Chapter 21

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Showing Interest
Allen and Elena are showing off their pendants to Joule and the others.
They seem to be quite pleased with it.

I in the meantime check the contents of the《Infinite Storage》.
To be honest, I have been lost in the contents of the《Infinite Storage》myself. Furthermore, a lot of things were added to it yesterday and today.
Therefore, I decided to organize before it’s too late.

Let’s confirm the newly obtained things first.
I view the screen with the list of items I received from Water God’s retainers.
The characters lined up in a row. I confirm them one by one.

A lot of clothes and waterproof overcoats. Ah, there’s even a tent! Then there’s fish, seaweed and other marine materials and products.
Uwa, there’s even a water bottle that can be refilled with magical power! Super~ convenient! Moreover, it’s not just one, there are several of those tools, so generous.

Food, clothes, weapons, armors, medicine, magic tools, monster materials……… I assign each and every item in its classification.

I can even equip Allen and Elena because there were item bags! They may be a little concerned about it, but because it’s a small belt pouch they will surely quickly get used to it.

What do I put in? Surely some money. Should I also make them carry their own Guild Cards? Next, the water bottle… what about preserved food? Dried meat? Also, some dried fruits for snacks and some candy.
Extra clothes, an overcoat, and a towel. Ah, a knife too. There are small folding knives, so this should be good. Materials…… mithril? Un, why not? Since we have enough! Let’s not worry about it.

In the end, I filled it with items that 5-year-old child wouldn’t really need, but…… oh, well?
I’m just worried that Allen and Elena would get targeted if they use the items in public.

“Allen, Elena.”

I call the two and tie the magic bags to their belts.

“This is Allen’s and this Elena’s. Be sure not to lose it while going outside, okay?”

When entering the town, the two joyfully took out their Guild Cards from their magic bags.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Elena, what are you looking at? …… A general store?”

While walking back to the inn through the shopping district, Elena stops and jii~… she stares at a certain place. When I look at what’s she’s looking right at, I see a female-oriented general store-like shop. I see girls choosing hair ornaments over at that shop.
As expected, a girl would have an interest in things like these.

“Elena, want to take a look?”

When I ask her, Elena’s face starts alternating between the shop and me. After a short while, she lightly nods.
She seems to be interested, after all.

Various clothes and colored threads are on display in the shop. Rather than a general store, a handicrafts shop?
Still, it sparkled Elena’s interest as she restlessly looked around the shop.
I also looked around the shop and found a white lace ribbon among the displayed products.

“Oneesan, can this ribbon be used as hair ornament as it is?”
“Yes, it can. They are all 50G each.”

I thought it might be a handicraft that needs to be sewn on first, but it seems it can be used as it is.
Of course, I don’t know because I have never bought anything like that before. Should I buy it?
The price…… un? Even if I ask, I don’t know if it’s cheap or expensive. It’s the price of a single meal on Aetherdia. Is that a reasonable price?
Well, we have more than enough to buy it so there’s no problem.

“Elena, come here.”

I crouch down near Elena, I bunch the hair behind her right ear together and put the ribbon in it.
Doesn’t it have quite a nice feeling? The white ribbon makes Elena’s azure hair flourish, I think it looks excellent.

“How nice, it suits her well. Oniisan, how about another one on the second side?”
“Yeah. I will take it.”

Certainly, this hairstyle will look better on both sides.
While thinking that, I receive the exact same ribbon from the good at the business lady and do the same on the left side.

“How nice, how nice. I have a mirror here Ojouchan, take a look.”

The shop assistant lady takes out a hand mirror and presents it to Elena. Elena jii~ at her hair… then her smile blossoms.

“You like it?”

When I ask, Elena gave me a slight nod.
She seems to be pleased with it, let’s buy more in different colors.

“Then, shall we buy some other colors? Elena, what colors do you like?”

When I look at Elena who faced the display of ribbons and chosen her favorite colors――

She chose a green and black ribbons and picked them up.
I thought she would definitely pick a pink or red, but that wasn’t the case.

