Chapter 30

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Those Who Should be Protected (King of Ansanse)
As King of the Ansanse Kingdom, I have done something irreparable.

It’s been almost a month since I kicked out young lady Gabrielle de Olivier on false charges.
I still don’t know where she is.
Is she still alive or is she dead? We don’t even know that.

It was the charm cast by a certain Viscount’s daughter that led to the exile of Miss Gabrielle.
I could have been warier, but I wasn’t. The reason for this was because the charm is a spell that had not been used in decades and was said to have no more users.

The power of the charm had defeated me, and I had almost handed her the country over.
I can’t let my people or any other country know such an ugly story. That’s why we still haven’t announced that we exiled Miss Gabrielle.
Of course, we have not revealed the existence of the lady who used the power of charm either.


Laid out on the desk in the office were the records of the interrogations conducted on the Viscount’s daughter.
She seems to be pretending that she doesn’t know or saying that she didn’t do it.
However, only the people around Miss Gabrielle were charmed by her. It was probably a deliberate attempt to humiliate her.

“What should be done?”

The interrogator asked.

“Torture her. But don’t kill her.

After stating my intentions, the interrogator said, “Understood” and left the room. The interrogator was then replaced by my son, Cyril.


Perhaps because he hadn’t eaten enough and hadn’t slept well, his haggard face wasn’t that a prince would have.
It’s no wonder though, he had condemned his beloved fiancée.
When the charm was lifted, my son looked worse than anyone else.
He was crying, repenting, and so distraught that he thought he might run away from the country, forgetting his position.


“Have you not found Elle yet?”
“You were here asking the same thing an hour ago.”

Cyril grasped his hand so tightly that it was dripping with blood.

“I still think we should make Elle’s matter public! Let’s request cooperation from the other countries, too!”
“We can’t!”
“Why is that!”
“We can’t let people think that we are a country afflicted by charm!”

I know that what I did to Miss Gabrielle was unforgivable. That’s why I’m sending a search party.
But as the king, I have to think of the country first.

“Cyril, you are going to be a king too, so please understand. It is the country that I have to protect first.”

Cyril glared at me intensively.
I can’t accept it, I will remember this.
I saw such feelings from him.

“Stop shitting me…! The ones that should be protected are the people!”

Cyril’s voice of hatred echoed.

As the King and the Crown Prince were glaring at each other, Elle, on the other hand…

“Heh, it’s my victory.”

She was laughing at her overwhelming victory in a drinking contest.

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