Chapter 27

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Captain! That!”

The second day of the expedition advanced smoothly. We are a little ahead of schedule today as all three teams are going to gather at one camping point.
At that time, an accident has happened.
One of the knights all of sudden loudly shouts and points towards a direction.

N? A red light is visible.

“It’s a flare! We are rushing to join up!”

Wald-sama says quickly changes the direction. Others follow him.
Only I follow without knowing what’s going on.

By flare they mean the red light, right? Does it have any meaning?

“What is that?”
“It’s light from an emergency magic tool. We use it when encountering an unmanageable monster, when in need of assistance. One of the teams must be in trouble.”

There seem to be various colors with different meanings, the red means that help is requested, and on the other hand, blue is used when there’s no need for help.
There also seem to be smoke flare types, but light flare types are used in places like Gaya Forest where the view is obstructed.

Risner-sama quickly explained while speedily advancing towards the flare.
The reason we do not run at full speed is that it’s highly possible that we will have to fight before getting to the destination. We wouldn’t be of any help if we got exhausted before joining up.
Everyone moves at a quick pace while suppressing the feelings of impatience.

“It would be better to hurry up?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Then, I will go ahead. Allen and Elena―――”

It’s an emergency with human lives on the line. I shouldn’t be stingy.
Because I can use Wind Magic to accelerate, I will use that and go ahead.
Therefore, I have thought to let Allen and Elena stay with Wald-sama and others―――but they spoke faster than me.
It seems impossible to persuade them now, so I decided to take them along. We shouldn’t be wasting any more time.

“Wind, gather around me and form a gale. Accel.”

I chant with Allen and Elena in my arms. It looked like Wald-sama was saying something, but I ignored it, enveloped my body in wind’s power, and started running.
Several minutes later, we arrived at the place of destination.

“Is that it!”

People opposing monsters with their swords appeared in my sight.
I jumped up with the momentum and landed on a branch where I overlooked the situation from.
The monster is Red Wolf’s higher variety, B-Rank Bloody Wolf. Moreover, it’s a whole pack.
Bloody Wolf is a wolf with a fur red as blood. Confirming visually…… there are 7 in total?
The path of retreat has been cut off. Furthermore, there several people on their knees.
Wounded? They don’t seem to be severely wounded, but it will get dangerous if it continues.

“Allen, Elena. I will reduce the numbers first by bit, will you help me with the clean up?”
“Thank you.”

The situation is worse than I thought. It feels like they are “Barely holding their ground” and won’t be able to hold any longer.
I wanted to help alone, but it doesn’t look I will be able to rescue them all on my own, so I asked Allen and Elena for assistance.

“Air Shot.”

First, I aim at the Bloody Wolves from the top of the branch and shoot seven air bullets.

“Wha! What!?”

The air bullets hit. A cloud of dust rises together with the cries of Bloody Wolves and surprised voices.
I immediately blow off the cloud of dust with the wind to clear the visibility.
Apparently, the Air Shot hit only four targets. Moreover, the air bullets only damaged them, I wasn’t able to kill them off.
I held back on my magical power so I wouldn’t involve the people nearby, but it seems that the magical power wasn’t enough to kill the wolves.

I retrieve a『Water Katana』from the Infinite Storage. This is something I received from Water God’s retainers.
I pull the blade from its blue scabbard while jumping off the branch and kill one of the injured Bloody Wolves. The Blood Wolf cries it’s last “Gyaun!” and falls down.
I immediately pull the sword from the dead Bloody Wolf and instantly behead another one. With this, two Bloody Wolves have died.


Following me, Allen and Elena jump down and land on two Bloody Wolves, killing them right away.
The squashed Bloody Wolves sunk into the ground, but that’s a trifling matter, right?

Now then, this leaves three more Bloody Wolves.
Allen and Elena face a nearby Bloody Wolf together.

“Be careful, okay?”

An energetic reply.
I think it will be all right, but no matter what I’m worried about the two children.

“Y, you guys certainly are… the people Wald brought along……”
“Yes. We have come to back you up.”


One of the knights approaches and asks me while supporting his body with a sword. This is the team’s captain if I’m not mistaken.

I look at the people that were attacked.
Everyone has some kind of a wound, but including the people that are on their knees without being able to move, there doesn’t seem to be anyone with life threating injury.

“First of all, we will tidy this up. Please, gather the people that can’t move in one place in the meantime.”
“O, oi!”

After saying that, I turn around and confront the two growling Bloody Wolves.
I think I have heard a disapproving voice, but I disregarded it, and set up with the Water Katana in my right hand, and magic ready to be shot in my left hand.

“Air Shot.”

First, I face one of the wolves and shoot an《Air Shot》at it to keep it in check and assault the other.
I evade the Bloody Wolf that attacks me from the back. The Bloody Wolf I kept in check with《Air Shot》imemdiately cut the distance between us.
I twist my body to evade the other charging Bloody Wolf and swing my katana at it, but it was able to dodge.
Strong! As expected of B-Rank monster.
Bringing the four down with a surprise attack might have been a big win.

While glaring at the two Bloody Wolves, I take a glance at Allen and Elena. They are skillfully poking the wolf down.
It somehow looks like they are playing. No, judging from their happy expressions, they really are playing.
But well~ They seem to be okay at the moment.

When I return my sight at the two Bloody Wolves, they rush at me as if they were waiting for this timing.
Now then, what should I do?
I could easily defeat them with some extra magical power, but I would damage both the wolves and surroundings too much. That is no good, right?
The fur of Bloody Wolf is selling for a high price. They appear to be used to make coats for noble ladies.
If I’m thinking like that, could it be that I got used to an adventurer lifestyle?

N~ I don’t want to damage the fur, after all~ It’s a pity, but I don’t want to waste much time.

“Air Shot.”

First, I shot several air bullets at the same time.


They hit the ground here and there, causing a cloud of dust whirl up. This time, I charge right inside the bad visibility cloud.


I swing down the katana at the sign of presence.


A sense of feedback.
I make sure once the cloud of dust clears up. I see a wolf head at my feet.
Yeah. I was able to defeat it. Moreover, not the body, but its neck. I did better than I expected.

The other Bloody Wolf groans at the loss of its companion.
A one on one charge?
I was about to strike that fellow down with my sword.

But, at that time―――


Something came crashing into the side of the Bloody Wolf.

“……… Huh?”

The thing that crashed into the Bloody Wolf is! Another Bloody Wolf.
When I look at the direction the Bloody Wolf flew from, Allen and Elena were there.
Their flying kicks sent it to the crash course.
The flying Bloody Wolf is already dead, but the one it crashed into is still alive, so I finished it first by slashing its neck.

“Oi! You alright!?”


Wald-sama and others arrived right at this moment.

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