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The Birth of a Princess and Spirits
On the Green Day of the 3rd week of the 5th Month in year 598 of the Emil Era calendar, the world was in disturbance once again.

“My King, the child was born safely. It’s a girl.”

Royal physician Foltse informed me.
My name is Draconia von Arland. The King of Arland Kingdom. And today is a memorable day, a day that my beloved wife Sylvia gave birth to our second child.

“How are the child and Sylvia?”

Not being able to contain my excitement, I drew closer to Foltse. This is not the kind of behavior a dignified King should be allowed to do, but he and I have known each other for more than 20 years, so there’s no problem.

“Both the mother and child are in good health.”

Foltse replied to me with a wry smile. I think he understands my lack of patience from our long relationship. Of course, I have no intention of changing my ways.

“I see. Inform the nation of the feast then. We are going to be celebrating starting today.”

As I said this, I turned on my heels to visit my wife. For some reason though, Foltse grabbed me by the shoulders and looked at me with a serious face. I can’t wait to see my daughter. I would love him to remove his hand.

“What is it? Today is the day of celebration.”

“There’s something I have to tell you.”

He’s always polite, so it was rare to see him with such a serious expression on his face, and I started to wonder if something went wrong.

“What is it?”

When I switched my character back to a kingly one, Foltse, who seemed to have difficulty speaking, started talking after a while.

“The princess has been blessed by a spirit.”

“Wha! She received that blessing, you say!! Where did that unlucky mark get engraved?”

Those who are loved by spirits receive their blessings, simultaneously obtaining the power to interfere with the principles of the world, which is proven by a mark that appears somewhere on the body. And when the mark appears on places that would make it stand out like the face or a hand, the power seems to be especially strong. As for why I used ‘seems’, that’s because such a strong blessing has not appeared in the last 300 years, and those who got blessed are being taken away and controlled by the Church, so the country doesn’t get much information regarding the blessings. And since our country is at odds with the Church, it would be useless to inquire.

“It’s in her eye. Moreover, the spirit is manifesting around the princess.”

Unbelievable. It’s said that the Hero from 500 years ago had a mark engraved in his eye.
The “Eye Mark” is said to be given by the Gods, and is a sign of one who rules and leads those who have been blessed by spirits. Things will get really troublesome if the Church finds out.
The most important thing that cannot be ignored is the manifestation of the spirit. Only those who have been blessed by the spirit are able to see its form and borrow its powers. However, if the spirit is manifesting in order to celebrate the birth, it means that my daughter is considerably loved by the spirit.

“I see! Then let’s inform our people about this too!! We did not do anything wrong. We are simply accompanied by a spirit.”

Foltse panicked after hearing my words.

“With all due respect, sir, that would be dangerous for the princess.”

“But now that the spirit has manifested, we can’t hide it anymore. In that case, I will tell the people everything and protect Alicetia myself. Even if ten thousand enemies come, I and this country will not fall.”

When I told him that I won’t let my daughter be used as a tool, Foltse nodded firmly in agreement.


That’s how Foltse yielded to me. I’m sure this man, who can understand me without having to say much, understands my true intentions and resolve.

“Convey the matter of the festival.”

“As you wish.”

Saying that, Foltse left.
I am a fortunate man. I have a loving wife, a troublesome but responsible son, and a daughter who is loved by a spirit. I swear I’ll absolutely protect my family and my country.

“Sylvia, may I come in?”

After knocking on the door to Sylvia’s room, I received “Come in” from the other side, so I immediately opened the door and rushed over to my wife and daughter.

“This is the tenth time already. Please stop destroying my door all the time.”

“No problem, I will replace them later.”

After destroying them for the tenth time, I am now capable of fixing the door myself. I will put more attention to the craftsmanship the next time. Next time… I will carve a dragon that jumps out like this… ah, now is not the time for this.


I found an angel. My cute daughter with silver hair that she inherited from my wife and green eyes.


I tried to hug her right away, but Sylvia turned away with Alicetia in her arms. At this rate, I won’t be able to hold her. Why is she avoiding me.

“Calm down, please. Are you trying to crush Alicetia? Please bear with just patting her head until you calm down.”

I got scolded. It is true that I sometimes forget to control my strength. But from now on, I will have to be more careful than ever.
My daughter might start avoiding me in the future like I avoid Albert. I don’t want to become a man who is looked at like someone who came from the depths of hell.

“That reminds me, I was told that a spirit had manifested, but where is it?”

“It’s right above your head yet you didn’t notice…”

I avoided my wife’s reproachful eyes and looked up to see the spirit.
A fluffy round body covered by thin feathers. The spirit was lighting up the room with a gentle light. You certainly would notice that…

“So it’s a Spirit of Light, huh. Alicetia received a blessing of the Spirit of Light then.”

The spirits of Light and Darkness are high ranking, and only a few people can reproduce a small fraction of their power with magic. That very spirit was currently shining upon my daughter.

“No. There were six of them just a moment ago.”

My body stopped after my wife smiled at me wryly. What did she say just now?

“Therefore, she is loved by all spirits.”


Not good, not good. I forgot to breathe. However, it might be because of the influence of the Eye Mark that she is loved by all spirits. While thinking so, I released my magical power all around this room.
People who are not blessed by spirits cannot see nor perceive them. But Magicians can faintly feel them via the magical power they release.

“They really are all around Alicetia.”

“Perhaps everyone else except the Spirit of Light doesn’t want to be seen.”

I stopped releasing the magical power and gently hugged my wife and daughter.

“I won’t let anyone steal my Alicetia nor will I let her become a tool, we will protect her.”

So that the tragedy from 500 years ago won’t repeat…

After hugging them for a while, I decided to spend my time happily patting my daughter’s head. I wanted to talk to my daughter more (even if she didn’t understand me), I just wanted to spend more time together.

“However, Alicetia’s expression doesn’t change at all.”

I had sudden doubts. The child reacts to us, but she doesn’t whimper, cry or laugh, she stays expressionless.

“She didn’t cry even after birth, but Foltse examined her thoroughly. He said that there were no problems. Her voice comes out normally, too.”


Certainly, the voice comes out normally. Her expressionlessness is cute, so I will permit it. Because I’m a tolerant king!!
Rather, does she understand our words…? No way. Surely that’s not possible.

“We are your parents, ya know?”

When I told her while patting her head, she squinted her eyes a little. She’s way too cute. It looks like there will be a need for an insecticide. I should consult with SATS* later.

*Special Assassination and Tactical Squad

“That’s way too early, okay?”

This cuteness will definitely attract insects so a repellent is a must, my body started to tremble just from thinking about it. I will definitely not allow it. Unless they exceed me, I won’t let them get close to my daughter…

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