Chapter 23

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This development is fast, isn’t it~ (lol)

Don’t hesitate now, Your Majesty (lol).
Ain’t this your son’s wish, fulfill it.

“Your Majesty, I plead you as well. By all means! Please, grant my daughter’s wish.”

Otousama, nice one!
Good, say more! Don’t overdo it though.

“Your Majesty, I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind since it’s our son’s wish. Yesterday, I talked with Marchioness and remembered that as a mother, I should stand my by son.”

What did you tell her……… Okaasama……… you are seriously scary though………
Oh? His Majesty the King let out a grandiose sigh!

“Very well. I recognize the engagement between Siegfried and the daughter of Baron Dourute. As for the marriage ceremony…… fumu………”

“Let’s hold the marriage ceremony one month later.”


The voices of His Majesty, stupid prince and me overlapped.
To think Her Majesty declared that the marriage will be a month later.
I unintentionally peeked at her face, the face of Her Majesty.
She had a very nice smile, scary~
When I timidly looked at Okaasama, she likewise sported a nice smile as I thought.
It’s scary, it’s seriously scary.
I’m scared from just thinking about what they might have been talking about yesterday, I have no doubts it wasn’t anything good! No doubts!

“Isn’t it a little bit too fa-ughu………!”

Eh? Otousama groaned and fell to the ground.
………… It’s that isn’t it, nearly 0 distance flank strike!
I have to be careful about my remarks when right beside Okaasama (lol).

“We will come to convey our blessings one month later.”

Oof…… Okaasama said that with a refreshing smile.

“Yes, I would certainly like if you could come to convey your blessings to Siegfried as well.”

They seem to have decided on this yesterday.
When two scary and gallant women join hands, you have no space to oppose!

“Ku…… one month later then, I will finish handling over the matters in the meanwhile. I will convey my blessings from the bottom of my heart.”

Otousama, revived! This speedy revival is the recipe for a happy marriage, isn’t it!
Still, why did I hear a weak metallic sound from the distance?

“U…… umu, the marriage will happen one month later. Do you understand, you two?”

“Yes, Father!”

“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”

Uwaa, His Majesty gave in.
Oh well.
What a good husband!

“Congratulations, Your Highness. Also, Marianne-sama, please treasure your body. You can marry into the royal family only if your body is chaste after all.”

Her abruptly blushing face is so cute~ (lol)

“Naturally! I have decided to give my first time to the person I love! Things will be all right even without a Villainess like you saying anything!”

Oh no~! What a fool~
You do know that I am a Duke’s daughter, right… yet you denounce me like this.
Moreover, calling me Villainess, are you a reincarnated person yourself, Marianne-sama?
How cheerful~

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