Chapter 20.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Escape from the Hellish Carriage
I, Alicetia, am currently being held captive in the carriage.
Of course, it’s not like I was captured by bandits, the culprit is Alicia. It seems that after the battle with the Silver Wolf last time, she decided that it was impossible for me to stay in the carriage quietly, so she invoked her authority and bound my hands and feet, and put a handkerchief in my mouth, and made me sit on a chair in the carriage. I was sitting in a chair in the carriage with a handkerchief in my mouth. Who do I feel like a kidnapped young lady?

“It seems that you have no concept of self-control, Young lady. We won’t be able to get you to the Royal Capital of Orthoa safely. It might be inconvenient, but your self-control is lacking, so please bear with this.”

“Hmmmh… hnhhg… ngggh.”

I can’t reply.

“Ohh, how… ahem. There was no need to cover your mouth as well.”

“Puhaa!! You knew that from the beginning. Besides, this is a treason qualifying under the harm of one’s master. I demand an immediate release.”

“According to the Queen’s letter of permission, this is acceptable enough, so I am not guilty. It means my regular conduct is very good. You could say it’s the difference in trust.”

Ngggh. No matter what I say, Alicia won’t release me. It’s really hard to move. There’s a handkerchief wrapped around the bottom of the bindings to keep the ends from sticking, and while the rope is not too tight, it’s not loose enough for me to escape. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. Coote can’t help me because he’s too big to fit in the carriage, and magic is hard to control, so I don’t want to use it without my wand. Maybe I can heal myself afterward, but I don’t have the masochistic tendencies to burn the rope around my hands with fire.
It can’t be helped since things reached to this. I will l have to make a last ditch effort to get out and get Alicia obedient.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do anything bad again (lie). I won’t say a word or move until we get to Orthoa.”


Alicia panicked when I suddenly become quiet and unmoving, but I don’t say a word. I was sitting obediently. I’m not that fond of moving in the first place, so I should just sit and wait for later.

“U… umm, Young lady? You don’t have to go that far, okay? You can talk to me about something… please talk about something~”


I’m not going to respond to anything until Alicia breaks down and releases me.
And after about 30 minutes of silence, Alicia broke. Easy.

“Understood. I get it already, so please say something. I will untie the rope too~!!”

“Will you forgive me?”

“Of course. Please don’t do anything like that again, though.”

When I finally spoke up, Alicia released me with a smile on her face… gotcha!




As soon as I was untied, I promptly reached for my wand (Alicia couldn’t move it elsewhere because it would attack the moment she touched it) and I put her to sleep with sleeping magic.
“Sleep” is just a spell that puts your opponent to sleep, so it’s not particularly harmful. I’ve heard that even if you make a mistake, it only prolongs the sleep, so there’s no problem.

“I don’t want to live in an uncomfortable carriage anymore. So please be obedient for a while.”

Having succeeded in silencing Alicia, I slowly laid her down. This was surprisingly difficult because I’m a child, and if the adult Alicia had fallen out of her chair, I wouldn’t have been able to lift her back onto it.

“Everyone stop!!”

I looked out the window and told the guards to stop. The purpose of the stop was to modify this carriage. I can’t stand riding in this unpleasant vehicle any longer, so I’m going to modify it to my liking.

“Princess? What is the matter?”

The captain of the guard asked me as he kneeled down. They are currently in the working mode… I’m sure the sudden attack has thrown them for a loop, because they’re normal people.

“Is there anyone good at tampering with carriages?”

“Yes. There are two engineer soldiers. Is there something wrong?”

“We are going to remodel the carriage now. I made Alicia sleep, so please get her carefully off the carriage. Also, please unbuckle the horses from the straps.”

I thought it was common for carriages to break down in this era, and as I thought, there were engineers among the soldiers. This means it won’t take much longer than planned.
The guards seemed to understand my usual behavior, and without saying a word, they got Alicia out of the carriage, laid her down in the shade of a nearby tree, and unbuckled the horses from the carriage. They didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping me as there was no particular danger. If it was dangerous, they would most likely forced me back in the carriage.

“What do you intend to do with the carriage?”

The captain asked me as he reported the completion of the task.

“I will transform it into a floating carriage.”


I pointed my wand at the carriage and used the magic spell “Fly” to make the carriage float. Then I turned the carriage on its side and use the Windcutter to cut through the connection between the wheels and the body of the carriage, and slowly lowered the carriage.

“Please bring the dragon bones and four magic spheres from the wagon.”

“Eh?… Ah! Yes.”

It’s not something to ask a nearby knight to do, but the bones are too big for me to carry. Originally, I was going to use them up a little at a time, but they are surprisingly useless, so let’s use them all at once.
I went over to the people who were watching with their mouths open wide as the carriage broke down in front of them, and told them about my wishes and hopes.

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