. But I gave her a smile that I had learned from my Mother’s advice to be more expressive, and she stopped and started to tremble. So easy?

“Doze off for a little, Sleep.”

Alicia, who seemingly liked me very much, was unable to resist, and collapsed on the spot and fell asleep.


“The chance is now. Coote, when you fly, you won’t be to change directions, so you must capture it no matter what. When the booster goes off, twist your head to the left. Then you will have no problem coming down.”

“……… Woof.”

His ears were droopy and lopsided, but I don’t care. Since using Coote as the body of a rocket generally seemed like a bad idea, I made him stand in the “sit pretty” pose and put Protect all over him. Then, I put the goggles on him. What? I am too well-prepared? Of course, I was planning to have Coote fly sooner or later. I would get scolded if I flied myself, after all.
With this, an instant rocket for Coote was completed. For the booster part, I created a magic called Flame Booster and made a simple rocket booster out of it. I would like to test a prototype of the booster using Coote.
Since it was just a booster, it couldn’t fly freely, it could only fly straight.

“Let me point your way, what I seek is the magic bullet shooter. Always Bullseye Bullet, Predicted Point of Impact.”

I saw the course of the bullet (Coote) and the point of impact, reflecting the effects of climate and other factors. I will launch the missile just before this coincides with the Gourmet Bird, which was flying in circles in the sky. Coote was in a standing posture and trembling, but I have to be patient a little longer. I also activated Alchemy to avoid getting caught in the firing, and made an installation-type shield in front of Alicia nearby, and I got behind the shield with her. We were a little far from where Big brother was, so the other students and him should be fine.
I have a magic tool… or rather, a remote activation magic tool that I made, so I just have to activate the booster on Coote when the bird comes near.

“Uhh… huh?… Young lady? What are you doing?”


It wasn’t a spell that she could wake up from this quickly!! She should not have woken up for more than an hour, but Alicia, who woke up fast, captured me as fast as she could. However, at that very moment, the bird in the sky entered the point where Coote should be launched, so I hastily pressed the switch. I immediately put away the switch with Quick Close because I didn’t want the switch to be taken away. I cannot let Alicia know about the switch.
Then, with a thunderous roar, Coote leapt into the sky. Mr. Coote was half crying from the roar and fear, but his eyes were firmly locked on to the Gourmet Bird. That’s the spirit!! Alicia was looking at the sky with her mouth open. It waś not unusual to fly using Flying spell, but the method of using fire magic and using it as propulsion to fly is something has never been heard of in this world. But if there is no damage to the booster part, we are very close to practical application.

“… What are you doing?”

“Mr. Coote launch experiment. He wanted to eat a flying Gourmet Bird, so I gave him a trip to the sky… and while at it, conducting a prototype experiment.”

Ehhem. Alicia was stunned by my boasting. She was holding her forehead.
Coote flew away, exhaling smoke in a line. He seems to have caught the Gourmet Bird with a momentary crossing, but continued flying straight up. It can fly about 3,000 meters, so it flew beyond the clouds. I could hear Coote’s pitiful voice in my heart. After a little while, the effect of the booster stopped and the fall started… Oh! It seems that he was able to open the parachute. I made it so that the parachute would open if he pulled his neck as hard as he could.

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