Chapter 13.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Royal Capital
I had a general idea, so I ran outside without waiting for an answer. When I raise my physical ability with “Boost”, I won’t be caught easily. Well, I would get caught in an endurance battle, but I can escape in a short distance.
I found a lot of people crowding the street when I got outside. All I could see were people and a part of what seemed to be a carriage, so it was probably a carriage that had hit someone. I jumped over the crowd using the Rabbit Pit and went down to the scene.

“This is…”

It was definitely an accident. A kid’s hands and feet were torn off, they probably fell down and got run over by the carriage. The child fainted and the adults around them were stopping the bleeding, but they can’t be saved… but I think I can fix them, or rather I think I have to do something or else the child’s life will be gone.

“Princess~! Please return back!”

It seems that Alicia can’t come to me because she’s blocked by the crowd, so let’s finish this quickly.

“Formula decompression, synthesizing Heal, Purification, Healing Light… Healing of the Goddess.”

Formula decompression. This is a use of magic that I learned after I had to stop using chantless magic. It’s a technique where you only have to finish chanting the magic and temporarily store the magic on the verge of activation in your brain so that you can activate it with just the spell’s name when you need it. It is, so to speak, a super-compatible version of incantation shortening.
I synthesized all the magic that I could use because he was on the verge of dying, and since my healing magic wouldn’t be enough to save him in time. If I put these together, I should be able to create pretty high-level healing magic.
And the result was even better than I imagined. White feathers flew around the area and gathered around the child’s wounds. Because I naturally wanted to heal the child’s missing parts, their arms and legs were firmly reattached, and there was not even a scar left, moreover, it consumed only one catalyst… there was no problem aside from the 70% of my magical power that got expended. Some magic seems to have the ability to automatically heal injuries, so I naturally can’t control it. I dare say that this one would be most likely classified as full recovery magic within the game. Since it removes all wounds, it must consume an enormous amount of magical power depending on the extent of the injury. It did, in fact, consume 70% of my magical power, after all.


“It’s done. I will leave the scolding to your parents, so be careful when crossing the road the next time.”

“Eh?… Umm… yes.”

Apparently, the child was a girl. I didn’t notice it because she was covered in blood earlier. I’m glad I didn’t have to leave any scars or anything on the girl.
The girl seemed to be stunned or she didn’t understand what happened to her, maybe she didn’t even know she was in an accident? This is exactly why we need sidewalks. After a while, the girl’s mother came and when she saw her daughter, she started crying. Well, there was blood all over the place, and the girl herself was covered in blood too, and her clothes were all torn up as well.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t think Princess would be here to help… sniff… thank you so, so much… she’s my precious only daughter.”

The mother was in tears. It’s true that when your precious daughter is injured like that, you would cry rather than be angry. As for me, I only did what I did because I could, but I want you to teach your daughter a lesson so that this kind of thing won’t happen in the future. I think that kids grow when scolded… I never learn my lesson, though.

“Thank you, Big sister?”

“There won’t be next time, okay? Make sure to be careful when going outside. You would have died if I wasn’t around and your mother would be even sadder.”

She was probably a little younger than I was, and she still didn’t seem to understand what had happened to her.

“Well then, I’m going back to the café to drink some juice, so I’ll see you around…”

I waved to the mom-daughter pair and went back to the café. Even though I was used to seeing injuries, it was still horrifying… I don’t think I can eat meat for the time being… I mean, I feel a little sick. I’ll drink some juice to soothe me, I’m sure it will help me to heal. As for the grimoire… I don’t feel like reading it today, I’d like a mosaic when it comes to injuries like that, I would like to say that I did well not throwing up. I have also done my best… so.

“Let go of.”


“No way? I’m taking you back to the castle. You feel unwell, right? That was too shocking even for you, Princess.”

“Life takes priority.”

I feel like vomiting when you hold me up like this, so put me down at the very least.

“I would like to say that as well, but… your magic stands out too much, Princess… oh, excuse me, you truly feel sick, don’t you? Let’s rest for a bit, would an inn do?”

I have no energy to retort. Or rather, your attitude doesn’t change much even when I’m like this? She already snatched my Grimoire of Fire.

“Ugh~ so tired… I feel like throwing up…”

“Are you okay? I will call a doctor when we get back to the castle and have him prescribe lots of bitter medicine for you.”

“I will never drink it.”

I have a sweet tooth, my body will reject that stuff.

“Please rest in the room for a little bit. That magic must have caused a lot of burden on your body, so I will have you rest obediently for at least a week. I will read you aloud so don’t leave the bed… I will be confiscating this Grimoire of Water too, why are you carrying so many grimoires on you? Moreover, this is the Queen’s.”

“I brought it because she wouldn’t show it to me.”

“… Haah… moreover, what was that magic? Couldn’t you do things more moderately?”

“Impossible because of my lack of knowledge… I can… increase the effect of magic by combining spells, but creating new spells altogether is difficult…”

I’m tired so I placed my cheek on the table. Normally, I would be scolded a lot, but she will surely let it slide this time…

“I won’t let it slide, you know? I want you to behave elegantly even if you are tired.”

It was no good~
I’m glad that spell didn’t include a hidden trap like the Flash of Healing did~ I wasn’t able to improve on that… as I thought, we are lacking teaching materials for creating new magic spells in our country, so my mother is also poor at creating magic spells. Having said that, the only magicians comparable to my mother in this country are the Elves, but they don’t teach outsiders, so that direction doesn’t sound possible-ish. I really want to go to school quickly.
Rather, accidents seem to happen wherever I go… am I cursed? Let’s consult with Father when I return. I caused trouble again after finally going out after so long… well, I did save a life, so you could say I did a good deed, but…


“Oh my, she fell asleep.”

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