Chapter 3

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Talking with Otousama.
We promptly boarded the carriage.
Otousama whom I faced was keeping silent.
Ah… no, he was silent up until now though.
The atmosphere is bad, what do I do~?

The carriage is moving~ clatter, clatter~♪
We are moving away from the royal castle.
We temporarily stopped! It’s the castle gates!
Farewell, royal castle! I won’t forget today’s event (lol).

……… We started moving again~ so fast~

“Elise, sorry to have made you associate with that stupid prince.”

Otousama apologized! Otousama, you did nothing wrong!
It’s because of that stupid prince! That unforgivable stupid prince!

“No, Otousama. There’s no need for Otousama to speak of that.”
“Fuu…… I thought he had a more prosperous future, but it seems that I have been extremely wrong.”

Oh my~! The sigh of a handsome middle-aged man is so sexy~!
A sight for sore eyes! What a treat!

“Associating with such an idiot, there was no need for hesitation…… anyhow, breaking off the engagement was the correct answer.”

“Fufu, it was the correct answer? Thank you very much, I was at a loss, thinking that I might get scolded……”

No, I hardly thought about getting scolded.
……… Ha! Otousama grinned! Fantastic!

“Scolding, huh…… well, I didn’t expect that a farce like that would occur.”

“Ah~ don’t you think so? I also didn’t think he would make a fuss like that.”

Ah~ not good, not good, my sighs are leaking.
My happiness is escaping, I need to refill with the happy item of sweets.

………… Oh my? The carriage has stopped…………
That means we have arrived home~! Yaay! Whee~! Woohoo!
Ah, so close. I nearly let out my true feelings.

“Fumu, we arrived at the mansion while talking. Let’s talk with everyone after having a meal. Alright?”

As expected of Otousama! He understands.
A reply with a smile!

“Of course, Otousama.”

Ah~ so hungry~
The vibrations of the carriage were harshly affecting my empty stomach.

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