Chapter 17.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Should Make the Silver Wolf My Pet!
Alicia suddenly appeared from the side of the Blood Wolves who were charging at us, with what I think was called the Kukuri sword in her hand, and she attacked them. I can vaguely see that she was there, but normal people and monsters cannot see through her invisibility technique, so the heads of four Blood Wolves instantly fell to the ground. Alicia must have cheats because she didn’t get a single drop of blood on her.

“Cleave, Flame Whip.”

While the Blood Wolves were shaken up from witnessing their allies suddenly killed, I mowed down the rest of the Blood Wolves with my Flame Whip.

“Young Lady!? Are you trying to burn me up too? That’s too much!”

“I knew you would avoid it.”

“I did avoid it, but what a shocker… I imagined burning up in Young Lady’s hands in a different kind of way…”

The last part was a whisper, so I couldn’t hear it, but Alicia’s physical abilities are probably comparable to or better than the Silver Wolf. Therefore, I judged that she can avoid it, but that also means that my current magic won’t be able to hit the Silver Wolf.

“… Hey… is there a need for us to act as escorts? Isn’t Princess too strong? She’s cool and cute in her own way, though.”

“Don’t be stupid! What would we do if Princess lost her way if she was alone! Princess has a bit of a poor sense of direction so she gets lost when there aren’t buildings she recognizes around. And what if she got kidnapped after showing these idiots mercy? We will be doing a good job as long as we can shield our Princess!!”

“That’s right!! As long as we are here, we won’t allow Princess to get a single wound on her body… but if luck is on our side, we can hopefully get to see a rarely panicked Princess when she loses her way.”

It was noisy behind me… the two knights on my sides protecting me with large shields, were taciturn and for some reason never said anything weird. I’m sure they are different from the perverted knights behind me. Besides, I don’t have a poor sense of direction. I only lost my way a few times. That’s why I use towers, the castle, and other conspicuous buildings as a landmark, and Alicia is with me most of the time, so I don’t get lost often.

“… Those idiots, what are they going to do if they expose my meager happiness to the Young Lady? I will have to punish them a bit for this later. Thank goodness I brought my soundproofing magic tools.”

“? Did you say something, Alicia?”

“I did not say anything. I was just thinking about how to defeat that Silver Wolf.”

I felt that Alicia got startled for some reason, but she was apparently whispering to herself because she was thinking about how to defeat the Silver Wolf. But you can’t. Because I plan to make it my pet for the crime of barging into my happy time (I decided the crime just now)… well then, how do I catch it? Is it possible to tame it like in the games? Well, if not, I can just train it, no?

“Alicia. I want that, I want to catch it.”

“!? Young Lady! That is a B-ranked monster you are talking about, okay? What will we do if it bites you? It would be a loss for the whole world. Besides, when it comes to tails, isn’t mine perfectly fine! Do you not need me anymore? Do you want a new pup that badly!?”


Alicia suddenly burst into tears. What happened!? We are about to fight the Silver Wolf, you know? If you start crying at such a time, you will get bitten by the Silver Wolf and get injured, you know… huh? The Silver Wolf was backing away for some reason. The surroundings were getting chilly, even though the sun hadn’t set yet… moreover, my body was trembling for some reason.

“You stupid dog!! Young Lady’s favor is all mine~!! There is no opening for you to take advantage of! I’m going to split you in ha… punish you.”

“You can’t kill it!! My fluffy-fluff!”

“Young Lady, do you prefer that dog’s ears and tail over mine? Let’s get rid of this dog immediately. I’m going to let you play with my ears and tail as much as you want in the carriage, so please give up on this.”

“Ugh~………… I’m going to touch them too, but I also want that Silver Wolf as my pet.”

I want to touch Alicia’s ears and tail too, but this dog… I made a mistake, this Silver Wolf, I’m going to keep it. I am a young lady of the household, so I believe I can be a bit selfish. That’s why both are mine!!

“Young Lady…”

“”””As expected of Princess.””””

“Shut up over there!! Princessss~~~”

Let’s ignore Alicia for now. There is no person capable of stopping me when my excitement is this high anyway. Freedom is wonderful, there are apparently lots of grimoires in the academy’s library, my Mother isn’t here to obstruct me from studying magic and I even want to do some research.

“Now then, how am I going to catch you?”


The Silver Wolf was on alert as it took distance, and Alicia remembered our present condition and disappeared via her invisibility. I’m sure she’s going to a surprise attack again… I can somehow tell the location of her tail, though.


The Silver Wolf charged recklessly at me as I held my staff (wand)… come on, become my mount-type pet!!

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