Chapter 16.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Something Scarier Than Bandits
With a shout, everyone except my personal guards charged at the bandits. I would love to object to the previous statement, but I doubt my voice will be heard in this chaos. I have 50 guards and there are nearly 100 bandits. Normally, we should be running away, but my guards charged at them instead and were seemingly beating the bandits back. Why can’t I confirm the proper numbers? Because Alicia was covering my eyes from behind and I couldn’t see anything. I don’t like to see people die, but I think it’s inevitable because they are bad people.

“You have no right to have our Princess in your sight!!! Know your place! Moreover, you want to sell our greatest treasure, the princess, to a brothel?? I won’t forgive you!!”

“Oyyy! Cry and beg for forgiveness! Cry and apologize for turning your fangs on the one you are not allowed to touch or even see!”

“These people are crazy, Big Bro! They are charging at us with such a difference in numbers. Impossible, they are quite strong too, we should retreat.”

“Wait! We should at least get that maid, she will sell high~ that white hair, ears, and tail of hers. She’s most likely a fox, and she’s quite the sight to behold. And if we get that brat too, it will be our victory.”

Wah! They are coming here. But the people near me are the kind of people who are wearing full plate armor, how reckless. Also, I can’t allow them to get Alicia.

“Everyone, do your best~~”

I wave my hand in the direction the guards were fighting with my eyes blocked.

“Guuuuuuh, everyone, all-out charge!! Don’t let those cockroaches approach our Princess~”

“”””I’m going to kill you!””””

It got scary so I hid in the carriage… It’s not because my own allies frighten me. Encountering bandits is a scary experience too, but Alicia told me it’s dangerous to stay out in the open and urged me into the carriage. This carriage is not the most comfortable, but it has a strong protection spell, so let’s stay obediently inside until the attack is over.

“Young Lady? If it’s an attack like this, there won’t be any deaths on our side, so please remain calm. Even so, I think we chose the wrong guards… I thought we prepared personnel who can protect you, but it seems we have gathered a group of members who are a bit obsessed with you instead.”

This certainly makes me feel awkward. I’m happy that they protect and adore me, but isn’t that a bit excessive? I glanced over and saw that the eyes of all of my guards were bloodshot and the bandits were pale… I guess that’s what happens when you get stared at by powerful knights. Sometimes I feel like crying too.

“They wanted to capture you, Alicia…”

“In other countries, we are called subhumans, and it is normal to get kidnapped if you walk alone. Even in this country, there are apparently many people who do not follow the prohibition only on the outside. That’s why I wear these gloves. This is a sign that I have an owner… that I am a property of a noble. These gloves can only be removed in regulated situations, and it is a felony to kidnap a slave that has gloves on.”


Alicia had been wearing gloves throughout this trip, but there was such a reason for that? It’s certainly easy to tell that she’s related to the Fleur family because their family crest is woven into the back of the gloves.

“Please be at ease, I’m not that weak to be captured by people like this. I can protect about five of you, while exterminating the bandits in the process, Young Lady.”

“That is incredible, I cannot do that.”

“You can deal with several times the number of bandits if you get serious, Princess. Wouldn’t you easily be able to apprehend all of them at once?”

I can capture them all with intermediate restraint magic, but I don’t think there’s anything I can do even if I captured them. I mean, escorting them alone would be impossible for me, and besides, they all look scary so I don’t want to approach them.

“Alicia, we have finished exterminating the enemy. We have no injured, those who surrendered will be thrown in the carriage as planned.”


“That reminds me, we haven’t told you about this yet, right? We have several empty carriages this time, so any bandits we catch will be restrained and thrown into them. We will hand them over to the Knights Order as soon as we arrive at the academy. Well, if there are too many of them, we will tie them up to the carriage and have them run behind.”

I feel sorry for the bandits. Their hands and legs were tied and they were piled up in the carriage like objects. I’m sure they now regret what they have done. I wonder if some of them have bounty on their heads.

“Rejoice, everyone! By the time we get to the town, you all will be splendid kindred spirits!! And once you see how great the princess is, you won’t be able to do anything bad like you did before. Do not worry you bastards, we will take c-a-r-e of you until we arrive.”

The knights were trying to brainwash the bandits with their knighthood, weren’t they? I’m afraid my allies are on a level that’s more than a little bit scary. I couldn’t help but cling to Alicia with such thoughts on my mind.

“Oh my, so you finally realized my feelings for you, Young Lady?”

“The surroundings are too scary.”

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