v2 Chapter 24

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Hiiro (14)
Seeing the gun in Sekitora’s hand, almost as a conditioned reflex, I shot at his hand.


Sekitora let out an exaggerated scream. What an annoying guy.
The people had crowded around the bed. Looking at those soldiers, Hitachimaru and Toshitane unhesitatingly shot their legs. They kicked them when they groaned and crouched down.
The two white coats were covering Naruhito. Were they protecting him? Looking closer, blood flowing from his leg caught my eye.


A hoarse, higher-pitched voice was heard as my head began to boil.


Approaching, the two white coats looked up while trembling.
Without hesitation, I reached out and hugged him.

“We are a little late. Sorry.”

“Go home.”

“Yeah, let’s go home.”

There was a bone-breaking sound, and Sekitora’s scream echoed around.

“Grandpa, that’s enough.”

Hitachimaru said. It looks that Toshitane had snapped before me.

“Is the treatment for this injury difficult? Let’s use painkillers first?”

“W-Well, umm…”

“Tell me Naruhito’s condition.”

“We have given him muscle relaxant so he couldn’t move. It might be better to wait until it wears off before using anesthesia.”


I thought they were protecting him, but it’s not within acceptable limits. For now, I slapped each with an open hand. I lifted Naruhito sideways.

“If you don’t want to die, get out of here. We’ll take care of this building.”

They looked like they had no idea what I was talking about, but I didn’t care. We quickly left the laboratory building.
Hitachimaru voice echoed inside the building. It seemed like they were using the broadcasting room.

“This building will explode soon. If you don’t want to die, get out.”

Toshitane pulled Sekitora out, dragging him along. He was shouting in pain. When we were a certain distance away from the building, he let go, and they hurriedly approached me.


“Naruhito. Gramps was foolish. Whether it’s Royalty or anyone else, I should have stopped him at the mansion. I’m sorry for causing you pain.”

“Go home.”

“It’ll be over soon. Let’s go home.”

Naruhito, overwhelmed by pain, probably couldn’t even lose consciousness. He was sweating profusely.
Several people in white coats came out of the building.
Soldiers who had been shot in the legs, urged by Hitachimaru, also came out, supporting each other. He was still being kind as always by not leaving them behind.

“No one else in this building, right? Have you seen all the familiar faces?”

Hitachimaru was confirming.

“Umm, what does this mean?”

Timidly, one of the white coats spoke to Hitachimaru.

“It’s as the broadcast said. Are the living out?”

“Eh. Ah, yes. However, there are valuable materials in here.”

Toshitane, who had entered the building again, quickly returned. Since he was carrying a small bomb, he probably went to set it up.
Silently, the three of us threw all the hand grenades we brought. The building collapsed with a bang. Something caught fire and began to burn.
The white coats raised their voices, but considering it was only at this level, I should praise them for becoming this resilient.

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