Chapter 40.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It has been a week since I started school. I have been busy going back and forth between the elementary and special classes. Moreover, I am forced to live the life of a young lady on a daily basis, and by the time I get back to the dormitory, I’m a bit disheveled.
After that? Alicia handed a letter to a Sonic bird, ignoring my crying and clinging to her. So, I holed myself up in the first closet I could find, I locked the door lock of the closet with magic, and reinforced the door itself. No matter what was said from outside, I didn’t respond. I wrapped myself in the blanket I brought with me and shut myself in.

“Princess!! Please come out right this instant!! This is so hard, why did you reinforce it so much?”

I could hear the sound of hitting the door or trying to cut it with a sword or something, but this was not a reinforcement that could be easily broken. Of course, even my brother’s sword can’t cut it… however, I have my doubts if it’s combined with my brother’s ability.

I wrapped myself in a blanket and wrote down the blueprints for a new magic tools in my notebook. I have plenty of illumination magic tools to spare. I also have a cookie in the hand opposite the pen. I can manage water with magic, and this way I can stay indoors until I need to use the bathroom. I have a bath in the treasury that I plan to replace the one in the dorm room with, so I can fill it with hot water by using magic, too.
It’s perfect. If only I had a toilet, I would be fine. But I don’t want to put a toilet in the treasury… I don’t want to deal with the end results. Should I dig a hole? I could build a direct route to the toilet and lock myself in until Alicia breaks down.

“I will definitely make you come out.”

More door-hitting. The sound was getting sharper. Hmm, it’s getting more powerful. It was a defense system made using magic, so I repaired it moderately and continued drawing the blueprints. Speaking of which, I would d like to go to the library soon. I haven’t been able to go so far because I have been too busy and too tired to go, but it’s about time. A life surrounded by many books awaits me!! I will go there tomorrow.
But it’s too noisy outside. Come to think of it, I haven’t left my room since I got back. It’s time to go. It’s past the time for dinner, but I substituted snacks for dinner, so I don’t need it today. And I had already taken a bath, so will just brush my teeth, change my clothes, and go to bed. By the way, I ignored Alicia completely.


“Princess!! Please reply to me. Please stop ignoring me!!”


After I finished getting dressed, I went straight to bed and went to sleep. Alicia talked to me for a while, but I kept ignoring her.

The next day, I woke up while captured by Alicia as usual, but I still ignored her. I got ready, had a meal in the cafeteria, and finished classes as usual. I was lightly tangled with students and teachers several times, but my brother quickly covered for me, so it was fine. I want them to let me be already. I’m going to put a booster on you and throw you up in the air, alright? … Oh, about that booster, there was a problem with the strength of the materials and I found a crack in the barrel part. It seems that the output was slightly higher than designed and the strength of the material was exceeded by that amount. This is not a problem, as it can be resolved by changing to a different material.


Well, the experiment was a success, and I was able to reproduce the booster again, so as long as I can make a control unit, I can make a propeller jet plane. Even though it’s possible to fly thanks to magic power anytime, if the control system is made to the same level as that of the Earth, it would become a tremendous magic tool, but even if I could create it, it would be impossible for me alone… yes, it would be impossible to mass produce. Even I get tired… or rather, it would be a pain in the ass. I don’t have to go that far either, in this world where civilization is not advanced, even simpler items would be considered over-engineered.

“Y… young lady…”


I ignore her. Big brother was also giving Alicia a sympathetic look, but he never said anything to me. Perhaps he was afraid of collateral damage.

Alicia was already in tears. Her HP was probably already close to zero. If she cries and apologizes, I can forgive her. I will forgive you if you apologize for all the disrespect you have shown me. If I go that far, I may even win the right to inspect the letters she sends back to the country, but I think that would be difficult. Because it seems that my guards have also come with us, so there may be some reports that cannot be shown to me.
But if I don’t do something, I will have to be re-educated by Madame Smith. Even though it is still a long way off, there is no postponing. If I don’t do something immediately, she may say she will come over here because of her personality. It is impossible for me to continue my research under her supervision. During education, she was monitoring me even more closely than Alicia. Even my sleeping position… I couldn’t let my guard down even when I was sleeping back then. If I woke up with Alicia’s tail in my arms, I would be whipped in my sleep. And sometimes she would hit me in my sleep without knowing why.
I was growing up, but I lost a lot of weight at that time. People around me were worried about me, but Madame would not listen, saying that she was trying to make me become a respectable lady, no matter who gave her a hard time. Her family is also an educator for the royal family and has earned the trust of successive royalty, so no one was able to help me until the end.

“Alice… isn’t it about the time you forgive her…”

“I will keep it like this for a while. Thanks to that, my research has been progressing well.”

She is a bit unstable emotionally, so when I come home, I will retreat to my closet, so she can’t interfere with the designing of magic tools or my research in the treasury. She will still try to break the door of the closet, but it will be impossible with that weapon.
Classes were over again for today. Basically, two hours of elementary classes and three hours of special classes, so time frees up in the afternoon. The other students were learning or training… well, some of them are adventurers. My brother was also a B-rank adventurer.
As for me, I was heading to the library. Alicia was very nervous in the back, but she was following me. At first glance, the library looked ordinary, but it was an ancient library that boasted the largest collection of books on the continent. Naturally, there was still ancient magic and magic tools in the library, so it was not difficult to find books.

I showed the librarian my student identification and asked for permission to browse. This place was off-limits to the public, and only those with permission can enter. I guess knowledge is for the privileged in this world. I don’t have a problem with that, because I will change it eventually. The development of the world starts with education.

The library was filled with bookshelves. Some bookshelves were floating in the air, and I couldn’t even tell how many books were in here. The librarian also told me not to go into the unorganized section. The number of books in the organized section has apparently crossed the million mark, and they said there are several times that many in total because they have only organized a few percent of them.
The reason why they are not fully organized is that many of the grimoires were trapped and cannot be easily organized. I was in front of the crystal in the center of the lobby. It told me where the book I want to browse was, just with a thought. Today I am going to sign a contract with Coote, so it was a book about a familiar contract… hmm, there were about 100 books on the topic. I picked out a book that seemed reasonable for now, and then its location came to my mind, it was a shelf B-195. All the shelves were numbered, so it was easy to find.

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