Chapter 18.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Your name is—
The fight began quickly. It probably regarded Alicia as dangerous. I mean, it was aiming only at Alicia. However, it couldn’t hit her, and that’s a given. After all, Alicia disappears each time it tries to attack her, so no matter how fast it is, it cannot avoid when Alicia uses that opening to counterattack from her invisible state. It won’t be able to land an attack on her like that.

“You are too slow. Avoiding an attack of that magnitude is no big deal for me. Young lady!! Are you looking? I’m way stronger.”

She leisurely avoided the wolf’s claws and fangs while looking back at me. Where did the Blood Wolves go? They were annihilated by Alicia and me. Somehow, I feel they were weaker than the goblins in our country.

“You will get hurt if you keep looking away.”

“This is much kinder than the knights’ training, you know? Whoops there, I anticipated it. But, you still have a way to go before you can win against me.”

The Silver Wolf who stopped its linear movements began to coordinate its claws and fangs attacks. But, it still couldn’t hit Alicia. Their speeds are the same, I think? It’s just that Alicia’s moves are so much more sophisticated. I wonder if the Silver Wolf counted on the fact that I wouldn’t be able to hit it.

“I can’t hit at all… how about I trust in Alicia’s evading skills and burn them together?”

“Please don’t. You will burn my tail.”

“I didn’t say anything!!”

I was about to burn the world’s most valuable asset. It was avoiding me too much so I lost my cool. I need to calm down a little… n? I wonder why burning it was all I was thinking about? I can use more than fire magic.

“Alicia, withdraw!! Waterball, Fireball!”

The fire and water spheres I created surrounded the Silver Wolf in two pairs. The Silver Wolf was not even alarmed. That’s because spells of this degree won’t even hurt it. However, I think that pride will lead to its death, though I won’t kill it. And then, the water and fire spheres did not clash into the Silver Wolf, but into each other.
A thunderous explosion resounded with the Silver Wolf at the center. I couldn’t tell what was happening because of the thunderous sound and a flash of light, but it seems that I have made a miscalculation with the power adjustments again. Because of that, I was currently flying through the air… oi! I’m going to fall!

“You know, you sometimes act without thinking, Young lady…”

Oh, goodbye my new life… as I was about to give up on my new journey of life, Alicia caught me in a princess carry before I hit the ground!! I was saved, but I hate being held like this!! Put~ me~ down~

“Oops! Don’t struggle now.”

“Thank you… but put me down~”


My thought process is childish? I’m a child! For some unknown reason, I hate being carried by anyone except my Mother, even with Father I can only endure for a little, but even Alicia cannot carry me like this!! Flap, flap.

“I will put you down so calm down please. Oopsy Daisy. Please use your magic with more thoughts behind it. I almost got burnt to a crisp. By the way, what’s up with this disastrous scene? What you have used was elementary level magic, right? Just how much magical power did you put in to make it so powerful?”

I’m glad that she put me down, but she said it as if I was heavy… I can’t complain since she saved me, though. But, this is certainly a disastrous scene. The knights were a little further away, and they had set up a barrier immediately, so they were uninjured, but the bandits collapsed from the shockwave and the place with the Silver Wolf in the center was still engulfed by smoke.


Oi! How much endurance do you have to be still alive and kicking!! Wouldn’t you be a boss character in a game?

“What an obstinate dog. It won’t give up since it still has such energy.”

“It’s too tough. I don’t know if I can hit it next time.”

It’s just an unconventional move, and I don’t know if it would work a second time, even against a monster. And the Silver Wolf was looking at me now. It’s not just going to avoid my attacks like before, it’s going to treat me as a threat. But now we know. This fellow can’t cope with an unpredictable attack, can it? Then let’s try that one.

“Rabbit Pit x3… Synthesis: Rabbit’s Feelings & Protect.”

The Rabbit Pit is an enhancement of jumping power. I even combined it three times, and synthesized Rabbit’s Feelings which is the limit-breaking version of the Rabbit Pit. I have no other way of landing yet, so Protect is going to have to do some heavy lifting… as for what am I planning?

“Eat this, Rider-like kick!”

After jumping about 100 meters, I used wind magic to gain momentum and plummeted down. It was a height that would kill you if the Protect failed, but I’m very confident in my Protect, so I should be fine. In addition, I had asked the spirits of Earth and Fire to grant my shoes their attributes, which was a bonus. You could say that the kick was getting more Rider-like. It’s a little girl who can’t transform doing it, though.

“Young lady~~~”


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