Chapter 20

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Force Reinforcement
The next day, we left through the south gate and arrived at a prairie. Because we came without visiting the Guild, I’m in a complete whole picnic mood.
Allen and Elena are already chasing Joule around the meadows.


I was relaxing while watching the kids play. And then, I heard the sound I already got used to recently.
Then, a shadow of an animal entered my vision.
Are? There are two?
Doesn’t it say they are both my Contracted beasts when I appraise them?


Race: Thunderhawk (Takumi’s Contracted beast)
Age: 3
Level: 20
Lightning Magic
Beak Peck
Surprise Attack
Night Vision
Area Investigation

The Thunderhawk is a small hawk with gold-colored feathers.
It manipulates Lightning magic, and its quick movements itself are that of lightning, it’s an A-Rank monster.
Even though I said small, it’s around 30cm tall. Is it just barely able to stand on my arm?
As a test, I display my arm horizontally, before long, the Thunderhawk who was circling above me lands on my arm.
There doesn’t seem to be any problem. However, its nails unexpectedly cut into my arm. I’m wearing a leather jacket, so it doesn’t hurt, but would an arm cover that Hawkers use necessary in the future?

The second beast who came along is already rubbing its head against my stomach while emitting a rumbling noise from its throat.


Race: Celestial Tiger (Takumi’s Contracted beast)
Age: 5
Level: 25
Wind Magic
Claw Slash
Night Vision
Presence Detection

It’s a tiger…… a white tiger with blue eyes. Celestial Tiger is an S-Rank monster.
A monster which can manipulate the wind and run in the sky freely. It’s said that Celestial Tigers can pass even through devastating storms.
Its size is similar to Joule.

Syl was torn between a cat and a bird…… It’s a bird. Thunderhawk is definitely a bird. The Celestial Tiger is…… well, it certainly is a feline, right?
However, I didn’t think he would send me both.



I named the two new additions immediately. The Celestial Tiger is Feat and the Thunderhawk is Bolt.
Then, I retrieve the items from《Infinite Storage》that I received from Syl. There was a hill when I took it all out.
Seems like Syl prepared quite a lot.

He said he would prepare a collar, but it’s not just that, there’s also a pendant, a bracelet, and a ring.
A mountain of materials. Detailed embroidery, leather items, and even metal armor.
From simple to cute and gorgeous clothes. Various items that could support every hobby you may want to do.
Furthermore, it’s flexible to the degree that every person and even beasts would be able to use it.
The same old lavish hospitality…


Before I noticed, Allen and Elena returned to me and looked at decorations in their hands.
…… Are? Wait… a moment……
These are jewels!? All these stones are jewels!? I thought they were Magic stones, but I was obviously wrong!
Sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond!?
The items Allen and Elena were looking at were all made with gorgeous jewels. Of course, it’s sparkly~ then!

No~ that seriously surprised. It was a jaw-dropping surprise.
More than practical use, this would have artistic value, right? It’s that. The rich people attach it to their pets to brag about their superiority thing……
For Joule and others? Nonono, no way~ Anyway, I decided to put things that didn’t look necessary right now away.

I like More simple, or rather more modest design~.

“N~… this is good.”

Collar of Nullification
A collar with a (medium) abnormal status resistance.

What caught my eye is a smooth leather belt with silver embroidery and a large magic stone. The effect it has is good. Let’s use this. There seems to be more than one.
A blue magic stone for Joule. I then put a collar with a green magic stone on Feat, confirmed the collars’ sizes, and made them both shrink.

“Yep. Seems all right.”

The collar properly shrank with the body. Magic tools are seriously convenient~



“”Nya~ nya~!?””

Suddenly, Allen and Elena got surprised at Joule’s and Feat’s small appearances and imitated them to ensure that they are Joule and Feat.
Joule and Feat properly replied to Allen and Elena’s call.
I really wanted to take a photo of the scene of two children playing with two animals, but I don’t have a camera, so I gave up. How regrettable…

Pulling myself together, I pick the next item.

“Ah, this may be good.”

Strong Arm Bracelet
A bracelet with (small) physical strength increasing effect.

What caught my attention next are golden bracelets. An increase in offensive ability is good. I took the small bracelet to Joule’s and Feat’s forepaw, and it shrunk to fit their small sizes.

Joule and Feat should be good with this. I decided to find a magic tool for Bolt next.

Pendant of Nullification
A pendant with a (medium) abnormal status resistance.

Bracelet of the Gale
A bracelet with (small) speed increasing effect.

These two?
I put the pendant and bracelet on Bolt immediately.
Will his balance worsen if I put it only on one leg? Thinking that, I let Bolt fly in the sky once with the magic tool on.
Ah~……… Yeah, doesn’t seem to be a problem. Bolt smoothly flies in the sky.
He comes back, lands on my shoulder and sings “Pii” while rubbing the top of its head against my cheek. Looks like he likes it.

When I finished choosing magic tools for the three beasts, I looked at Allen and Elena who were staring at me while carrying Joule and Feat in their arms.
They looked so jealous the whole time I was choosing the tools…… Joule and others have matching tools.
Is this good? Nono, this is not a choker, but a collar. You two can’t wear this, okay!?
Eeh!? Don’t feel so down…… I will choose something for Allen and Elena right away, so wait a moment.

“Here Allen, Elena. How about this?”

I showed the two the magic tools for our use I found after I looking for magic tools for the beasts.

Angel’s Pendant
A pendant with a (medium) magic attack resistance effect.

Tough Ring
A ring with a (small) physical attack resistance effect.

Tracking Ring
A ring which indicates the location of the wearer on the map.

A wing pendant made out of silver on a leather strap. I put rings on both sides of the pendants and tie it around Allen and Elena’s necks.

In Allen’s and Elena’s case, defenses were the first choice.
In addition, a tracking ring. This is a magic tool that functions as a GPS, which reflects on my map. This was the only magic tool that was standing out.
Syl must have intentionally prepared this, so I know their location even if we get separated.

“You like it?”

Allen and Elena lift their pendants and joyfully stare at it.

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