Chapter 20.2

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Escape from the Hellish Carriage
“Can… can you do it?”

“This is very novel. We can do this much renovation anytime. However, I’ve never heard of such a use for dragon bones, and even if I had, the preciousness of dragon bones would make it impossible to realize. This is an honor for us. Not even my dad and others have ever done anything like this.”

The two successors of the most skilled craftsman in our country’s Workshop Guild seemed to be very excited and curious about the method that even their father had never tried. They said they would get right to work.
I have the magic spheres to process, and if I don’t finish the work before Alicia wakes up… I’ll be in trouble. I’m sure Alicia won’t leave it at scolding me severely, but if I show her what we have done, I’m sure she’ll realize that I was right, and she’ll cry and apologize for being so rude to me later. My heart was pounding, I have not yet forgiven her for tying me up. There is no mercy.

“I’m going to start working, so let me know when it’s done.”

“Roger that. I will finish it as quickly and thoroughly as possible!”

If my facial expressions were more flexible, I would have grinned like those guys, but alas, I have no facial expressions. Serves me right for not learning how to move my facial muscles more.

“Princess… are you sure it was all right not to restrict your maid? I have a feeling she won’t let us keep working when she wakes up. It would be better to keep her immobile until the work is finished…”

“I think it’s probably useless. She will get out even if we wrap her up in chains.”

“Just what kind of person is she…”

I’m not sure what Alicia’s past is either. She told me she was in a party with my Father when he was an adventurer, but she wouldn’t tell me what she did before and after, and when I asked about her age, she attacked my cheeks hard, so I couldn’t find out anything. Moreover, she is quite capable and there is no way for me to avoid her. So restraints would be useless. I’m sure she wouldn’t tear off the chains like my Father, though.
Well then, I should get to work, too. The work itself is not that difficult for the current me. It’s just a matter of cramming “Fly” into the magic spheres. But for efficiency and effectiveness, I’d like to borrow the power of the Wind spirit. It’s just that I usually only use Earth and Light.

“Can I ask you to do this?”

——Sure thing, I am ready anytime——

The two of us, the Wind Spirit and I, cast Fly into the magic spheres. Originally, it would be fine to use just one, but by using more than one, the consumption of magical power of each sphere would lessen, and by using four magic spheres with Fly on the bottom of the carriage, we can use all four in case of emergency. Up to this point, it’s all my job.
Of course, adjusting the balance after placement is the most difficult part, but the Spirits are usually floating, so they seem to be good at calculating that part… Don’t they occasionally charge into the walls, though?


“Princess… it, it’s… complete.”

When the work was finished and the magic spheres were inserted into the bottom of the carriage with magic, I heard the engineers behind me, but when I turned around, there was no one there. The hell that’s scary.

“Over… here.”

I heard them from below, and when I looked down, I saw the engineers lying on the ground. Of course, I could see them before because my point of view is low. I just wanted to have a little taste of adultness, since everyone treats me like a child.

“Is it… done?”

Both of them look enlightened. I wonder what happened to them in such a short time.

“I think we did a good job, but it was very difficult. This is the work I’m most satisfied in my entire life.”

They were apparently satisfied with their work and achieved enlightenment, but you guys, you still have to carry the furniture inside, so I will be troubled if you are this exhausted… I helped them with Heal and had them do their best for a little longer.

“It’s still not done yet. Install the furniture, please.”


“Hahaha… there are still things left for me to do… I still have a long way to go.I thought it was done once we finished this. Still… it’s not over yet.”

Then they staggered to work and finished all the work three and a half hours after Alicia fell asleep.

“Perfect… this is what a carriage should strive to be.”

“We have done it.”

“Yeah, it’s perfect.”

“At first glance, it looks like a crate on top of a sledge. What is this sledge part for?”

“It’s for attacking monsters when they come out from underneath, to prevent damage to the carriage, and to stabilize the whole thing when it can’t float for some reason.”

“Goblins would certainly be minced meat if they got ran over by this thing.”

The knights and the engineers seemed to be satisfied. The carriage will not shake regardless of the terrain… we have developed something wonderful. If we can mass produce it, we can live off of the royalties. Though, I’m not short of money.

“With this, I got one step closer to being a Great Mage again.”

I unintentionally spilled my dream out loud. But this happy time came to an abrupt end.

“Young lady?”

Bloodthirst from behind! Guards, it’s enemy attack!

“You fools over there, take one more step, and I’ll cut off your important pieces. If you don’t want that to happen, stay back.”

With that single comment, the guards turned pale and separated from me… eh?

“Abandoning your professional duties is a crime.”

“Forgive us, Princess. We… we are ordered to listen to Miss Maid’s instructions.”

“Now then, Princess~ please come to me.”

“Why! Why even after I made something so magnificent… just why!!

“R… run…”

“Caught you♪”

After that, my memory is vague. I think I just saw that fool Teth changing clothes in the white space and yelling on top of their lungs. I still couldn’t figure out their gender, though.

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