Chapter 11.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Day 5 of the house arrest.

What day is it today? Father and Mother don’t come to visit me, and Alicia isn’t there that often either. I’ve been sitting in my chair all the time. Why? There’s nothing to do, so I don’t know what to do, so I’m just sitting in my chair. I don’t even know what time it is.

“-cess… is… uncool.”

I think I heard something… dull… I want to just relax like this.


So noisy. I’m going to become part of this room~

“Mm… this is a bit too much as expected…”

Oh, how I love this leisure time~ I don’t want to do anything anymore. I will spend my time gracefully as I am.
People get used to things that they don’t like at first. And I… I don’t remember how many days have passed, but I’ve adapted to this environment beautifully. It’s easy when you get used to it, a life where you just stare dumbly into space is also fun in its own right… I feel like I could spend the rest of my life like this. I’m a princess, but I don’t have to work, isn’t that superb?


Day ?? of the house arrest.

So fun~ so comfortable and peaceful~

“Princess got broken… I think she’s fine like this, but I should probably report it, right?… Let’s leave her like this a little longer. Haah, haah.”


Draconia’s Point of View

“What do you mean that Alicetia has broken down…”

Just what is he saying? It has been only ten days, isn’t that way too early? Or rather, why? It wasn’t just me, the fellows around me were bewildered, too.

“As I thought…”

Volken who stood next to me muttered… this fellow is the Prime Minister.

“What do you mean? I’m letting out Alicetia right at this moment! As expected, I’m unable to lock up a child in a room for this long, she’s too pitiful.”

When I was about to make my way to Alicetia, Volken stood in front of me. You are in the way.

“Wait a moment please. Are you going to let Princess see this? If you don’t deal with this first, things are going to get troublesome with Princess’ character.”

Yes, I wasn’t able to move for the last few days because of the pile of engagement proposal on top of my desk. It’s not strange for a member of the royal family to receive engagement proposals, but I have no intention of using Alicetia for political gains, and Volken also thinks that it’s too early for her, so we are currently keeping it a secret. Alicetia is likely to notice right away with her good intuition. I wasn’t really persuaded by this fellow. I have no intention of handing my daughter to people who cannot even defeat me. But if she sees this, she’s probably going to ask me to marry her out… I don’t think she’ll be interested myself, but Volken says it’s best not to show it to her, just in case.

“I can’t leave her alone, though.”


“There are newcomers among the applicants… they might have malicious thoughts or be in cahoots with the Empire, we cannot let those guys see Princess… right, maybe she will return back to normal if we give her a few books to read. A book Princess never read before will surely catch her attention.”

What a good idea. Let’s give her the books back then.

“I will bring them to her then. I’m also going to lose my mind soon if I don’t see her.”

“Of course you cannot see her in person. You are going to continue writing replies to the applicants, Your Majesty. There’s still a lot of them left, so please let’s finish them early so we can focus on the rest of the political affairs. As I said before, we’ve got a mountain of work to do.”

“Nggh… I know that it’s important to reply to applicants and finish the political work, but at least you can let me see my own daughter for a little, no?”

“That is also a part of Princess’ punishment.”

He said firmly and added a pile of papers to my desk.

“Princess is not ready yet… she can be easily influenced by those no-good fellows. She’s interested in many things, but she doesn’t need to know about these kinds of things just yet.”

It is true that there are a lot of influences, and strangely enough, the people in the capital are good-natured and safe, but evil-minded people are waiting at every corner, but Alicetia may not understand that too well just yet. There have been a few reports of arrests, so I’m sure they’re slowly being hunted down, but it’s mostly the townspeople who are beating the crap out of them.

“But you know… I am worried about her and I miss her dearly, too.”

“There won’t be a problem. She’s your child, so if she breaks down because of something like this, that’s it. Besides, from the reports I have seen, Princess’ mind is only unfocused because of boredom, so there shouldn’t be any problems as long as we give her the right stimulation, though too much might lead to haughtiness. If we don’t curb her curiosity down a bit, the treasury will be emptied.”

“It’s not wasting money, okay? I’m not concerned about her spending her pocket money. I will earn the money back if a problem occurs.”

“That is the problem. What country’s king goes hunting a dragon for his daughter? Think what would happen if you weren’t around, Your Majesty. If she started talking about using money from the national treasury, the country would collapse.”

You can’t beat this guy with your mouth. I’m sure Alicetia wouldn’t do such a thing in the first place, but it’s tough because it’s possible. I’m aware that I’m a bit soft on Alicetia, but that’s only because I trust her. But it is also true that if she used the treasury’s money to gather the dragon materials, the treasury would be emptied… We cannot afford it. I felt that Alicetia would say that she was going to get it herself, so I went hunting the dragons instead… Huh? I’d rather deal with Alicetia’s independent spirit than worry about the treasury…

“She would go hunt it herself like me… Alicetia wouldn’t rely on the country.”

“Which country’s princess goes out to hunt down a dragon!? That’s a bigger problem than emptying out the treasury! Both of them are a big problem, so we have to keep her curiosity under control!”

It certainly is too strong… is my blood too strong? I’m seriously worried about her future.

“Let’s keep her stimulation moderate so she can learn self-control.”

“But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to see her! I’m her parent, not being able to see my child is torture.”

“If Your Majesty goes, you will release her from the house arrest! You will be working until her house arrest is over. Of course, I will be watching you, so don’t even think about leaving, okay? I will take this opportunity to have you change your habit of accumulating work.”

Nguuuuh, I really hate this guy——

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