Chapter 28

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Moment of Relief

The two children jump at me more enthusiastic than usual.
I was a little surprised, but I was able to catch them and gather them up in my arms.

“You two seem so happy.”
“”It was fun♪””

……… Un. You two were playing, after all.

“”Are you unhurt?”

I make sure if the two are not injured, but it seems to be okay.
I understood that they could defeat a B-Rank monster without getting injured.
Though I intended to do my best to avoid the situations Allen and Elena have to fight, but it’s also important to support them to my best ability.

“The hell is this~!!”

After arriving and seeing the situation, Wald-sama who froze in a spot with his eyes open finally snapped back to reality and shouted.
The other members are having a similar reaction.

Injured colleagues, 7 Bloody Wolf corpses and two children in high spirits…… Ah~ Un. It certainly may be a delicate scene.

“…… Isaac, see the injured first and treat their wounds.”

Hearing Wald-sama’s orders, Risner-sama takes a few subordinates and checks on the injured.

“Iris, check on injured.”

Iris-san also goes to check on the injured. She can use Light Magic, so she’s able to cure severely wounded people with Healing Magic.
I can use Healing Magic too, but… umm…… they don’t need my help… right?
Indeed, I don’t want to show more than this.
Un, I will leave it to everyone.

“Now then, Takumi. Did you defeat all these Bloody Wolves yourself?”

Uo!! Wald-sama inquiries with a menacing voice.
He’s unreasonably scary. Moreover, his stare is piercing?

“…… No. You are wrong?”

Allen and Elena helped me. I didn’t do it alone.

“Correction. Did you and the two shorties defeat all these Bloody Wolves?”
“……… That’s correct.”

The brightness in Wald-sama’s eyes became even sharper.
Seems like I won’t be able to deceive him.

“…… I see…… that helped. There’s no time to dismantle, but collect everything, for now.”

I stood steady ready for next Wald-sama’s incomprehensible action, but he lightly claps ponpon on my shoulders, then he went to check with Isaac-san on the situation.
…… It didn’t look like he was angry.

First of all, let’s do as told and collect the corpses of the Bloody Wolves.
When I finished collecting them, the emergency treatment ended as well.
Unfortunately, the low-grade drugs and Iris-san’s Healing Magic is not enough to help all members recover completely. I see bandaged people here and there.
Only about half is completely recovered.

After a little bit, the last team joined up with us.
But, it wasn’t possible to immediately move to the camping point so we have changed the location of the camp.

“Farius, I want to confirm the situation with you, is that all right?”
“Ou. No problem.”

The leader of the team that was attacked by the Bloody Wolves, Captain of the Third Unit of Shirin Knights, Farius Tierra-sama.
Tierra-sama is the eldest son of a Count House and Wald-sama’s friend.
Also, he’s the person supporting his body with a sword who called out to me before.
Although he was cured with Iris-san’s Healing Magic, his face is still a little bit pale from the loss of blood.

“Even though I say that, the one who defeated the pack of the Bloody Wolves which assaulted us was…… Takumi? They saved us. Nevertheless, Wald. You have brought an outrageous fellow along. He defeated the enemies all of us couldn’t match without getting hurt.”
“Although I was the one who brought Takumi and the children along, I didn’t know that much about his real ability. Speaking frankly, it was unexpected.”

It’s tough being the subject of the topic, though……
I can’t even leave because Wald-sama forcefully made me sit next to him……

“It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?”
“Brad, it’s certain that Takumi-san possesses a tremendous ability.”
“Isaac? I see… Even without conclusive evidence, if you are the one saying so, it must be true…”

The leader of the last team to join up, Vice Captain of the Third Unit of Shirin Knights, Brad Ganforg-sama listens with a bewildered expression.

“Hahaha~ Takumi doesn’t look strong at all, after all~”


Wald-sama claps on my back while laughing.
Slightly painful…… moreover, above all, my whole body is shaking.

“Captain again…… the children will kick you flying, you know?”

The kids growl while glaring at Wald-sama again.
When Risner-sama brings it up, they are already ready to jump at any moment.

“I, I’m not bullying him or anything!?”

Wald-sama defends himself in panic, but the two didn’t stop growling at him.

“Allen-kun, Elena-san. Next time Captain does something rude, it’s all right to kick him flying okay? However, make sure he doesn’t die in the process please.”
“Oi!? Isaac, why are you giving them permission on your own!?”
“It’s all right. I told them to not kill you. Start learning please if you find it disagreeable.”

Hahaha~ If you tell that to the children, they will really kick Wald-sama flying, you know? Allen and Elena responded with sparkling eyes…
Rather, aren’t those two relatively good with Risner-sama? Moreover, it’s because he always stops Wald-sama when he jabs me… is that really because of that simple reason?
Also, isn’t the way Risner-sama is handling Wald-sama gradually getting rougher?

“Well~ Looking at the children, I got worried that our Captain is too much of a good for nothing. I intend to take this opportunity to make him learn properly.”
“Haah…… is that so?”

As if hearing the voice in my mind, Risner-sama answers while smiling.
Your face is smiling, but your eyes are not!? Just how much trouble does Wald-sama bring to Risner-sama every day!?


They probably saw my troubled expression. Allen and Elena ask to confirm. However, if these two plead me like that…… I can’t refuse.

“Ah~… You got Risner-sama’s permission so… is that really alright?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”
“Want to have a kick at once?”
“”Can I?””

Tierra-sama, Ganforg-sama, and everyone around who heard our conversation started laughing.
Wald-sama started looking around timidly.


“However, don’t you think the forest is a bit strange?”

After the laughing calmed down, Teirra-sama suddenly says with a serious expression.

“Yes. Our unit encountered almost no monsters since yesterday. Speaking frankly, it’s strange.”

Ganforg-sama reports while frowning.

“I was thinking it’s strange since a while ago. Rudolph-san is of the same opinion.”
“Ah. The number of monsters we have encountered is too few. Despite that, the monsters attack in groups.”

Every subjugation unit feels that something strange is going on in the forest.
Based on that, we should be talking about the future plan.

“N? Is something the… matter……!!”

In the middle of the conversation, Allen and Elena suddenly leak out small voices.
Feeling somehow uncomfortable, I look towards the direction the two are looking at.
There, I see a big serpent coiled around a thick tree aiming at us.

“Wha…! Above!!”

I raise my voice to notify the others who didn’t notice yet.
What a thing! My attention was elsewhere so I wasn’t aware something like that got so close to us.


Shurushuru the sound of hissing resounds.
Everyone was lost for words because of its size.

“… Evil Viper!!”

An enormous snake tens of meters in length. An A-Rank monster, Evil Viper has appeared.

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