Chapter 6

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Family talk. Part 1
I’m done.
Munching time is over.

“Umu…… it seems everyone finished eating. The talk might get prolonged, so let’s move to the salon.”

Salon…… it’s a room similar to a living room.
Somehow, it sounds troublesome.
Is it because my roots are that of a commoner? Isn’t it fine not to move over every little thing! It makes me want to think that.
Well, I will go even though it’s troublesome.

Arrival~♪ The salon is quite stylish~
It’s kind of romantic~

“Everyone, take a seat and make yourselves comfortable. Today, we will talk about Elise’s future.”

The salon has various places to sit, so everyone took a seat where they liked.
Elise’s favorite was the sofa.
Because she was lazybones? She indeed was (lol).
There were many pillows of various sizes on the soft sofa.
Though the level of comfort was good, I seem to get sleepy if I carelessly lean against the cushion……

A parlor maid poured me a black tea.
The parlor maid, whose main area of work is the salon and parlor quietly stands in the corner of the room when no one utilizes her.
You have it hard! That would be impossible for me!
By the way, it’s a straight tea.
There’s no sugar, milk or lemon.
Ah~ I want to drink the afternoon one.
……… I’m asking for too much, I just wanted to say it.

Otousama took a seat on a largish, one-seater sofa. It’s a luxurious piece covered in leather!
It’s cool!
Otousama’s name is Heinrich, by the way.

Okaasama is sitting on a cloth-covered bench.
It has a lovely floral pattern, but its price is not lovely at all.
That floral pattern is entirely hand-sewn.
The flowers are wonderful, moreover, there’s many as it’s a bench.
Okaasama’s name is Felicia, a cute name, don’t you think♪

Then, there’s Oniisama, the first one.
I’m not the only child.
The favorite seat of my first Oniisama is a cloth-covered chair.
It’s a chair with armrests and carved legs.
It’s quite a smart design.
The name of my first Oniisama is Casval……
Casval Oniisama…… Casval Niisan, before long! Saying that is painful.

And lastly, Oniisama, the second one.
He chose a cloth-covered one-seater sofa…… the sofa of this world aren’t too close to the ground.
They look like the ones in cafés.
The name of my second Oniisama is Thor.
It’s a fine, easy name.

We are a family of five.
No…… we also have grandfather and grandmother, but they are living in the fief’s port city.
It’s not like we are on the bad terms, it’s just that grandmother wanted to eat her favorite fish in the retirement so grandfather was like ‘Gotcha! Let me fulfill your wish!’ and they moved out.
They are a lovey-dovey? Lovey-dovey! elderly couple.
Envious! Admirable!


Oh, the talk has not begun yet.

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