Idle Talk 4

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What Are They?
I’m Randy. 20 years old.
D-Rank adventurer, and a member of B-Rank party “Black Twin Sword”.

This time, we have come to the town of Shirin because of a subjugation request from the Knights.
It’s my first time, but Gray-san and others received this request once before.
Normally, I wouldn’t be able to enter Gaya Forest with my strength. Therefore, I was told to wait in Shirin.

However, I hate being left behind!

Although I’m not equal in ability to Gray-san and others, I will be able to rank up to C-Rank soon. Being a C-Rank at my age is quite fast.
Gray-san broke under my obstinant attitude. I had to promise that I will absolutely obey every order.
Of course, I agreed. We can take the request together like this!
On the day of the request.
Just before the departure, a man 3-4 years younger than me with two children arrived at the meeting place.

“Good morning, Wald-sama.”

The man with the children went for greetings with the Captain of the expedition.

Wha! Are those guys perhaps also going to the Gaya Forest!?
Is that guy an idiot? Is he planning to go for a picnic?

It seems I wasn’t the only one thinking that.
Gray-san probably thought so too even the Knights were looking at them with strict gazes.
However, I heard that Captain forcibly selected them to participate.
After that, the Knights’ attitudes softened. That Captain is well-respected, so I feel like it can’t be helped since he decided on that.
But, is he actually taking them along? They will become a burden, right?
Well, they seem to be in a different team than us, so I don’t have to mind it.
Do your best not to die.
We have begun the Gaya Forest investigation.
We have encountered a Giant Boar and an Orc on the first day. However, Gray-san and the Knights defeated them without any difficulties.
I was also slightly helpful!

However, the state of the forest is apparently strange.
Usually, we should encounter a little more monsters. Moreover, the forest itself is strangely quiet.
I myself don’t understand, but Gray-san says so, so it must be true.
The second day wasn’t different from the first.

“Bl, Bloody Wolf!!”

Is what I thought, but my thoughts abruptly collapsed.

“A pack in a place like this!? Randy! You concentrate on defending yourself!”
“Y, yes!”

B-Rank monster. We are assaulted by a pack of Bloody Wolves.
It’s a troublesome opponent when alone, yet it’s a whole pack. 1, 2, 3……… 7 in total.
On the other hand, we the five members of “Black Twin Sword” and 12 Knights of Shirin.
We need half of our men to defeat one of the Bloody Wolves.

We are at an overwhelming disadvantage.

One of the Knights immediately releases a red flare. It’s to call for help.
Although all of the teams have the same camping point today, it’s unknown how far they are from us.
If we can’t hold out until they come, we won’t have a tomorrow.

We are forced into a defensive fight by the charging wolves.
With no chance to counterattack, we are slowly driven to a corner. I deflect the claws with the sword, but because I had not enough strength, my posture collapsed.

“Randy! Dodge!”

I roll on the ground at once after hearing Gray-san’s voice, and successfully avoid the Bloody Wolf, but its claws grazed my arm.

“Randy, you alright?”

Although I answered like that, my legs don’t move because of the fatigue.
I have to stand up! Is what I think, but my body doesn’t listen to me.
Damn it! At this rate!!

When I was about to resign to die―――


“Wha! What!?”

What did just happen!?
A sudden explosion and windstorm. Furthermore, there was bad visibility because of a cloud of dust.
However, that cloud of dust immediately disappears.
When my visibility becomes clear, I see few of the Bloody Wolves staggering.


Together with Bloody Wolf’s cry, a man stuck a sword into it’s back.
The man pulls up the sword from the wolf’s back and mows down another Bloody Wolf in the striking distance.
It was killed in a single blow.

It’s a person I recognize.
It’s him! The man who brought the children.
He should be with a different team. Does that mean help arrived? …… Is what I thought, but I don’t see any other people around.



This time, it happened right in front of my eyes.
Children fell from the sky and squashed Bloody Wolves on landing.

Haa!? It’s a lie, right!? They sunk into the ground!!

I don’t even have to confirm to figure out the wolves died.
What a thing. Four Bloody Wolves were defeated in an instant.

“Be careful, okay?”
“O, oi!?”

The children face one of the remaining Bloody Wolves and start charging at it.
Gray-san leaks out a panicked voice.

Haa!? Wait a minute!
Are those two planning to fight a Bloody Wolf!?
That’s reckless! Why did you send them off!

The children approach the Bloody Wolf and begin to attack it.

“Ya!” “Hoi”
“Tou” “Ha!”

They are fighting with the Bloody Wolf on equal terms!?
This must be a joke, right!?
Even Gray-san would have troubles fighting a Bloody Wolf one on one. The children are able to fight such a monster!?

Is this a dream? It’s a dream, right?

No, no, the Bloody Wolf is aching with pain. This is real.
But, this is a dreamlike even without a doubt.


They get distance when the opponent attacks, and they shout when they attack.
The children are fighting effortlessly.

“”Here, here♪””

Uwa~ they are even provoking it…… just what is going……

“Yoo!” “Hoi.”

Ah, the Bloody Wolf’s posture crumbled.


The two didn’t miss the opportunity and kick the wolf with all their might.
The Bloody Wolf wasn’t able to endure the kicks and got blown away.



The Bloody Wolf, the kids sent flying crashes into the Bloody Wolf the guardian-like man is fighting.
The two wolves collide and roll on the ground.

The man looks startled this way, but seeing the children his face shows consent.
He then approaches the wolf and stabs it with his sword.

He finished it, right?
That means, these guys… everything…… they defeated everything, right……

“Oi! You alright!?”

Ah…… a knight of other team has arrived. It’s already over, though……
…… Ah, un. Rather, we were saved……

It can’t be helped that I needed a little more time to return to reality after witnessing something so shocking, right?

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