v2 Chapter 51

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Naruhito (29)
I took out a dumpling from the bag placed near me. A small and not too chewy dumpling that even I could eat! Hirosue made it. The bag was buttoned so that it could be opened with one hand. If I had used a drawstring bag like the ones in picture books, I would not have been able to open them, since I only have my right hand.

Putting one in Gramps’ hand, he ate it with a smile.

“Gramps has become friends with Naruhito.”

Yeah, yeah.
When I handed one to Otoha, she smiled and ate it.

“It’s delicious. Please be my friend too.”

Bang! The door opened, and Rikimaru barged in. Rikimaru, one for you too.

“What, what? Dumplings? Huh, yum. I don’t feel like I ate much because it’s so small, though. Give me more. Huh? No good? Wait a moment, I’ll go get more from Hirosue.”

He asked for more after eating the dumpling and even though we hadn’t become friends yet.
The moment I thought so, he hurriedly came back.
He had a bag hanging on his back. The bag that I couldn’t open. From it, he took out a much larger, chewy dumpling than mine and ate it chewingly. Is that the real thing?


“All right. Now, from here on, let’s start the game of tag.”

Having eaten several and satisfied, Rikimaru took out ropes, red and light blue stickers, and a weapon that gives electric shocks from the bag he carried on his back.

“The rules are simple. It’s a game where we catch enemies who have infiltrated the mansion. We catch them without killing them. We make them faint, immobilize them, and tie them up with ropes. The Demon Lord, no, Master Hiiro said to avoid causing major injuries as much as possible. Also, don’t get injured yourselves, don’t destroy the mansion, etc.”


“It’s a match between me and Naruhito. Naruhito, stick these red stickers on the people you capture, and I will use the light blue stickers. Lord Kujou, please protect my sister-in-law. Now, start!”

I put the ropes and stickers in the bag and put it on my back. Holding an electric shock weapon in hand. I also have a knife on my waist. Rikimaru, who also held the same tools in his hands, started running.
Today, when I thought there were a lot of unfamiliar people in the mansion, it turned out to be for a game of tag.

It became incredibly fun, and I jumped into the garden first.

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