v2 Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Naruhito (16)
I received a rice ball. I managed to take a bite, but I couldn’t swallow the seaweed. As I struggled with the first mouthful for a while, Mutsumine, who had been supporting my back, murmured something about not being able to eat rice balls. He took it from me and left.

When he returned, the rice ball, with the seaweed peeled off, had turned into a porridge in the pot, and he fed it to me. It was delicious.

“Oh, it ate.”

They seemed relieved. They must be kind people.

Dr. Shinobube divided the blood he had drawn from me earlier into several portions and was busy with some machine. I don’t dislike these two.

“How much progress have you made in dissecting?”

Sekitora’s voice sounded.
I dislike him.

“Did you bring me here for this kind of thing?”

“The research is progressing smoothly.”

Dr. Shinobube bowed his head and reported. Mutsumine also stood up, put down the spoon, and bowed.

“Eating a meal elegantly in bed without handcuffs and ankle restraints.”

He scrutinized me, leaning against the cushion and sitting on the bed.

“Are you taking care of the pet you picked-up, Dr. Shinobube?”

“It’s a Combat Doll that can communicate. If possible, cooperating in research in a well-conditioned state would produce good results for both of us.”


Saying that, he held a gun.

“It’s a weapon, made.”


“It’s a person.”

Mutsumine responded almost instinctively.

“Silence. If the result shows it’s a person, we won’t need it anymore.”

A light sound. An impact on my right thigh, followed by a delayed intense pain. It hurts, it’s hot. Cold sweat slowly trickles down.
Think. I must not die.

“Look. It’s not a person after all. It didn’t even let out a voice.”

“Lord Sekitora, please stop.”

Dr. Shinobube hurriedly approached. Mutsumine, finding a towel, rushed over and pressed on my wound. It hurts…

“What a thing to do.”

“When the drug wears off, it will move, right? So, if we cut off both hands and feet, we can interrogate it with peace of mind. It’s for your safety.”

He said that with delight and raised the gun again.

“Move aside. I’ll shoot the other leg too.”

Dr. Shinobube held my head. Mutsumine desperately tried to stop the bleeding from my shot right thigh.

“Is my kindness not getting through to you?”

Sekitora sighed dramatically.

“I’ve always been easily misunderstood.”

He waved his hand, and five soldiers moved to peel the doctor and his assistant away.
I clenched my fist, wondering how many I could take with just my right hand.

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