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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Marianora’s Observation Records 3
“Pardon my intrusion, Amaterasu Omikami-sama.”
“Ohh, isn’t it Marianora-sama? Long time no… it wasn’t that long? What brings you here today?”
“I’m here to talk about the man from Earth…”
“Ahh, the one who got caught up in the distortion! Is he doing well?”
“Yes, he seems to be living a good life.”
“I see. I’m glad to hear that.”

I had a little plan and went to visit Amaterasu, one of the gods of the planet Earth.

“So, what about him?”
“He… or rather, I have something I want him to make for me.”
“Hmm… I see, I see, is it a dessert?”
“Eh!? H, how did you know!?”

I was a little flustered when Amaterasu guessed exactly what I had in mind.

“Ha, ha, ha, did I guess right?”
“… Was it that obvious?”
“No, it wasn’t that obvious, but we talked about that when you came to me about him before.”

Come to think of it, we have talked about him before. Specifically, about the development of cuisine he might bring to Aetherdia.

“Do you mean to say that he can’t cook and didn’t contribute much… or something?”
“Not at all, not at all! He already contributed very much! He already cooked numerous dishes never seen before on Aetherdia! However…”
“Ahh, cooking aside, making desserts is beyond his reach?”
“No, according to his own words, he can only do simple sweets.”

Pudding, ice cream, crêpes, daifuku… and many more. I doubt those are considered simple, though. From my point of view, he’s more than incredible for being able to make those.

“Hm. It certainly is true that correct measurements are required to make genuine desserts.”
“Yes, it appears that way.”
“But, as you may already know, it’s not possible for me to hand you a recipe book, so that you can make the genuine articles over there.”
“… I thought so.”

At least I gave it a try. I came to ask with that in mind, but it’s disappointing to be refused, nonetheless.

“I can give you a permission to take notes.”
“Of course, I don’t mind that!”

Just as I was feeling down, Amaterasu told me of an alternative.
It will take a little time and effort, but as long as I get to eat new desserts, it’s not that much trouble!

“Fufu, you seem happy.”
“Of course!”
“Look, they are just starting to make a dessert over there. Hmm, that’s… a no-bake type of cheesecake, I think?”
“Oh my! I definitely have to write that down! Amaterasu Omikami-sama, where are they?”
“Look, just over there.”
“Ah, over there, I see!”

Conveniently, Amaterasu found a person making a cheesecake. I could also see the recipe perfectly!
I think it would be better to translate the recipe into Aetherdial characters, but it wouldn’t be good if I misinterpreted the names of the ingredients or how to make it. Let’s copy the letters as I see them. Takumi-san can read the characters in our world. Oh, and I need to be careful to copy the text exactly as it is so that it doesn’t get corrupted, and Takumi-san read it without a hitch.

“Amaterasu Omikami-sama, can you check it for me, please?”
“N? Hmm… it’s fine. You wrote it down well.”
“Fufu, I’m glad~”
“Oh, there’s another one over there. That’s… a chiffon cake?”
“Oh my, that also looks good!”

Let’s keep on copying!


◇ ◇ ◇

“Fufu, I see that Takumi-san is putting the book to a good use right away.”

I immediately sent the finished book to Takumi-san, and it seems that he will soon be using it to make the desserts.

“Oh my! No-bake cheesecake! And gâteau chocolat!”

Fufufu, I love both of them!

“As expected of Takumi-san~”

He finished making both at once, and they looked so delicious!

“… Ahh~”

My goodness! Takumi-san stored the finished cakes in his Infinite Storage! He made so many, so I thought he would send some to me~~~

“My, oh my, oh my! So that’s what he was doing!”

Geez, that Takumi-san~
Takumi-san has made not only the cakes but also sandwiches and other things and send them to me, Sylphreel and the others at the same time!

“Fufufu. It’s here, it’s here~”
“Ma, Marianora-samaaa~~~”

At the same time a no-bake cheesecake arrived in my hands, I heard Sylphreel’s voice.
He seemed to have realized that the food that usually arrives at his place has this time arrived at everyone else’s as well.

“Don’t be noisy, Sylphreel. Now, call Salamanteel and Nomoodle over for me.”

I’d love to have the no-bake cheesecake all to myself, but I’m also curious about the food that was delivered to the other children. Let’s all share it peacefully here.
Oh, yes. I have to thank Takumi-san♪

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