Chapter 16.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Something Scarier Than Bandits
“If it’s too hard for you, come home anytime… I’d rather you stay home forever…”

My father still doesn’t want me to leave.

“Give it up.”

Probably finding his behavior troublesome by now, Mother was physically silencing my father with an iron claw grip. When she does that right in front of me, I get scared and start shaking, too.

“Miss? I’m going to push you down if you hold me so strongly.”

As I thought, Alicia is a weirdo… no, I’m sure she means that she will lose balance and topple down with me.

“I’m off then. And don’t be reckless, Father.”

“Be sure to come back for long vacations, okay? I will send the royal guards to pick you up otherwise, okay!! And send me letters regularly, or I will be too lonely!!”


It was troublesome, so when I responded appropriately, Father’s eyes turned white and he fell down. Isn’t he mentally too weak? I’m tempted to write “tofu mentality” on his face in Japanese, but I haven’t told them about my reincarnation, so I will hold back.

“I think you will be all right with Alicia accompanying you, but come back at least once a year, okay? I will miss you too. Let’s talk a lot about various topics, such as the friends you have made there, when you return.”

“… Okay.”

“Miss definitely considers this too troublesome. My Queen, leave her in my care, I will certainly bring her back home.”

“I leave her in your care, so look after her over there, Alicia. This girl likes to get in trouble and trouble likes to follow her everywhere she goes, so you have to stop and help her.”

How rude! You are making it sound as if I was a troublemaker. I certainly encounter lots of trouble, but not everything is my fault… I think.

“Well then, Young Lady, the carriage is ready so let’s get on our way to the academy. We will be crossing the border on the way, so it will be about two weeks before we arrive.”

In this world, there are only two ways to get around: on foot or by carriage. There are some baskets that get attached to wyverns too, but those are only used by royalty, and I’m entering the school as the daughter of Count Fleur, so I can’t do anything conspicuous like that. In addition, the carriage is shaky and the road is usually bumpy, so just getting around is tiring. During the Stampede, we rode a wyvern, but it was just me and Mother.

“How troublesome… I like wyverns better.”

“Alright, let me prepare a wyvern for you!!”

“Please don’t. Her position will be immediately doubted. We can’t go by wyvern because His Highness, who is the rightful successor, is already enrolled in the academy.”

My brother is certainly already enrolled in the academy, and since he took a carriage to get there, it would be conspicuous if I was the only one using a wyvern, since the academy is not located in our country.
I’m sure my brother already told stories about me in the academy. The eldest son of the Count’s family takes a carriage and the eldest daughter arrives by a wyvern… yeah, let’s not.


“… I will use the carriage.”

“Don’t give me such a disgruntled look, Young Lady. Let’s be expressive a bit more. There are only a few people who can read your emotions with just their eyes.”

Indeed. There are not many people who can read my emotions just from my facial expressions. I don’t think I’m unfriendly, but my emotions don’t show on my face that much. I don’t really care, though.
Well, I’m off on a two-week trip.




“Gyahahaha, leave the women and money and I will spare your lives.”

“Yeah, yeah, my bro will kill you otherwise! Well, the women will be sold to the brothel when we get bored of them, though.”

It’s been a week since we started our journey. A week into the trip, security deteriorated quickly after we crossed the border.
In our country, defeating bandits is considered training for the knights, so there aren’t many of them, but the neutral country of Ostland, where Huell Academy is located, isn’t as safe as our country (although there are areas of our country that aren’t safe either), so it seems that many commoners never leave the town where they were born for a whole lifetime.
Of course, it’s dangerous even on the roads, so merchants have guards, and the basic way to travel is to pay to accompany those merchant or merchant groups.
I’m also being escorted by our country’s royal guards, but they are not dressed as knights to hide their identity. They are all real cavalrymen, though.

“You mustn’t look, Young Lady. That is a pest not worthy to be in your sight.”

As she said this, Alicia blocked my eyes from looking outside. Am I afraid? Not really, because the guards are obviously better trained than the bandits. Although they are wearing leather armor or light armor, their bodies are clearly macho and not skinny or fat like the bandits. It’s not scary at all.

“Oi!! You beauty over there!! Wait for me, I’m going to make you squeal!! Gyahahaha.”

“Ah, what do I do? I want to cover Young Lady’s ears as well, but I don’t have enough hands. Everyone! Any more than this will be bad for Young Lady’s education, so quickly apprehend these bandits!”

“Roger that. All units!! Answer my question!! What is our purpose?”

“”””To protect our Princess’ smile.””””

“Can you allow these people to exist in our Princess’ vicinity?”

““”””Can’t allow!”””””

“Good!! Exterminate them then!! Follow my lead~~~”


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