v2 Chapter 50

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hiiro (25)
No at all, saying that, the Commander of the Unit, Mikumo Sakuji, sat down on the sofa.

“Is that child doing well?”

He asked with a soft smile, I was surprised. I thought everyone there was afraid of Combat Doll soldiers. Or maybe they resented them because they had lost acquaintances to them.


I answered, bewildered, and the person looked relieved, making me even more confused.

“It’s unpleasant for children to die in such places. Adults shouldn’t die there either, though.”

I see. Children. In the Kingdom, only adults are sent to the battlefield as military personnel, so the Combat Doll soldiers, who only look like children, stood out even more. The adults who survived weren’t as big as they should be. Outstanding Combat Doll soldiers who survived.

“He’s living happily.”

The face of Naruhito licking a candy came to mind, and I answered with loosened cheeks.

“That’s good.”

“If you don’t mind, you should come and visit. He’s not the shy type.”

“Huh? But you were really cautious about me, weren’t you?”

“He can see people’s true nature. Being sly is not good.”

“Then there’s no way he would get close to you, Hiiro.”


When Mikumo’s laughter stopped the argument, Mikumo apologized.

“You get along well.”


“Isn’t that so?”

“No, not really.”

The voices of the two overlapped, and Mikumo laughed again.

“Now, about recent events.”


“We circled several villages near the final battle, helped with reconstruction, and collected earrings at the same time. We managed to do it by threatening those who wouldn’t take them off with penalties. It’s not ideal, but if they rampage, we have no choice but to shoot them. It’s not my intention, but we took the threats reluctantly.”

“For now, there’s no other way. If we can’t identify the Commander, the only way we have is to remove the visible receivers.”


“But that will take an unimaginable amount of time. If we can identify the Commander, eliminating them would be for the best.”

Akemi’s words are reasonable. It’s crucial to eliminate the Commander. However, there’s a problem with the method of identification.

“The burden Naruhito’s brain would be too heavy. I absolutely refuse.”

“We are developing a device to interfere with reception. Think about it if it works.”


I turned to the side. I will never forgive anyone who does something that shortens his lifespan.

“Hiiro. I am a pure-blooded member of the Royal family. If sacrificing one person’s life can save ten people, I won’t hesitate to sacrifice one person, even if that person is my family. But this time, I postponed my plans. I don’t want to be hated by you. I will make sure that the child is as safe as possible. So, please think about it, too.”

Akemi, who stood up, bowed his head, and I sighed deeply, realizing that I was not suitable for the Royal family.

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