“You like that one?”
“… N~ Elena, I think that color won’t go too well with your hair color, though?”
“This! Oniichan’s color!”

My color? Certainly, it’s close to my hair and eye color……

“She really loves Oniisan, I see~ Hey, ribbons don’t have to be primarily used in hair.”
“…… That’s right, huh. Elena, is one of each color okay?”

Certainly, there’s no need to use it in hair especially, let’s buy it since Elena picked it herself.
Besides, she chose my hair and eye colors, she did something adorable.

“Then, this pink, cream, and light blue too? Two of each, please. Also, is that mirror perhaps for sale?”

I choose another three colors that seemed suitable for Elena.
Also, might as well buy a mirror, right? But, would a handicrafts shop sell those?

“This? I’m afraid to say not. This is something sold three stores from here.”

Ah, as expected. But, let’s buy it later since it’s close.

“Rather than that, Oniisan! I have a favor to ask.”
“A favor?」
“Yes! Won’t you dress the children in this for me to see!?”

The slightly excited woman presents a white-hooded cape in each of her hands.

“I think it’s okay, but.”

When I approved, the woman approached Allen and Elena to put the capes on at once.
Then, as expected, the two quickly hid behind my back.
They are able to speak in public, but they can’t talk yet directly with someone except for me. Because of that, having someone dress them is…… impossible.

“Ah, indeed. These children are not used to strangers. Could you lend it to me?”

I received the capes from the depressed woman and helped the two put them on.
This time…… rather than the two putting it on themselves, they want me to put it on for them, huh~ Is it okay to be enjoying this sense of superiority? No, I can’t… I have to let them become accustomed to strangers bit by bit……
Nevertheless, this cape, it feels nice on touch? Was it made with a good fabric? The cape is thick, it doesn’t look like it could be worn after it gets hot.

“Can you put the hoods up!?”

After I had finished putting it on, I put the hoods up as the woman said.

“!! This is~~”

The hood surprised me. This is so cute!

There are animal ears on top of the hood!
Allen’s are semicircular ears, Elena’s are triangular.
Allen and Elena tilted their heads at me who is in agony, but that gesture wasn’t something an ordinary person could survive. It can’t be helped, but to fall into even deeper agony, right?

“So good! Amazingly nice!! Ah~ As I expected, it really suits these children!”
“You made this?”
“That’s right. I’m also a tailor, after all. This is something I made a long time ago, but you see~ the moment I saw these children, I couldn’t help it, but want them to put it on!!”

This person is apparently also a tailor. That explains why several clothes are on displayed.

“Are you selling this?”

Because the two are adorable in it, if she’s selling it I would like to buy it. The seasons already changed, but there’s still room to grow so when it gets chilly again, they will be able to wear it.

“Of course! But, is that all right? It’s made from a good fabric so the price is quite high. It’s an unsold item so there’s a discount, but…”
“It’s all right. It suits the two well, after all.”
“Really!? You saved me!!”

Thus, I immediately bought the two kemonomimi capes.
Ah, before I forget, we also visited the nearby shop to purchase the mirror.

Because I have bought lots for Elena this time, I will have to buy Allen something next, is what I thought, but…… but, what do you buy for boys?
…… Nn? What would be good?
Girls are easy to understand. It was a ribbon and a mirror this time. It will be an accessory next time. A stuffed toy after that…
Then, for a boy? When I ask, the answer gets jammed.
What did I get when I was small?

―――Games and manga? They don’t have that in this world……

―――A soccer ball or baseball glove? That’s also not here…

―――A plastic model? Not here…………

―――Building blocks? Would it be useful even if they sell it? In the first place, would the two play with building blocks?

Nn? This is no good…… I can’t think of anything good……
After thinking for a while and not figuring anything out, I have decided to put Allen’s shopping on hold.
Sorry, Allen…… I will think about it, so when there’s another opportunity……

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