Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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When I opened my eyes, there was an unfamiliar woman and man before me.

“Au, auu.”

It appears that I am unable to speak. It cannot be helped as I am a baby.

“Could something be wrong with her since she’s not crying?”

The woman in front of me seemed to be worried about something, but I am not the age I seem to be, so I won’t cry. Rather, not being able to hold my head up is a seriously unpleasant feeling. It’s no wonder why children cry.

“… Hm, let me take a look.”

The man held his hand above my head, and light came out of his palm. It was a warm light, but I got startled by the light that appeared suddenly out of nowhere.


Something’s scary, scary, scary, I don’t like it!!


I heard something pop and I opened my eyes. Then I saw the woman and the man staring with surprised faces. Then there were six spheres floating around me. These spheres were divided into red, blue, yellow, green, white, and black, and seemed to have thin feathers growing out of them.

—Are you okay?—


What is going on? However, I feel that these children aren’t probably bad children. They seem really warm for some reason.

“Foltse…what is it?”

The woman pointed a wand(?) towards the spheres and chanted something. I felt something scary similar to what I felt with the man earlier, and closed my eyes.


“! Just what is this?”

“Cease your actions, these spheres seem to be spirits. Acting any further would be disrespectful.”

Spirits? What are they? But these children feel quite warm. They are bouncily floating around me, and they have been talking to me since earlier.

—We are here, everything is going to be al~right.—

“Why would these revered beings manifest before us?”

“They most likely manifested in order to bless the princess. Princess probably sensed the outbreak of magic which must have scared her, so I think they came to her aid?”

That’s right, I was surprised because this was my first time. I don’t know anything about magic, so I’m scared of it. But these children seem to be helping me… N? Princess? Wondering who they were talking about, I looked around, but did not find anyone relevant. I would understand if the woman before was the Queen, since she doesn’t feel like a princess. They seem to be talking about me by the looks of it? When I touched myself, I realized that I was indeed a girl. Then let’s settle that it is me. I feel uncomfortable about having no sense of identity, after all.

“This child was just born. She shouldn’t be capable of perceiving magic…”

Magic must have been the uncomfortable feeling I had then. I tried tilting my head, but the baby that I am wasn’t able to hold my head up just yet, so I couldn’t move quite well. Anyhow, let’s look at the woman and the man first. The woman was a beautiful woman with silver hair and blue eyes, her bust is… pretty big, indeed. The man’s hair was brown with grey strands mixed in and similarly brown-colored eyes. It’s hard to tell through clothes, but I can see that he’s probably quite muscular from the skin that is exposed.

“!!, My Queen, the princess’ eye is…”

“That is…”

N? Is there something in my eye? Is there a mirror around? I cannot see myself. There is no abnormality in my field of vision, though.

“… Spirit blessing… The ‘Eye Mark’, why is it in my child…”

“I have to check for abnormalities in the princess’ body right away… Princess, I won’t hurt you, so please let me check whether you are in good health.”


Was the magic(?) from earlier something like a physical examination? It might be fine then. Mx Spirit? I’m sorry, it seems that I misunderstood.

—Alrighty~ We are going to rest then~—

Thus, all spirits (temporary) became paler, with the exception of Mx White Spirit. They are faint now and difficult to see, but I can tell they are still here. They seem to be resting, though. I feel that something which was connecting our thoughts(?) has become weaker.

“Mm, there don’t seem to be any abnormalities. And she seems to be a very clever child.”


“Yes. I dare say that she understands the current situation to some extent. The spirits also disappeared, leaving only one behind. The princess most likely understood that she’s in no danger.”

That’s right, I can tell. I am no simple baby! I just don’t have any knowledge regarding magic, so it took me by surprise.

“I will go inform His Majesty about the safe birth and about the Eye Mark then.”

Saying that, the man left the room… wait a moment! His Majesty? That’s usually what a king of a nation is called, right? Why report… this Eye Mark must really be a rare occurrence. That must be it. I cannot see the mark myself, though.
However, isn’t this room a bit too large? It’s about twenty tatami large. I’m a commoner, so I’m wondering if I can get a six tatami large room that I am accustomed to?

“Alice, it’s so nice to meet you, I am your mommy.”

The slightly astonished Mother(?) seemed to have rebooted her system. She squished my hands and tickled me on my cheeks, but I am a baby so I was not capable of resisting… gununu.
However, a mother’s warmth is very comfortable. That is universal knowledge all around the world.

So I am a princess in this life, huh. This is my personal opinion, but I believe I was a commoner before. I don’t feel like I can exist in a luxurious room like this. Which reminds me, the man was calling me princess… it must mean that my parents are of a considerable status… can I have a change? I don’t dislike this new Mother of mine. Rather, her embrace makes me feel very calm and happy, but I was most likely a commoner before. I don’t think I can handle a noble’s lifestyle.

Knock, knock.

“Sylvia, may I come in?”

“Come in.”

N? The moment I realized that someone came, the door suddenly got smashed to pieces and the visitor rushed over.

“This is the tenth time already. Please stop destroying my door all the time.”

“No problem, I will replace them later.”

He appears to be a repeat offender. What a rough and dandy person. Please enter normally. He seems to be quite older than Mother? That overly muscular body of his is a minus in my book. I have no interest in muscles!!


When I tried greeting him first, he approached me even faster, but Mother avoided him by turning to the other side. The mysterious dandy was visibly disheartened.
Is this perhaps my father?
At any rate, they seemed to be talking about something, but I was not particularly interested in that, since I’ve already heard about the spirits and all that.
And all of sudden, my Father (probably) released something!! That startled me. I almost made an emergency call to the resting spirits.

“They really are all around Alicetia.”

“Perhaps everyone else except the Spirit of Light doesn’t want to be seen.”

Indeed. The children were saying how bored and sleepy they are. I don’t know the details, but it seems he was trying to perceive the spirits just now. Please don’t startle me like that.

“I won’t let anyone steal my Alicetia nor will I let her become a tool, we will protect her.”

It appears that a flag of imminent danger had been set for me. To get into a dangerous situation just a few hours after birth… can I cool-off this flag somehow, I wonder?
Moreover, it seems that something had happened five hundred years ago. According to the flow of the conversation, it seems to have something to do with the mark in my eye? Rather, the spirits are now flying about and playing around my mother and father, aren’t they disturbing? It’s surreal how serious their conversation was while something like this was happening around them.
The spirits (temporary) seem unable to calm down as they lie down to sleep and wake up a few minutes later to play.

“However, Alicetia’s expression doesn’t change at all.”

Rude! I might look like a baby, but my contents are unknown… yep, it’s nothing. Rather, my mental age is certainly at the stage where I wouldn’t break out into tears. I guess my expression was like this originally. I’m still having fun, though. It’s my new life, after all.

“Alright, Alicetia. I’m your Papa, ya know? I’m a King ya know, rest assured, I won’t let any danger approacguaaah.”

He got smashed into his stomach by Mother in the middle of talking. And I had a bad feeling about this.
According to the flow of the events, I seem to be a princess. I’m not too happy about it. For example, if I was reborn as a forest-dwelling Elf, I could spend my life in peace. But well, it can’t be helped. I made a promise to that person(?) anyway, so let’s live this life to the best of my ability.

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