Chapter 13.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Royal Capital
“Yo, Princess! Long time no see. You are finally relieved from the house arrest?”

“I am not the princess. My name is Alice.”

I am also royalty so I have an incognito name, but my identity is obvious because of my eyes. Rather, how do you know that I was placed under house arrest!

“Ha, ha, ha. Princess is Princess, right~ I’m sorry but there’s nothing in stock today that would capture your interest, Princess.”

“I see, I will come back next time then.”

I bowed to the uncle and continued on my way. That Uncle runs a general store, so I occasionally shop there.
I’ve been approached by a lot of people like this.

“Princess~ please show us some magic next time.”

“It’s dangerous, so no. I will show you when you grow up.”

“Stingy~ Princess is also a kid.”

“It’s fine since I’m the one using it.”

The little ones were hovering around me, but basically, they just wanted to see some magic, but when I said no, they ended up leaving somewhere. Probably to the park.

“The park you have proposed seems to be a success, Princess. I heard that the accident rate among children has been lowered.”

It’s true that I suggested the establishment of the park. It’s quite dangerous for children in the city with horse-drawn carriages. I told them that if they built parks with playground equipment, children would go there which would result in fewer instances of collisions with horse-drawn carriages. I heard that several parks were built around the Capital.

“I would also like sidewalks to be made.”

“They would apparently have to rebuild the Capital in order to build those.”

“We are too poor for that.”

My father said that if the Empire didn’t invade, we could build things like that too. Therefore, it seems that we can only do small things, one at a time, plus the level of magic in our country is being left behind by other countries.

“Your way of thinking is advanced, Princess. We don’t have enough money to build all the things you suggested.”

“There’s nothing special to do today, so I’m going to rest at the café and then go home. Give me the grimoire, please.”

“I left it behind, though.”

“Wha… t. You left behind my enjoyment? Even though I told you to bring it with you so many times?

“… Why did you leave it behind?”

I reflexively glared with my eyes.


“Because that would make you troubled, I guess? Besides, something that expensive shouldn’t be carelessly carried around.”

“I’m going home and not leaving my room for a few days.”

Let’s go home and read the grimoire…

“Please don’t sulk.”

“It can’t be helped… I will endure for today with this Grimoire of Fire.”

I took out another grimoire from my bag. Why do I have it? Of course, it’s for when Alicia forgets. By the way, my mother bought it recently and there’s no sign of her having read it.

“Queen will get angry with you for this, you know? I will confiscate it.”


When I use magic, even Alicia won’t be able to take it away from me. Protect is a physical defense and fixation magic. I’m not a fixation specialist, so it’s not as strong as fixation-only magic, but it’s good enough.

“That’s cowardly. Moreover, don’t rely on magic so much… please hand me over the grimoire.”

“I will be reading this… you are at fault for forgetting to bring the grimoire, Alicia.”

“What’s the point since you anticipated that to happen and brought another grimoire with you? Please give me that grimoire.”

“I see, I see, so you can use it like that…”

She was getting irritating, so I ordered the usual fruit juice and I opened the grimoire.

“She’s already reading! She won’t react even if you tickle her now… forgive me, Lord Volken… I couldn’t stop Princess.”

The grimoire only contained new magic spells and their effectiveness, so it didn’t take long to read. Well, it’s up to the reader whether they can comprehend the magic in the book and use the spells.
When a few minutes had passed since I started reading, my surroundings suddenly became noisy. So noisy~ People can’t even read quietly now?

“It’s so noisy. I want to read the book quietly.”

“Something seemed to have happened. Please don’t move from here, Princess… hey, take a look outside.”

Alicia spoke to the person drinking tea behind us, who nodded and walked out. He was probably one of the guards, I hadn’t noticed him at all.
After a short wait, the man came back. He said something to Alicia, and she frowned… I don’t understand.

“Princess, we are returning.”

“All right, I’m going outside.”

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