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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hi, I had dropped this novel about four years ago because it was too difficult for me to translate, but here we go again with a second try! Today’s releases include all currently available chapters (8 chapters total), which I completely re-translated! Future chapters might get split into parts, and I don’t have a release schedule as of yet. Have fun!

Where am I?
I was in a completely white space. There was nothing here, and when I looked at myself, I felt like I was drifting about without a body.

—You finally came around.—

I heard someone’s voice. I turned towards it, but couldn’t see anyone. There was nothing but the white space stretching before me.
Was it perhaps just my imagination?


I tried asking back.

—I am no one, rather than that, do you know who you are? Can you remember anything?—

I shook my head from side to side, but I realized that I didn’t have a head. I was round, just like a soul, I think.

“I don’t know anything. I? Am I a boy or a girl? Who am I?”

—Mm, so it was a success. Well, to put it simply, you have died.—

Eh? I died? Why? Or rather, I don’t remember anything.

—I wanted to talk with you, you see. Ah, your memories have already been erased, so don’t bother remembering.—

“Why did you erase my memories? Who are you?”

I don’t understand. I don’t know who I was, I don’t remember my name, my gender, my family, or any of the people who might have been around me. That means there’s nothing that would make me myself.

—You have thrown out your fate out of order. Originally, you were supposed to die far in the future, you were supposed to die peacefully, whilst cared for by your family. But you have died at the age of eighteen.—

I died at the age of eighteen.

“Did I do something bad?”

—It wasn’t anything bad, you have saved a little girl who was about to be run over by a car and got hit instead. That girl was supposed to die there. Well, you can rest assured, that girl was given the future you were supposed to walk in your place. She will grow up, get married, have children, and pass away while being cared for by her children and grandchildren.—

Oh, is that so? I didn’t do anything wrong and I saved someone.

“That’s good.”

—Well, you might feel that way, but things have gotten pretty busy for me. But I thought it would be a shame to see you disappear after changing your fate like that.—

This… person? I wonder what they are. I cannot see, yet I understand that there’s nothing in the surroundings except white, so I don’t have the slightest idea of where this person(?) is talking to me from. In the first place, this situation itself is abnormal, so I don’t know what to do.

“Just who are you?”

That’s why asked earnestly again.

—I told you before. I am no one. We… no, it’s just me now, but there are no words to define my existence. I used to have many companions in the past, but we were very ambiguous beings. When defined by humans, they called us many names such as gods and devils.—

“You are a devil then?”

—That’s a fantasy that you have pushed onto us. This ‘world’ has no gods or devils. We were involved in this world’s creation and maintenance, so I know that very well. In this world, there are no other beings than humans, it doesn’t even have a speck of magic. Originally, it has no afterlife either, but I occasionally intervene like this.—

I see. But isn’t he a person of high caliber then? Someone like me who isn’t involved in creating worlds wouldn’t understand, though.

“What will happen to me now?”

Let’s leave things I don’t understand aside for now, and ask about the main problem at hand. The discussion won’t advance otherwise.


—Oh, right. I called you here for that reason. Well, I will have you reincarnate. It won’t be possible in this world as there are no systems for reincarnation set in place, so I don’t know what kind of malfunctions you would be reborn with, and that’s why I will have you reincarnate in another world.—

“Is that okay? Even though I broke the rules myself.”

It seems that I’m here because I messed up my own destiny and even though I have no regrets because I don’t remember anything, I don’t know if it was okay for me to interfere with the principle of the world. Shouldn’t it be normal to be extinguished here? I have no memories anyway, so I have no regrets.

—I don’t mind. The world where you will go no longer has our divine protection.—

Divine protection? This person(?) said something I don’t understand. He said that he is a being defined as “God”, right? If such existence doesn’t provide divine protection, wouldn’t that world die?

—Well, I can read your thoughts, so I will object, the world won’t die. Well, there’s a possibility that the world will collapse by itself, but I did a lot to prevent that from happening. I won’t do anymore than that, though—

“Did something happen?”

Slightly lonely emotions transmitted to me.

—Nay, the residents over there have simply become independent. My existence is not needed for them anymore. That’s why there’s nothing more for me to do for that world.
Taking that in mind, you are the last one I will help. Well, it’s a world that will continue to move on even without me.
We create, manage, and encourage growth. Once independent, we then create another world. And thus, the universe goes on. That world doesn’t need me to live anymore and will continue existing on its own.—

“Why do you look so lonely then?”

The feelings of loneliness transmitting to me are making me feel lonely, too…

—It’s because I like this world very much. It’s precisely because I like it that I have a request to ask of you. I want you to change the world I made.—

Change the world. Even though he made it himself?

“Wouldn’t it be faster and more reliable to do it yourself?”

I most likely don’t have any power to change it. If I had, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be dead.

—I cannot interfere with the world directly. If I tried to do something, I would get trapped by the world and become the world’s principle.—

Hmm. I don’t quite get it, but this person(?) can apparently create worlds but not interfere with them. But he seemed to do a lot for me in the world I live in…

—You see, I love people, but I still have the duty to create worlds. I have intervened with your world, but managed to do so only barely. That’s why I won’t interfere anymore.—

Well, if I am going to live again, I might as well hear his request. There’s no reason for me to refuse, and it’s not a bad deal if I can live again. If it’s something I can do, that is.

“Okay, but I probably won’t be able to do much if it’s too difficult.”

I am powerless. So when I told that person(?) that I will do what I can, he laughed.

—Thank you. It’s nothing that difficult. It’s okay for you to simply live in that world. Although I had to erase your memories, the knowledge you had still remains. And the world you are going to is still young. Well, the world itself is much older than Earth, though. Your knowledge will have according impact there. I would like you to rescue the race I created if possible, but I don’t wish for much, I won’t get angry even if you eliminate everyone but yourself. Lead your life as you wish. That alone will be good for the world.—


—Well, it’s the so-called world of swords and magic. I have created many races, but for some reason, the humans… well, over there, they are called the common people. These common people despise other races and are trying to eliminate them from the world. You will be born there as a human. Your soul is that of a human, so I cannot let you be born as another race, as the knowledge you have obtained would disappear if I force you into another race.—

It sounds like an interesting world, but the public order and stuff like that aren’t most likely very good. Rather, it does seem that I can be born as a member of a different race. However, that would erase my knowledge as well, rendering me a completely different person!

“I won’t look down on them. I would rather befriend them!!”

—It’s unbearable to ask someone who just lost their life saving another, but please do your best. Though the birth will be random, my divine protection will surely be of help.—

After that person(?) said this, his presence disappeared. And my consciousness was cut off.

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