v2 Chapter 25

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Hiiro (15)
With the thundering sound, I decided to leave quickly, uninterested in the collapsing building.
The security guard who has been following us since we entered the castle grounds was running around in a panic.

“Lord Hiiro, I would like an explanation.”

Voices like that reached me, but anyway, I needed to hurry back and take care of the injured Naruhito.

“Please wait. Let me treat that child. I want to provide medical treatment.”

When I turned to the muffled voice, the two men in white coats whose cheeks I slapped earlier were desperately running towards us. I hit their right cheeks with my non-dominant hand, intending to be gentle, but their cheeks were bright red with handprints, and they seemed to be having difficulty speaking.

“The sooner, the easier to remove the bullet. And I specialize in surgery.”

“No anesthesia?”

“We can’t apply painkillers or anesthesia in his current state, restraining and removing the bullet like this would be less burdensome for the body, and it would alleviate fever a bit. It would be much easier if he fainted from the intense pain during extraction.”

It makes sense, but I can’t trust them.

“If Your Highness holds him down, it will be reassuring for that child. Please, let us help.”

They kneeled on their knees, raising the right hand over the left fist. After receiving the highest bow to the Royal family, I remembered that I’m no longer a member of the Royalty and was about to say so when I recalled I was wearing the red military uniform specific to the Royal family. Oh well.

“I have a promised to return by dinner. Got it?”


The hospital attached to the castle seemed to be well-equipped with impressive facilities.
The two white coats with swollen right cheeks silently prepared for the operation.
I sit on the cold operating table, holding Naruhito’s upper body.
I held his right hand tightly. He must be in so much pain; the tension in his didn’t ease.
Hitachimaru held down his legs. It seemed unnecessary since Naruhito had hardly any strength left in his body, but it was for reassurance, it seems.
He also had a diaper on, and a towel is stuffed into his mouth. They say it’s to prevent him from biting his tongue. Doing a surgery without anesthesia, what era are we in? During the preparation, the anger within me began to boil up.
The operation has begun. The resilient Naruhito tried to suppress a groan, and I desperately held him down. I wanted to wipe the face stained with tears and sweat, but I couldn’t let go.
With each breath he took, it felt like cold water was dropping onto his chest. All I can do was to call his name over and over.
The legs, which should have no strength, occasionally twitched. Hitachimaru’s face seemed to be on the verge of tears as well.
When Naruhito’s body had particularly tensed, it suddenly relaxed. I quickly loosened my grip.
The young man in the white coat who was assisting approached, removed the towel from the Naruhito’s mouth, and gently wiped away the sweat and tears from his face.

“It’s okay now. It’s over.”

I’m exhausted. More exhausted than the battle just now. I immediately hugged Naruhito in my arms and got off the operating table.

“Let’s go home, Hitachimaru.”

“Ah, damn it. I’m so angry I can’t stand it.”

“I promised Otoha to return by dinner. Today’s work here is done.”

The guards in front of the operating room, who had been left to Toshitane, had faces that said they didn’t agree, but when I said that I had to keep the promise with Otoha, they reluctantly consented.

“Um, is the child’s name Naruhito?”

The young man in the white coat who followed us asked.

“If Naruhito didn’t introduce himself to you, I will not allow you to mention it.”

I answered while walking, and he just lowered his head in silence.

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