Chapter 2

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Invading Pervert and Spirit Magic
My parents were discussing some things. My father would occasionally say something stupid which would bless him with a blow to the stomach, but he’s a king, right? I might be wrong, but I think he’s lacking quite a lot in the dignity department.

“However, she will need SATS* protection at the very least. The fellows from the Church are definitely going to try snatch her away from us.”

*Special Assassination and Tactical Squad

“That cannot be helped, but… even so, it’s still way too early to eliminate all men who approach her!!”

They seem to be worried about the future, I guess? It must be a sad thing for the father when the daughter gets a boyfriend, but I am most likely just a day old right now. Isn’t it too early to think about this?

“It’s also to keep Gil’s stupidity at bay…”

It seems that my father got suddenly exhausted even though he was full of vigor just a moment ago.

“I wonder why that child turned out like that…”

Just as the two people sighed, someone suddenly came in!!

“Mother, Father! How long are you going to make me wait? I couldn’t sit or stand still, so let myself in.”

Ohh, found a young Adonis! How exciting. But, I wonder why? Looking at this child makes me want to punch him in the face for some reason.

“Gil, you have forgotten to knock.”

He certainly did forget to knock, but the door is broken to splinters, you know? Mother of mine, the culprit is the macho man whistling next to you. He doesn’t seem to be showing any remorse, so let’s hit him one more time!

“I’m sorry Mother, but there was no door, so… ohh! So this child is my little sister, huh!! She’s too angelic. How about becoming my bride in the fugeh…”

Ahh, my new mother, I, your daughter Alicetia, has been proposed to on the first day of my life.
While talking, he received a blow from our father whose face turned into that of a jealous female demon, fainted, and got dragged away. It appears that I have a danger perception or that I am able to distinguish dangerous people at glance. Please bury that boy while you are at it! He’s definitely a pervert! He’s a lolicon you know, an enemy of all women you know, he absolutely needs to be buried. The victims of his uselessly good-looking face will only increase.

“I’m sorry me dear Alice, that boy… he’s your older brother, Gilbert. Don’t make such a disgusted face, okay? You really do understand, huh…”

I’m sorry, it seems that my thoughts appeared on my face. Yes, I dislike that brother. Rather, someone who proposed to a day old baby is a “No, thank you” from me.
What’s more, you were hesitating to introduce my own brother to me, Mother. That boy must definitely be a great troublemaker! Let’s exchange him for a different one by all means. He should be sent to a brainwashing detention camp in order to correct his character. In order to prevent the danger of my chastity early.

“I wonder why did that boy turn out like that~ It’s so regrettable that everything else about him is perfect…”

Everything else about him is perfect… so it would be difficult to exchange him. It’s a mystery why he proposed to me on our first meeting, but let’s not approach him when I grow up.

“Sigh, it finally got quiet.”

Thank you for your hard work, Father. You seem worn-out. Did a fierce fight unfold or something? Please don’t show off your upper body wrapped in uselessly bulging and puffy muscles in front of women… Mother didn’t really seem to mind.

“Good work.”

Moreover, Mother was forcing a smile.

“It’s about time. We will go to the balcony once you change, so please make sure that Alicetia doesn’t get cold.”

N? Speaking of balconies, is this the debut? Is it something Lion King-ish, I wonder? That is definitely going to be scary, I will leak myself. The balcony is on the second floor… it’s going to be scary, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s high. It’s super high. My prided expressionlessness is going to crumble.
However, this country must be a heaven. They have the fluffy Beastfolk. I knew this beforehand, but this really isn’t just a world of humans, huh. It appears that this country has no prejudice against other races.
I mean, the Beastfolk seem to be having fun. I was told that this world was troubled by discrimination, though.

“Everyone!! This is my daughter, Alicetia.”


That surprised me, but I saw more than that. There apparently are fireworks in this world. I only have knowledge of them, so this is my first time(?) seeing them, and they are pretty. What bothers me is that they are not shot from devices but from people’s hands. Is that magic? I looked at my father questioningly.

“Ha, ha, ha, I can do it too, ya know… there, and there~”

Ohh, a rapid-fire. Amazing, I want to do it like that, too~ I admire you~

“Your sparkling eyes are so cute. Look, I can also change the shape.”

Incredible. As expected of my father. My favorable impression of him was going through the roof. Me too, bang! Of course nothing came out of my hands when I tried. Nuu… coward, I want to do it too! I wanna do it too~

“It’s still way too early for you, Alicetia.”

I feel offended, so bang! When I shook my hand, it turned on fire!


“Oi! I will extinguish it at once, so calm down.”

The fire didn’t go out when I shook my hand. Rather, it wasn’t hot at all. So this is magic? I was scared of it at first, but this is not “scary” at all.
And before I noticed, the white spirit that was beside me turned transparent, and a red child materialized instead. And if my deduction is correct, then this child should have turned the fire on. While I seem able to control it, I cannot do the stuff my father does, the chanting, for example.

“It won’t go out! Is this a spirit’s doing…? It doesn’t seem to be hot.”

Father tried dousing my hand with water, but the flame dancing around my hand wouldn’t go out.
And I suddenly knew how to use this power. My head was hurting because it felt like that information was suddenly rammed into my head.

