Chapter 17.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Should Make the Silver Wolf My Pet!
Three days have passed since the bandit incident. I’m still living in a carriage. About those bandits? The light seems to be fading from their eyes with each passing day. I have no idea what’s going on. Yes, I don’t know anything about the knights whispering something in the ears of the bandits whenever they find the time.

“… Pfft! Young Lady, you have been shaking cutely ever since. My reasoning power is…”

N? Alicia was holding her nose for some reason. This carriage is rocking a lot, so maybe she bumped it somewhere? Anyhow, I handed her a handkerchief first.

“Nono, I’m okay… still.”

“I see… this carriage is really shaky, so be careful. Or rather, I’m at my limits!! My butt is hurting, my back is as well, it’s just shaking too much. There are also too many bandits.”

Three days have passed since the bandits attacked… only three days. And yet the three carriages we had are full, and the bandits chained to the back of them were doing their best to keep up. Isn’t there too many of them? Moreover, not a single one of them tried to escape or even oppose for that matter.

“One is for your own good, two is for your own good, three is for your own good, everything is for your own good, Princess!”

Yeah… I’m sure the knights have completed their brainwashing. I’m afraid of both if I had to say myself. The bandits that were repeating some words that were decided on beforehand, as well as the knights who were watching them with satisfaction… I wonder if I should confine myself in my own room again. Is this my Father’s harassment? I wonder if he dared to choose these members just because he didn’t want me to go to the academy…

“Princess… His Majesty has nothing to do with this, so please control your bloodthirst. I will talk to (punch) them tonight, so please do whatever you want to do with my tail until then to calm down.”

Ohhh. You mean I can do whatever I want with that fluffy thing? The ears and tails of the Beastfolk are sensitive, so they don’t let other people touch them… Of course, Alicia rarely lets me touch her, too. I tend to forgive her for the most things when she lets me touch that thing.

“Fluffy fluff~♪ Velvety yet fluffy♪”

“Ugh!! Umm… Young Lady… you are too rou… au…”

I was totally satisfied after an hour-long fluff session!! The pervert knights? Who cares about them anymore, it’s not like their actions hurt me.

“I am content. Thank you, Alicia!”

“Ughh… as expected of you, Young Lady.”


While I was enjoying myself, there was a commotion outside. Why are they interrupting my fun time… I wanna burn something now~ The one who interfered with my moment of bliss cannot complain when they get burned, okay?

“(Brrr) Y… Young Lady, let’s calm down. A lot of bloodthirst is leaking out of you.”

“I’m calm. I am composed. That’s why I shall burn everything.”

“Hii! I will take a look outside, so please stay hidden in the carriage, Young Lady.”

Alicia got out of the carriage as if she was running away. It’s probably bandits anyway. I’m already aware of the strength of our knights, so I don’t think there will be a problem, but I have a bad feeling for some reason. Should I take a look outside too? All right! Let’s get out of the carriage. If freedom is rebellion, then I will not obey anyone’s orders. And that’s because there is no one here who can stop me (my mother). That means I can do as I please. Alright! Let’s go outside!!

“Why is there a Silver Wolf!! What a pain in the ass!! All of you watch out for the Blood Wolves under its command, there’s no way it’s alone.”

“Ou!! Everyone, form a circular formation around the carriages, and keep it away from the Princess’s carriage.”

Silver Wolf… it’s a monster that is often at the top of wolf-type monsters that act in packs. Wolves with silver fur are significantly larger than other wolf-type monsters. Moreover, their fangs and claws can tear even iron full plate armor, and their subjugation rank is at the top of the B rank.
Blood Wolves are D-rank monsters that paint their claws and mouths with the blood of their prey, and that’s how they got their name. They act in packs, usually led by higher-ranking monsters such as the Silver Wolf.

“Young Lady!? Please return to the carriage!”

“… Is that the one who disturbed my moment of bliss? You look soft to the touch, so I will overlook you, but the rest of the bloodstained ones are a hindrance… Flame Barrett.”

The flaming bullets that appeared around me flew towards the Blood Wolves. The sudden attack and the speed of the bullets that the Blood Wolves couldn’t respond to burned a few of them down mercilessly. The remaining Blood Wolves and the Silver Wolf clearly became wary of me. It’s too late now, I’m the one with the most firepower here. It’s not that I need guards with me, and there are plenty of stronger monsters in our country to encounter than a Silver Wolf.

“Grrr… gawr!!”

The Silver Wolf gave the order to the surrounding Blood Wolves, and the Blood Wolves charged towards me. Perhaps they were wary of the magic I just cast, but they were not charging straight at me, they were trying to surround me instead… But I think that’s a bad idea. I mean, I’m not the only one here.

“There’s no way we would let such crude fangs damage our Young Lady’s soft skin, alright? Dance with me.”

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