Chapter 86

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Jed’s Point of View
When I returned to the inn, I recommended her to take a bath and warmed my own wet and cold body in the water.

“Is Elle alright?”

Why was she so frightened of that man?
Who the hell was he?
I wanted to know. But if I asked, I’m sure she wouldn’t tell me what has happened to her.
Then, I heard a knock on the door of my room, so I asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Elle.”

Why is Elle here?
I changed my hair color from red back to black and hurriedly opened the door to my room.

“What is it? Is something wrong?”

I wondered if there was a problem.
When I asked if there was a problem, Elle shook her head, saying “N, no…”

“I came to thank you for earlier.”

She apparently just wanted to thank me for what I did earlier.

“Umm, thank you for helping me…”

Elle’s complexion was better than when she had when I brought her back. Probably because the hot bath had warmed her up.
But what about her feelings?

“No, it’s fine. Rather than that, have you calmed down a little?”
“I see.”

No matter what I ask, she wouldn’t tell me.
I knew that, so I kept quiet. I’m not sure if Elle felt any discomfort, but she curiously asked, “You won’t ask me anything?” as she tilted her head.

“Will you tell me if I ask?”

I looked at Elle, who looked away uncomfortably, and wondered if she would still tell me.
Elle hugged herself, as if she remembered something and was afraid. I reached out to pat her head to calm her down, but she quickly pulled back.
I knew she would reject me.

“You don’t have to talk about it.”
“I’m sorry.”

Elle apologized. There must be a reason why she can’t talk about it.
I know she would run away if I stepped in.

“Don’t mind it.”

I had to smile to cover it up.
She thanked me once more, and I watched her leave the room, and collapsed on the bed.

“Just who was that man?”

Elle, who had been unfazed by anything other than bugs, looked terribly frightened. Something must have with him in the past.

“Is he from the Ansanse Kingdom?”

I don’t know what happened, but Elle was kicked out of the Ansanse Kingdom. Maybe that man had done something to her.
The first thing that came to mind was Giselle, who was an old acquaintance of Elle’s.
She might know something about it.

“I should try asking her.”

I went to Giselle’s room, but no one was there. I wondered if she was out somewhere.

“Oh my, Jed. What are you doing in front of Giselle’s room?”

As I stood in front of her room, I was approached by the innkeeper, Ewe.

“I have a business with her.”
“Giselle has been out since the morning.”

She doesn’t always work together with Elle, huh?
While I was thinking that, Ewe asked me, “Speaking of which, is Elle alright?”

“Yeah, she’s good now.”
“Is that so? I’m glad to hear that.”

She looked relieved. She then said that she had some work to do and went back to work.

“I better come back later.”

I left from Giselle’s room and decided to visit her again in the evening.

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