—Information link complete. Yo, how are you? It was so hard to find you. I did not know where or whom you were supposed to be born to, you see.—

A person(?)-like being appeared before me. Right before my eyes… in other words, they were floating in the air, so I understood at a glance that this person wasn’t a human.

—You are a rude girl… you can, more or less, do it as well. Your magical power is just too low now so you would immediately fall to the ground, though. By the way, how is this world? Oh, no need to talk aloud as I can read your mind.—

(Even if you ask me, it has been only a day, a few days at most since I have been born.)

—Huh? Haven’t you been around for about five years by now?—

It appears that this person’s(?) sense of time is warped. If there was a five-year-old that looked like a baby, they would be surely suffering from some kind of illness. However, since my parents are around me, they would find me sighing unnatural, so I will hold back.

—N~ I don’t think you need to mind that too much. Have you noticed that no one except us is moving? We are the only ones currently moving in this world. Would you understand if I told you that I stopped the time?—

Yes? Stopped the time? I confirmed by checking the surroundings, but no one was moving. Father was also frozen in time with me in his arms. I really want to scribble on his face, so let’s move my eyes away.

—I’m glad you understand. It would be troublesome if you started panicking now. Now then, let’s move to the main subject, which is regarding the issue of my request.—

(By request, you mean about the other race?)

—Right. I would be very happy if you concerned yourself with it, but I don’t have any plans of coercing you. But it seems that I have miscalculated. That’s why I have came to meet you.—

(Miscalculation you say, but you are-) —Stop.—

—I will really become a God if you call me like that, so please stop… well, I do have a name but humans wouldn’t be able to say it, so… you can call me Teth. Don’t ever think of me as a God or a Devil. I have come to see you despite the danger that I’m putting myself in.—

Which reminds me, this… mister called Teth is a conceptual being. He will change into whatever other people believe him to be.

—About the request then. I have come to tell you that your life is in imminent danger. I’m going to compensate you with cheats.—

(By cheats, you mean those intoxicating kind of powers?)

—I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m the one who has engraved that mark in your eye. I thought it would help you in this life, but it appears that around five hundred years have passed in the time I took my eyes off of this world. There seem to have been many changes. For example, the Church… this is something I have created in the old days, but it has rotten to the extent that it’s too late to save. I originally made this world on the foundations of people helping each other, so the world wouldn’t need me when I leave, but… well, it cannot be helped that religions fail in countless worlds, but I cannot have them hurting my children anymore.—

So they were your kids! That’s surprising. He looked like a child, but his face was blurry, so I couldn’t even tell what the color of his hair or eyes was, though.

—In terms of my children, you can consider yourself one of them too, though. I am the parent of this world. All the children born in this world are my children. And so, humans connected with spirits like yourself are being gathered by the Church. And not by means that can be considered good. That’s why I came to advise you. To be careful. And to impart the power… in other words, to teach you how to use the spirit arts of your eye. I will only tell you the basics, so the rest is up to you. It will be fine, that every Eye Mark is considered a kind of a cheat in this world, after all. I have high hopes for you. I don’t know what impact your way of life will have on this world, but you won’t be able to live normally. In some cases, you might even come to resent me. But I will have the world turn around. That’s what I called you here for.—

The scale seems a bit too large, but I understood a few points.
1.) The Church is gathering people connected with spirits. He cannot tell me the reason.
2.) He will bestow me with basic knowledge about my powers to oppose point 1.
3.) There’s a possibility that I will come to hate Teth.

Number 3. seems like a high probability. If not, he wouldn’t appear before me like this. Teth shouldn’t be able to interfere with the world too much. That’s why he decided on me to do it. I will keep quiet for the sake of the peace of my mind.

—We will never see each other again, but I will watch you… ah, don’t look at me like that, I won’t watch your private affairs.—

I thought I have discovered a pervert#2, but I’m glad I don’t need to worry about that. I’m glad he isn’t like my elder brother.

(By the way, can’t you do something about the personality of that brother of mine?)

—Well then! I’m leaving, bye-bye.—

He ran way~~! It appears that Teth is the unreliable kind.

I’m not sure what to make of it. It was a rather strange event, but humans are creatures that get used to things, so I’m not that surprised. I mean, my heart is tired because of reincarnation, magic, perverts and whatnot. And now that I know what I’m capable of, I can use the fireworks that my father can. It’s not really the same, but the effect is the “same”.
I need to concentrate my mind and synchronize with the spirit. That’s how spirit magic works. You can use spirit magic without chanting and magic circles, but it’s not that stable. The chanting and magic circles are supposed to stabilize and amplify the magic and spirit magic, but since I can’t speak, I’ll have to compensate with my concentration.


It’s pretty hard, but this is my first magic! I’m going to make it work. I imagined an extra-large firework, then I pointed my hand in the air, imagining a firework that was much bigger than the ones my father produced.

“!! Alicetia.”

It seems that my father has noticed what I was trying to do, and he seemed to be in a hurry to stop me, but I won’t let him interfere. I really want to use this for some reason.
And when I had reached the limit of what I could maintain, the launch… failed. I’m sure it was big and beautiful, but since I shot it myself, it was right above my head. In other words, I couldn’t see it well. And I couldn’t resist the drowsiness that suddenly overtook me.

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