Chapter 29

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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vs. Wicked Snake

Evil Viper jumps down from the tree with its mouth open wide.


It swoops down on the Knights who were resting near the tree.


Allen and Elena had approached the Evil Viper before I noticed, they get past the Knights, ready to kick the Evil Viper’s jaw.

“! Allen, Elena get away! Wind Cutter.”

I quickly get the two in panic and release a Wind Cutter.
Allen, Elena… when did you move there? No, un…… you have excellent moves, but… don’t surprise me like that……

The Evil Viper got pushed 1-2 meters away, but there was no visible damage.

“Earth, penetrate Earth Needle.”

Several sharp pillars project from the ground in pursuit of the Evil Viper.

“You guys, quickly withdraw!”

Farius Tierra-sama shouts loudly and evacuates the Knights who are near the Evil Viper.
The one who used the Earth Magic a little while ago was apparently Tierra-sama.
The Tierra House is famous for producing people specialized in Earth Magic. He himself is probably a knight with Earth Magic as a specialty.

“Takumi, right? You were a great help.”
“No, Tierra-sama had a great follow-up.”
“I don’t like being called by my household’s name. Farius is all right. Rather than those, these pipsqueaks are amazing. They reacted faster than anyone.”
“These two acted intuitively…”

Farius-sama stands beside and adresses me.
If not for this situation, I would like to have a nice long talk, but we can’t afford that at the moment.

“Evil Viper, huh. A nasty fellow has appeared. Oi, wounded people fall back! Don’t get in the way or all of us will die.”

Rudolph-san clicks his tongue, prepares his halberd and tells the injured to stay away.
I also give instructions to Allen and Elena to stay away from the Evil Viper.

“Iris, Gilm! You two provide support. Zack! Don’t act carelessly!!”
“I know!!”

Iris-san and Gilm-san take some distance, and set up their bows and throwing knives.
Zack-san draws his sword and lines up beside Rudolph-san.

“Gill, provide support.”

From another party, “Flaming Soldiers Troupe”, swordsmen Gantz-san and Mick-san, and a mage Gillbard-san take battle positions.
The Knights who can move also draw their swords.
As expected, the half of the Knights that were attacked by the Bloody Wolves and『Black Twin Sword』party fell back.


When the battle preparations finished, Rudolph-san begins by slashing his halberd.

“Tsk! Ineffective as I expected. Didn’t leave a single scratch.”

It has received almost no damage so far.
Evil Viper’s body――its shiny black surface doesn’t get damaged by both physical attacks and magic. It’s a first-grade material for protective gear. Soft and light attacks won’t injure it.


Evil Viper’s tail strikes the ground.
Uo! What a terrible sound. If that hits, won’t one receives a good amount of damage?

“Fire, congregate Fire Ball.”
“Light, pierce Light Arrow.”

Offensive ranged attacks. Magic attacks. One after another hits the target, but to no effect.

Where is its weak point?
I observe the Evil Viper while shooting magic.


Some of the knights get blown away by the viper’s tail.
The Evil Viper hisses as if sneering at us.
And the next moment, it rushes towards Zack-san.



Zack-san tried to avoid, but the Evil Viper curved its body and instantly changed directions. It rammed into him, and he got blown off.
Furthermore, it continues to charge into other knights.


Allen and Elena caught the Evil Viper’s tail and stopped its charge.
Again!? Mou~ why don’t you obediently wait for me~!!
The Evil Viper’s charge was stopped thanks to those two? The damage has been thereby suppressed, but… However, see, because you stopped the Evil Viper’s charge, it turned towards you two~!

“Allen, Elena! It’s dangerous, so release the tail and get away from it!!”

I immediately retrieve a knife from Infinite Storage.
Then, I throw it at the Evil Viper who is glaring at Allen and Elena.
If the skin is hard, how about its eyes?



The skillfully thrown knife stabs into the Evil Viper’s left eye.
The Evil Viper shouts in pain and starts violently thrashing around.
Bang, thud, the sound of the ground getting hit resounds.

“Nice, Takumi! Haaaa!”

Wald-sama envelops his sword with a flame and slashes at the Evil Viper.
Is that a magic sword?

Ju… the sound and smell of burning spreads. The attack seemed to work a bit, but Wald-sama’s sword was repelled.
Then, the one-eyed Evil Viper furiously stares over here――at me.

I suddenly had an unpleasant feeling. And at once, Allen and Elena switched their gazes towards me.


It aimed for that moment.
The Evil Viper hit Allen and Elena with all its might.

“Allen! Elena!!”

The two are blown two meters away.
Shit! What a terrible mistake!


At Rudolph-san instructions, Iris-san rushes to the two.


I also wanted to run over immediately.
However, the one-eyed Evil Viper aimed for me as it fixedly watched me.
If I run over to Allen and Elena now, the Evil Viper will definitely charge at me.
Therefore, I can’t leave this place.

“It’s okay. They will be able to get up immediately.”
“Yes, I know.”

Rudolph-san calls out to me who is worried about the children.
Certainly, Allen and Elena got up immediately.
Therefore, I calm myself down, but a certain emotion gushes out.

“… Rudolph-san, can you gain me a bit of time?”
“What do you plan to do?”
“I will use an advanced Wind Magic.”
“…………… You can use it?”
“I have never used it before. However, I feel like I will definitely be able to use it now.”

Yep, there’s no problem proficiency wise. I should be able to use it.
Even if I normally wouldn’t, I feel like I would be able to do anything at this moment.

“………… I understand. Leave it to us.”
“Thank you. Separate from the Evil Viper on my sign, please. If possible, please evacuate behind me.”

After requesting Rudolph-san, I start gathering a significant amount of magical power.
I extend my right hand and concentrate all the magical power I gather into it.

How much…… is this much okay?

I give the signal to Rudolph-san, and everyone evacuates behind me. And then, I activate the magic.
The Evil Viper who wasn’t being restricted anymore started creeping towards me.


The Evil Viper creeping on the ground raises its head and cries out.

“Wind. Reap my enemy apart, Wind Edge.”

Just like reaping grass with a sickle…… a wind scythe aims towards the Evil Viper’s neck.


The condensed wind explodes.
That instant, the Evil Viper’s head supan snapped and rolled on the ground. Without the head, the rest of the body crumbled to the ground.

The moment I thought it’s finally over――

――――Mishimishi… bam, mishimishi… bam!


Many trees thick as three to four adult men joining hands, fall to the ground.
The wind flew far better than I expected.



Shit! I used too much magical power……
And I even thought that I stopped increasing magical power at the right moment……
It looks like if I used a bit more magical power, there would be a recreation spot created inside the forest.

Advanced magic, scary!

The spectacle of an A-Rank monster was splendidly blown away.

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