Idle Talk 3

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Outrageous Siblings
I’m Isaac Risner.
I’m the vice-captain of Shirin’s branch’s second Knight unit.
The captain I work under is Grunwald Ruven, an honest man who can’t stay idle for a minute. He’s a musclebrain who charges at everything without thinking.
I should be an assistant of the captain, but it always ends up with me doing all the paperwork.

“What? Why are you so flustered.”

While working in the office, I see a figure of a person walking to the town gates from Gaya Forest, so I report while flustered.
No person passed this gate leading to the Gaya Forest in the last several days.
All gates except this west gate are usually used to get out of the town. If you miss the highway and come to this gate, you would be coming from northwest or southwest.
However, the figure I see is coming from the west. It’s coming straight from the Gaya Forest.
There are occasionally some reckless people who go to the Gaya Forest, but they would be someone coming from the town, we would be able to confirm their identities.

“Isaac, I will go take a look.”
“I understand. Please, return properly. If not, you won’t be sleeping tonight.”
“……… I know.”

He was already restless, he wanted to escape from the work.
I approve, allowing him to take a breather from work.
Captain decided to go to the west gate and wait for the person in question.
After a while, Captain returned back to the office.

“Captain, what happened?”
“He apparently went out to gather some medicinal plants. Moreover, he even took two children with him.”
“… Children, is it?”
“Yes. Two little ones were with him.”

Just a naive youth. Is what I’d like to think, but that youth apparently successfully returned from Gaya Forest with medicinal plants.
If it’s like that, he must have a considerable ability.
Unfortunately, he just arrived here from a village and didn’t belong to any organizations or guilds so we couldn’t identify him.
Well, it turns out like that when you don’t have identification papers.
Because I didn’t have that much interest at that time, I ended up forgetting about that youth.
However, Captain apparently had another encounter with that youth and the children.
And because he had an interest in that youth, he requested him to join the subjugation expedition in Gaya Forest.
I found out later that day.

Really, Captain is always so selfish…… letting children participate in a request with the overbearing adventurers, how foolish!
Thinking about the place we are going, I begin to worry.
Nevertheless, because an official request can’t be turned down, they ended up participating.


“Ah, oi!”

It was after entering the forest for a while.
Cain, one of my subordinates points his finger and shouts in panic.
When I look towards the direction… aren’t those children charging at a Red Wolf?
Hey, wait a second, please! Why are you running that way!?
Haa!? The boy kicked the Red Wolf from below, a splendid kick.
Eeeeh!? Why is the Red Wolf’s body lifting up!? It’s a kick of a child, you know?
Even though the monster is on the smaller size, it’s still twice as large as the children?
This time, the girl dropkicks the Red Wolf from above!?
The Red Wolf has been blown off!!


What has just happened? Didn’t they just easily defeat a C-Rank monster?
Those small children? I feel like I have just seen something outrageous.

“Ah, yes. Good job~ Are you unhurt?”

The two children return back all smiles while dragging the Red Wolf behind them. Looking at the situation, this seems to be the usual occurrence.
I’m glad they are not hurt, but…… it was probably not just me who felt helpless just a while ago.

“Ah~, also. This time, Oniichan and the others will fight the monsters, why don’t Allen and Elena take a day-off?”
“”? Understand~””

That’s right. That will save us the trouble.
No matter what, having small children fight with us here, we would be ashamed us the Knights.
Ah, Captain has approached Takumi-san all of sudden. He’s probably curious why they are so strong.
He knew they were as strong as C-Rank adventurers? It’s hard to believe, but Captain… you had such information……

“I told you I found these children malnourished in the Gaya Forest.”
“I have heard that.”

Please wait a moment.
I’m surprised that you went to the Gaya Forest before, but you have found them in there malnourished?
If they were thin at the time you have found them…… doesn’t that mean they couldn’t eat properly for an extended period of time?

“…… By that, you mean “the children have originally lived in this forest”…… right? 」
“That’s right. Were they defeating the monsters, or were they running away from them? I don’t know how they lived until now yet, but they have certainly survived in the forest for several days.”

If children enter this forest, they will instantly become a monster feed.
Yet they survived. Isn’t that outrageous? It’s an unbelievable thing.

