Chapter 18.2

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Your name is—
The Silver Wolf did not avoid me as I fell with a force that could shatter my spine. I don’t know what monsters think, but I’m sure the people the Silver Wolf has fought in the past never did anything like this. I don’t want to do this a second time either. Not only that, but I did it on the spur of the moment, and it’s scary… It’s probably a useless magic that I won’t be using in the future.

“My shoe broke~”

“That’s only natural after falling down from such height… what do we do, the princess of our country is a tomboy… that’s one side of you I didn’t know.”

“Sniff… ugh…”

My shoes… my favorite shoes… I got carried away too much. I was fighting, and it got so interesting I got carried away. That is why my shoe broke. Only the left one.

“Wha—! Please calm down Young lady, I have plenty of spare shoes ready for you.”

“I want these… they are my favorite… sniff…”

I feel my tears coming out. I should have waited for in the carriage and not fought on the spur of the moment, as a princess should.

“Young lady. Just what should I… ah, right! Young lady, weren’t you planning on making that puppers over there into your pet? It’s not moving anymore.”

That’s right, the reason I fought was to make the Silver Wolf my pet. The shoes… it’s no use, it’s more important to turn the Silver Wolf into my pet. The Silver Wolf wasn’t moving from where it fell, is its spine broken? Well, I can heal it later with healing magic, so no need to worry about that!! It might be a monster, but it’s still a dog, and I just showed it my ability so that it recognizes my greatness as its master.
I ran towards the Silver Wolf. It had gotten moved some distance away. I’m slow because I’m young, definitely not because I don’t get enough exercise. It’s just that when I run as fast as I can, I can only run as fast as an adult walks.

“Be my pet.”


The Silver Wolf that hadn’t given up yet growled at me as if to reject me, but it wasn’t as intimidating as at the beginning, and it didn’t have the strength to even move its paws.
I raised my wand in front of the Silver Wolf. I mean, I’ve been told that it has an intimidating aura around it, and to be honest, it’s kind of creepy when the dragon ornaments occasionally move around. It’s cool in appearance, but it’s a seriously gross wand to use… how did it turn out like this!!




“The wand roared!!”

What the hell was that? I wasn’t aware that my wand had this ability… is this a prank of Earth Spirit? Anyhow, it’s too scary. I have never heard it roar like this before.


“Please don’t throw your wand my way. I cannot bear it unlike His Majesty. Besides, that wand occasionally roars to vocalize while you are asleep, so it’s the usual.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I did not add a scary function like that. Waa~ah.”

I thrust the wand before the Silver Wolf while crying. I mean, the Silver Wolf seemed to be afraid of it. I was crying, so Alicia returned with me to the carriage. I’ve had enough… I don’t want to live together with something this frightening…

“Young lady… are you going to touch my tail? Or would you like a cookie instead?”

“Sniff… I want both…”

No more, that wand… it’s too scary… let’s make a different one later… although, I don’t have those materials I used to make that one… let’s calm down first. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to fluff while eating snacks, after all.
In the end, I calmed down the next day… ehh, I’m a kid anyway!! I recovered after sleeping through the night. I fell asleep while crying. Anyhow, after I dressed myself and left the carriage, I found the Silver Wolf tied up. It was wrapped in rope all around with the wand left on the ground as it was. It appears that the Silver Wolf couldn’t resist because of the wand and its injuries.

“I thought it would have died.”

“It has terrifyingly high vitality. To think it wouldn’t die from those injuries.”

First, I will have those ropes untied. I’m sure the knights were drawing their swords around me as I untied the ropes, though the Silver Wolf has no intention of resisting.

“I will say it again, but be my pet.”


The Silver Wolf didn’t reply, it just looked at me. Then the wand roared again. I was so scared I wanted to throw it away. Let’s cling to Alicia for now. After the wand roared, the Silver Wolf’s ears drooped, and it lowered its head… I’m sure this meant OK, then finalizing a contract is next.
Making a contract means to create a connection between captured monsters or wildlife and the people, and once this is done, it will be safe to take it even into the town. The way to do this is simple, you just have to subdue the monster or animal and make it eat your magical power.

“This… eat this.”

When I released the magical power into my hand, it came out all at once, so I had to start over. It’s not easy for me to control magical power after all.


The Silver Wolf ate the magical power that was floating on my palm. Then a crest appeared on its forehead, so I guess the contract was complete. All that’s left was to name it.

“Then, what do I do about your name…”

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