Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Princess Neet
?? Point of View

“How was it? That country.”

I’m a God’s chosen who has all kinds of clothes, alcohol, women, etc. that the average person can’t afford even if they worked their whole life. This time, the “Eye Mark” was apparently born in that hillbilly country, so I played a little prank to investigate. We don’t need a country that protects those subhumans, anyway.

“To be frank, it was out of common sense. There was a gap to attack, but no gap to invade.”

This man is a man I raised myself… I forgot his name, but I use him because he’s somewhat competent for a piece of trash.

“But there was a little one, no? Did you kill off the Witch of the North properly?”

That Witch has to be killed off since she refused my marriage proposal.

“That’s… we succeeded in injuring her, but that was it.”

“That’s not possible, right? Even if you used livestock that the goblins are, she was shot directly, no? Why is she still alive? You did use poison, didn’t you? She should be dead then.”

“That princess can apparently use healing magic, so the Witch ended up only not being able to enter the battlefield, the bow was also recovered by them.”

Ah, this is why you don’t use trash. But I am a kindhearted fellow, so I will forgive this man after kicking him about ten times.

“You piece of trash! Just who do you think picked you up and raised you? Do you not have brains to think about how you could be useful to me?”

However, Alicetia, huh… I’m good with younger women, so depending on her face, I might make her my thirtieth wife.

“And so? What else have you done? Have you retrieved that? If you tell me it got broken, I will substitute you. Well, let’s leave that for later. How was my little wife? She’s the Witch’s daughter, so her face must look good, right?”

“With all due respect, she’s only five years old. Additionally, she’s a formidable magician of the Sorcerer level…”

(TN: Magician → Sorcerer → Mage → Great Mage)

Hohou, how exciting.

“I did not ask for your opinion. But why did you not bring her to me? I have been telling you to bring her along since a long time ago, right? It’s better for you to die if you can’t follow my orders. Is your faith in God perhaps a little lacking?”

“It seems that she’s very popular in the country, and it’s impossible to catch her on the streets because the whole town is protecting her. Even those who seem to be part of the country’s underworld are guarding her behind from the shadows, and over a hundred people of ours were caught so far.”

How boring~ I wonder why are there only incompetents who can’t even do what I say?

“However, that princess will become an adventurer in the future… that’s when we can catch her.”

Oh, they are still upholding that old tradition of theirs? I am very kind, so I will wait for a little longer. She will become mine anyway. Ahh, just how kind am I~

“Oh, you are incompetent, so I don’t need you anymore. Take him and make him into that material.”

Fortunately, he seems to be safe to get “mixed” up too.

“N… noo—! Just how many years have I served you! Stop shitting me! Stop it, let go of mee—!”

Ignoring the garbage that was raging while dragged away by my men, I thought to myself.

“Your crying face must be beautiful, I will steal everything from you and make you experience despair.”




Alicetia’s Point of View
“Achoo… I’m getting chills… is my Elder brother thinking about strange things again…”

My brother is in the academy and he shouldn’t be around, so even if he’s thinking of something disturbing, there won’t be any real harm. He officially enrolled three years ago, but I didn’t even know he had entered the dormitory this year until half a month later. I was a little surprised when I heard that when I thought he had been quiet lately. I wanted to at least see him off.

“Isn’t His Highness writing you love letters every single month? Isn’t he getting flustered because you are not replying to him? I think he’d be happy if you went to his bed stark naked.”

Yep, Alicia is in the perfect form today as well. That would make me a pervert and I don’t know what the wild beast that is my brother would do to me.

“It’s impossible with my Elder brother. We are siblings, after all.”

“It’s possible for siblings to get married. Ahh, a scene of the perplexed princess getting married to His Highness is playing in my mind.”

I suddenly had a thought. Could it be that this person is bad for my education? I can’t think of my Elder brother more than that, my Elder brother. So, I didn’t see that as a possibility before. He’s handsome, strong, smart, and a perfect brother, but only if it weren’t for his sister complex, he’d be super popular. He even complained about it in his letters.

“I can’t wait to get into the academy too, I’ve read most of the books in the castle and I heard that the academy has the best library in the world, doesn’t it?”


“That is certainly true, but you will seclude yourself there anyway, no? Isn’t that your goal instead of studying?”

That is certainly my goal. I want to read all the stuff like grimoires, and I’m sure there’s a lot of useful stuff to read in the academy.

“I’m already practicing the manipulation of magical power, and I’m not troubled with my studies, so anything’s okay as long as I can read. Besides, I think golems and stuff are cool, too.”

“… That’s only a small fry. It’s you we are talking about Princess, you’d better study stuff related to magic life-forms…”

Magic life-forms, huh. Familiars certainly seem to be capable partners of magicians, but I don’t know whether I’m interested. They are not used in this country so there are no books about them. But golems look amusing, so I think I could definitely create an interesting one.

“There are dungeons and stuff too, right? I’m also interested in monsters and materials that can’t be obtained in our country.”

“Dungeons are out of the question. They are dangerous, so His Majesty won’t allow your entry.”

“Father is stingy in this aspect. Even though I wouldn’t have any problems.”

I roughly understood my ability from the previous event. I can be considered peerless as long as the monsters don’t get too close to me.

“Haah… your thinking is too naive. You are certainly incredible at long-range battles, but dungeons are complicated, and you will experience surprise attacks from behind many times, so even His Majesty enters in a party. Because going solo is a suicidal act.”

“That’s why I’m going to make a golem.”

To keep the enemy away from me.

“That thing will break down instantly! Golems might be strong, but they are slow, and even fragile if created with poor materials. They are only used by magicians to stall for time.”

That certainly does sound weak. In other countries, it’s considered to be no better than weak monsters, and even the rock golem that my mother made will turn back into a clod in a few minutes against our knights.

“It doesn’t have to be made with soil. Its defenses will improve if made with iron.”

“It’s movements are going to get even slower, though…”

“Its movements are slow because it’s oversized. I just have to make it a little bigger than a human and there won’t be any problems.”

“Do as you please.”

Alicia isn’t very familiar with magic, so she’s not interested in the magic talk.
While talking with Alicia the door to my room suddenly got pulverized… well, it’s my Father, isn’t it?

“Alicetia~! Please come out of the room already! You’ve already been released from house arrest.”


“That’s bothersome… I’m going to live in my room.”

“Nguh… to think a house arrest will lead to this.”

As I recall, it’s been about a month since my house arrest was lifted. I still stay in my room as usual, though. I’ve gotten used to it, and time flies when you’re reading a book or something.

“It seems that the house arrest only made the princess lazy. Moreover, her desire for knowledge has become even stronger than before.”

Indeed, reading a book when I please is wonderful. I’m grateful for the time I can spend reading in my room.

“Volken also said it was a failure, I knew I should have punished you by sitting on my lap instead… I’m going to scold those fellows later.”

You are smiling strangely, Dad.

“Princess, let’s go outside already… everyone in the town is worried about you.”


“That’s right. It’s not good for your body to be barricaded in the room. If you go out, I will give you this Grimoire of Wind.”

What! That’s the grimoire my mother wouldn’t show me… hmm.

“Let’s go out to the town! I will go right away. So give me that!”

“… I think we raised her wrong…”

“Your Majesty…”

Motivation has filled my body… What kind of lazy life was I living? I won’t make such a mistake again. Let’s read the Grimoire of Wind at the café!

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