Furthermore, now Takumi-san used the rare space-time magic this time……
When I glanced at Captain he was startled too, so he probably didn’t know.
The cause is because Captain didn’t inform us before the appointed day, but it’s painful for me to not being able to investigate what kind of person he really is.
Even though I say that, it’s normal not to tell about your abilities to other people, and because he didn’t stay in Shirin for too long, I don’t know how much I would be able to find out.
Well~ still, I would be at least to investigate his reputation.
Ah…… why wasn’t I more interested when he entered the town for the first time, It’s late, but I regret.

After that, it was consecutive surprises.

First, I was surprised by the children’s movements and endurance. They were running here and there from the start and didn’t fall behind us who were steadily advancing.
Normal children would hand their hands full by trying to keep up…… no, they wouldn’t be able to keep up?

Moreover, their gathering ability and knowledge are magnificent.
Magical Power Grass, Demon Grass, Shui weed, Bellana…… they bring back plant and fruit one after another.
Not only the plant types, but they also seem to know their characteristics well, they never touched plants they shouldn’t be touching.

In comparison our Captain!!

“Captain, if you touch it bare handed you will get rash. Please, think a bit about why those children didn’t gather it themselves but called Takumi-san instead! Even though I told you to『Stop working by instinct』so many times! Besides, why do kids know, but a proper adult like you don’t!! ―――(Omitted)――― A person like you, every single time…… please learn a little bit!」

Use your brain a little!

I suddenly felt pulling while preaching Captain


When I look at what’s pulling me, aren’t those the children pulling on my coat?

“What’s the matter?”
“For you.”

The children present me something in a bag.
I receive the bag after crouching down to match the children’s eyes. Isn’t this a bag full of Iwamizu Moss?

Iwamizu Moss has been recently hard to obtain. Because of that, the inventory of the medicine it’s used for (A wonder drug for itching feet) has been depleted.
Moreover, this medicine is used daily by 1/3 of the Knights (I don’t use it) so not having it is a severe matter.
With this much, we should have enough for the whole division. If they are giving it to me, I will gratefully receive it.

“You are giving me this?”
“For you~”
“Thank you very much.”

I’m not fond that much of children, but…… they are cute, aren’t they?
I unconsciously ended up patting their heads after seeing their shy smiles.

Other various facts came to light. Like the most recent boom of Shirin, the new shaped bread was Takumi-san’s idea…… like Takumi-san can instakill an Orc……
Wasn’t I surprised enough in a day to cover several months?
Honestly, I’m exhausted from being surprised. And yet, there are still four more days of the expedition to go. Can I hold until the end……

The next day was so calm it was creepy.
We did not encounter a monster for more than a half day.

Right at that moment, I intended to end the investigation for today―――

“It’s a flare! We are rushing to join up!”

An emergency flare has been used. One of the two other teams is in need of help.
We have to hurry!

“What is that?”
“It’s light from an emergency magic tool. We use it when encountering an unmanageable monster, when in need of assistance. One of the teams must be in trouble.”

A magic tool used to call help. This is not used only be the Knights, but also by adventurers. It appears that Takumi-san doesn’t know about it.
Which reminds me, he just joined the guild, right? Because of his strength, I completely forgot about him being a newcomer.
I lightly explain while on the way to the destination while being admired.
So he’s no different from a newcomer in this regard……

“It would be better to hurry up?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

He confirms with Captain, but what are you planning to do?

“Then, we will go ahead.”

“Wind, gather around me and form a gale. Accel.”

Takumi-san lifts the children up in his arms and starts chanting.
Then, a frightening amount of wind bursts out, and he speeds ahead at incredible speed.

“Haa!? What’s with that speed!”
“…… Wind, magic…… is it?”

…… That should be intermediate speed spell if I’m not mistaken.
That should be it, but the speed is way above that…… You shouldn’t be able to run this fast normally.
He really is an out of the standard person……

“It’s weird, right!?”
“Yes, it’s a considerable difference compared to other people.”
“……… That fellow is really bullshitting me.”
“It seems like that. If it’s Takumi-san, he will probably do something about it, but let’s also hurry up.”
“…… Right.”

The other team is in a predicament as they used a flare.
Even if he is not able to solve it by himself, he should be able to gain us time to arrive.

I’m leaving it to you, Takumi-san.

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