Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Was I lied to by that person?
In the Imperial Palace, everyone, including His Majesty, was partly quiet about Anton’s disappearance. On the outside, Anton encountered sudden illness and was on a long term vacation. Originally, Father-in-law would be likely blamed for his son’s disappearance, but he was instead given merciless orders to find Anton and serve him a cup of poison.

This had to be done by Father-in-law himself. He had to pledge to do it too.

Anton is now apparently in the country of Troyl, which is located across the sea of our Ligisia country. It seems this information came from the person who has been searching for Anton under his Majesty’s orders. Troyl is a military nation. Troyl has a considerable fate with Ligisia.

There was a dispute happening in Troyl at the moment. The trigger was when the Princess of Ligisia married their Crown Prince. This princess was very beautiful and the Crown Prince who became her husband was smitten with her, and naturally, so were the other princes.
One after another, the princes fell for the Crown Princess when the beloved concubine of the Eight Prince who was the only one who didn’t bow to her accused the Crown Princess of using foul sorcery to His Majesty, trying to condemn her.

The Crown Prince and other princes who were able to read the suspicious actions of the Eight Prince’s party tried to send her to her motherland, but she was found dead in Troyl. The Crown Prince and other princes who learned of the truth lost their lives in the dispute, and the old King died of grief when he got to know the truth, causing the only remaining prince, the Eight Prince, to become the King. This King ruled with an iron fist, waging wars an invading other countries to expand his territory.

The King tried to monopolize the nation, causing infighting with a faction that did not agree with his views, making the entire Troyl shaky. Anton had apparently become that King’s guest. Anna is said to have been a spy sent by Troyl to our country.
The expression of Father-in-law who was told such was visibly pained.


Knowing the truth, I didn’t know what to say. Anton is a war criminal? He has betrayed his own country?

“Anton will probably never return back to this country. To think something like this would happen…”
“Father-in-law. I can’t believe Anton would plot something so outrageous.”

Didn’t the two elope to fulfill their impossible love? I couldn’t understand Anton’s behavior.


“I guess Anton couldn’t forgive me. He detests Margot and Fionn, after all.”

Anton certainly disliked Father-in-law. You could even say he hated him. However, this and that is different. It’s ridiculous to sell your own country because of personal feelings.

“Anton certainly didn’t think well of Father-in-law’s new family. He told me that he was not able to agree with you when you fell in love with Margot while Mother-in-law was on her sickbed and when you took in Margot and Brother-in-law Fionn as soon as Mother-in-law passed away.”
“So he told the story like that? When I explained to him about Margot and Fionn, Anton readily agreed. There was a period of time where we sheltered them. However, we were nothing more than acquaintances, there were no feelings exchanged between us. Besides, I met Margot and Fionn after his mother passed away.”

Father-in-law was talking about Anton’s deceased mother. But, if that was the case, then the story Anton told me is greatly different.

“Then, about Margot being your mistress, Father-in-law…?”
“Do not jest. That is too rude to Margot. She had never been my mistress. We married on Fionn’s recommendation four years ago.”

So that means Father-in-law Denis remarried only a year before I married Anton. This is totally different from what Anton told me. The one who recommended the marriage to Father-in-law was Fionn, my Brother-in-law. What is going on? I want to ask Anton who is not here.

“Are you telling me that I was lied to by that person all this time?”
“… Sorry.”

Father-in-law apologized on behalf of the person who wasn’t present.

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