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A Virtuous Existence

After sending the selected Contracted beast to Takumi-san, I sigh and rest on the sofa.
I’m relieved that this will reduce Takumi-san’s burden by a little bit.

A human that died because of me.
A soul that was excluded from the circle of reincarnation after passing away.
Although I didn’t do it on purpose, even though it was a complete accident on my part, his cursing, and absurd demands, as the one responsible I was fully prepared to them.
He, however, maintained a calm attitude and inquired about his future. He really is an able youth.

For those reasons, I placed my hopes in him.

If it’s him―――


◇ ◇ ◇


“Children of Water God”

The Twins Takumi-san named Allen and Elena.
Their father is our brethren, Windell. Their mother is an Aetherdian woman of the human race. It’s unfortunate, but the mother died giving birth.
As expected, the mother’s body couldn’t hold giving birth to God’s children. Still, the children were born safely.

The children splendidly inherited the Water God’s features.
They inherited the azure hair and golden eyes, but the problem is their power. Those children are hiding preposterous potential.
When they were still babies, their instincts took over, and they destroyed the container in self-defense. Thanks to that, most of their power fell asleep in the depths of their bodies.

N? You ask if it’s possible for a child to be born between a god and a human?
If I have to decide between if it’s possible or not…… it is. The probability is one/several hundred billion, though. Moreover, the possibility of the child inheriting the god’s power is even lower.
Therefore, Allen and Elena are really rare existences.
Thanks to their power being dormant, I’m relieved that they are not recklessly running wild.
But, they are in a condition where they can explode at any given time…… If that happens, the nearby town, country…… no, Aetherdia itself will be in danger.
They were in such a state.

However, I’m the Wind God.
The children are Water God’s children. Even if the world falls in danger, I can’t get involved.
Generally, Water God’s children would be taken to a Shrine, and everything would be resolved.

Despite that…… that fellow!!!

Water God no baka!
At a time like this, he went on a honeymoon with some women to another dimension. He never returned back since then!
Where did you gooo! At least tell me where you are going!! Baka~!

He’s most likely so indulged in Aetherdia’s women that he didn’t even notice that his children were born.
Don’t get carried out by women and do your work! Good grief! Water God’s retainers are so pitiful.

Water God’s retainers noticed the birth of the children. However, as his retainers, they don’t have the authority to travel together with Water God’s children.
When their mother died, and they became orphans, when their miser landlord sold them to a slave trader, when they were locked in a dark basement for months and years, they were not able to do anything, but watch.

At painful times like this, I met Takumi-san.

He became my, Wind God’s retainer, but he’s living on Aetherdia as a person. If he meets Water God’s children as a person, he won’t become interference in the domain. Therefore, I entrusted it to Takumi-sam.
It’s as you know after that.
Without explaining him anything, a surprise attack that won’t permit him to abandon the children. Although it can be said I used him, there was no other way.

As expected, he wasn’t able to leave the children alone. He has begun taking care of the children after that.
The children embraced Takumi-san immediately. Although everything went according to my plan, I couldn’t help, but feel guilty.



(……… Was my existence a godsend?)

When he said that, I couldn’t refute……


(Speaking honestly, if only you told me right away instead of stealthily scheming…… is what I’m thinking)

I’m really sorry. That’s right, huh…… Takumi-san would take care of the children if I properly explained the situation to him, surely……

(It’s okay already. It’s okay to rely on you when I encounter trouble, right?)

Of course! I will do anything that’s within my power! Please rely on me more and more!

(I understand. I will be relying on you at that time. Laters)

――even though you said that~

Takumi-san hasn’t contacted me since then. He’s definitely mad at me………


◇ ◇ ◇


(Syl, you here~?)

Takumi-san has finally contacted me.

I’m glad…… I’m really glad~ I have thought you wouldn’t come anymore!
I have started crying tears of relief.

Hearing Takumi-san’s soothing story, a Fenrir apparently appeared as his Contracted beast!
What a thing!
Even though I intended to send a Contracted beast to Takumi-san after receiving his permission! Because Takumi-san didn’t contact me for a while, that talk was delayed.
Therefore, while I was patiently waiting, Water God’s retainers selfishly send him a Contracted beast.

Why did this happen in the first place――

Water God’s retainers regularly check the state of the children. They must have noticed Takumi-san’s existence at that time. That must be it.
Then, they must have immediately investigated Takumi-san. Thus, they should have noticed that Takumi-san is my retainer.
They then contacted me regarding the details. So, I explained. Everything that was included in my plan.
Water God’s retainers were very grateful. They who couldn’t do anything directly wanted to express gratitude in a way.

When they found out they could aid Takumi-san, they prepared a massive amount of items for him just like I did.
Our thinking is the same, after all…… if we are to support him openly, we should do it at least this much.

But, Takumi-san showed disapproval to receiving the items. He said he already received enough.
But, Takumi-san, by taking care of those children, you are saving Aetherdia, you know? Besides, those items don’t even reach the tip of an iceberg to us.
Therefore, you won’t receive a divine punishment by accepting this much, you know?

Right, right, I will prepare the Contracted beast, okay?
Eh? You don’t want it? For what reason!? It will definitely be useful to you, so accept it, please!

In the end, I received Takumi-san’s approval.
I did my best!
I have to choose at once! I can’t send a cowardly Contracted beast, after all.

Ah, that’s right. Even the Water God’s retainers should be able to grant the “Water Magic” skill.
Is that okay even though I am the Wind God? Of course, it is.
It’s always better to have more attributes, right? I want to ease Takumi-san’s burden even by a little bit. This much is nothing to me.

Now then, what should I give Takumi-san who I rolled up in this mess next?

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