Chapter 21.1

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To the Capital
My rattling and shaking life is over, and my quiet journey has begun. Hi, I’m Alicetia. I’m currently tied up again in the modified carriage (name undecided).

“… Al…”

“(Glare) What is it?”


I’m scared of Alicia. She’s super scary. Brrr.
I managed to successfully modify the carriage, but Alicia was very angry, and she lectured me and tied me up, which made my journey even worse. I wonder why? I was supposed to have made the trip more comfortable, so shouldn’t she have respected me, cried, and apologized for the rude way she had treated me?

“What are you going to do about this? This carriage is definitely going to stand out. Please turn it back.”

“All the spare parts are already destroyed, so that’s not possible.”

Yes, I destroyed all the spare parts, such as the wheels, when I made the modifications. This was so that if she asked me to put it back after it’s been modified, I won’t be able to… Well, with the help of the Earth Spirit and my powers, we could get it technically restore it, but that’s a secret.

“You’re being selfish! You have betrayed my trust.”

Wha! Scary, you are scary! Please consider that I’ve been shivering in the corner of the carriage for a while now.

“This is not my fault. The carriage is at fault.”

“Normally, you would endure this. People wouldn’t modify it on the spot. And I never heard of anyone putting their attendants to sleep to do it… It appears that you still had not received enough education, Young lady.”

Hiiii! Her dangerous eyes made me hold still. I’m gonna have to put her down again… I can’t do that. Doing that would not only postpone the problem, it would make it worse.

“I’m gonna be a shut-in if you do that.”


Alicia pulled on my cheeks. I was tied up, so I could only move my head in displeasure. And, something like this wasn’t enough to stop Alicia’s attack.

“I’m not at fault! You should be grateful to me. You should have already realized how much better it is after all these modifications we did.”

“Indeed. I have never seen anything like this before, but I cannot say that it’s something that we needed at the moment. In the first place, I’m against the idea of a princess of a country doing this kind of research work. I would like you to quit it from now on.”

“I refuse! Anyway, in the castle…”


Fufu… in the treasure box (my former room), I have my newest product, the Chaos Space.

“Ahh. Prime Minister said he would investigate that trap room while you are away.”

“Fufu… foolish.”

Geez, what a foolish person. It’s impossible to conquer that room because all of my science cheats have been sealed there. My Father has assured me that he will never participate in other’s shenanigans, and even if he does, it’s not designed to be so easy for him, a physical power specialist, to conquer. Do your best to net get traumatized.

“You seem unconcerned. It is true that sometimes suspicious people are thrown out of their rooms and become delirious, but it should not be enough to defend against the government inspectors. If His Majesty is serious, he can get in easily, too.”

“You really are foolish people. That room would not be possible to conquer even for the Demon King. If you really want to conquer it, you will need a Light Spirit and several Spirit contractors. You cannot explore the room otherwise.”

The room engulfed in the magic of Darkness Spirit, and the magic of road rage keeps you going around the same place forever. And the “Nightmare” will cause people see what they don’t want to see the most to break their spirit. And since it’s all spirit magic, it can’t be nullified or resisted by normal magic. Even if they managed to do so, they’d run out of magical power in a matter of seconds unless they had at least my level of magical power. In other words, it’s impossible for my Father, who is a meathead, to conquer it. Besides, I previously had a conversation with my Father about how disgusting it was for a parent to enter a daughter’s room without permission. I casually told him that if it were me, I’d cut ties with him, so even my Father, who has a microscopic potential to succeed, wouldn’t even enter the fray. And if he did, I’d really reconsider our relationship.

“… Surely not… is it really impossible? No… that shouldn’t be… even though I am talking about Princess, she wouldn’t just turn a part of the castle into a fortress…”

Alicia started muttering something while shivering and trembling for some reason. She seemed to have understood the danger of that room when she saw how relaxed I was. It’s too late. In the first place, it’s the kind of room that throws out any spies that manage to get in. You wouldn’t normally think of trying to conquer such a place. I’m not willing to compromise my defenses at all, considering the contents of that room. Only things without the core technology and No. 17 will be sealed there until the right time. They were born too early, and it was my fault for thinking I could make them work. That’s why I sealed them up.

“Yes. I think it’s absolutely impossible. Because my Father would never touch that room, and even if he did, it’s designed to be impossible.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. Even if I’m a naive girl, that room is the only place I would never go easy on, so that inspection team… fufu.

“Cancel it!! Please cancel it right at this moment!! Are you planning on injuring the soldiers and knights of our country? Princess, you are not someone that would do something like that, right?”

“I certainly don’t want to do that. But as someone who resembles my Father a lot, I’m not a puppet who will follow all the orders of the government. I only keep what I deem to be dangerous or a failure in that room, so all the responsibility of those who break in is on them. Don’t worry, they won’t die. It will break their hearts, though. Also, I can’t cancel it from here, and even if I could, I wouldn’t.”

I’m assuming that remote magic doesn’t exist in this world yet, but maybe it’s not that hard to imagine it with my knowledge of the scientific world, so I gave the gist of how it would work.


“The contents of that room will not be used until I deem it necessary, I won’t use it even if God commands it.”

First of all, they’re dangerous. They are not based on common knowledge of this world, but on my own knowledge, and albeit primitive, even the world’s brightest minds would just twist their heads and not understand if I showed it to them. The wall between magic and science is that thick.

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